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The Grail Quest and The Destiny of Man: Part X: The Fulcanelli Phenomenon

“One of the strangest stories to have emerged from the cloud of mystery that surrounds the ancient science of alchemy is that of the modern master, Fulcanelli.” [Johnson, 1992]

During the 19th and 20th centuries, alchemy lost favor with the rise of experimental science. The time was that of such stellar names as Lavoisier, Priestley and Davy. Dalton’s atomic theory and a host of discoveries in chemistry and physics made it clear to all “legitimate” scientists that alchemy was only a “mystical” and, at best, harmless pastime of no scientific value.

Organizations such as the Golden Dawn and Ordo Templi Orientis devised corrupted mixtures of snippets of alchemy and oriental philosophy, stirred in with the western European magical traditions, but these were clearly distorted imitations composed mostly of wishful thinking.

In 1919, British physicist Ernest Rutherford announced that he had achieved a successful transmutation of one element into another: nitrogen to oxygen! Admittedly, his procedures and results in no way resembled the work of the alchemists; but, what he had done was refute the insistence of most scientists of the day that transmutation was impossible.

In fact, it became known that radioactive elements gradually “decay,” giving off radiation and producing “daughter elements” which then decay even further. For instance one such chain, starts with uranium and the end product is lead. So, the question became, can the process be reversed? Or, if you start with another element, what might you end up with?

Franz Tausend was a 36 year-old chemical worker in Munich who had a theory about the structure of the elements that was a strange mixture of Pythagoreanism and modern chemistry. He published a pamphlet entitled “180 elements, their atomic weight, and their incorporation in a system of harmonic periods.” He thought that every atom had a frequency of vibration characteristic of that element, related to the weight of the atom’s nucleus and the grouping of the electrons around it. This part of his idea was shown to be basically correct by later research. However, Tausend further suggested that matter could be “orchestrated” by adding the right substance to the element, thereby changing its vibration frequency, in which case, it would become a different element.

As it happened, at about the same time, Adolf Hitler was sent to prison for attempting to organize an armed uprising. One of his cohorts was General Erich Ludendorff, but Ludendorff was acquitted of the charges and ran for president of Germany the following year. He was defeated by Hindenburg, so he turned his mind to raising money for the nascent Nazi party. He heard rumors that a certain Tausend had transmuted base metals into gold, and he formed a group, including numerous industrialists, to investigate this process.

Tausend gave instructions that they should purchase iron oxide and quartz which were melted together in a crucible. A German merchant and member of this group, named Stremmel, took the crucible to his hotel bedroom for the night so that it could not be tampered with. The next morning, Tausend heated the crucible in his electric furnace in the presence of his patrons, and then added a small quantity of white powder to the molten mass. It was allowed to cool, and then, when it was broken open, a gold nugget weighing 7 grams was inside.

Ludendorff, to say the least, was ecstatic. He set about forming a company called “Company 164.” Investment money poured in and within a year the general had diverted some 400,000 marks into Nazi Party funds. Then, in December, 1926, he resigned, leaving Tausend to handle all the debts. Tausend managed to continue raising money and on June 16, 1928, supposedly made 25 ounces of gold in a single operation. This enabled him to issue a series of “share certificates” worth 22 pounds each (10 kilograms of gold).

A year later, when no more gold had been produced, Tausend was arrested for fraud, tried, found guilty, and sentenced to four years in prison.

Nevertheless, while waiting for trial, he was able to perform a transmutation under strict supervision, in the Munich Mint. This was submitted to the court as evidence that no fraud had taken place, but it was contested and did not save him from prison.

In the same year that Tausend was convicted, a Polish engineer name Dunikovski announced in Paris that he had discovered a new kind of radiation which would transmute quartz into gold. The mineral, spread on copper plates, was melted by an electric discharge at 110,000 volts, and was then irradiated with these new “z-rays.” Investors poured two million francs into Dunikovski’s project, but, within a few months, when no gold appeared, he was also tried and found guilty of fraud.

After two years in prison, Dunikovski’s lawyer obtained an early release, and he went with his family to Italy where he again began to experiment.

Rumors soon started that he was supporting himself by the occasional sale of lumps of gold. His lawyer, accompanied by the eminent chemist, Albert Bonn, went to see him.

What was discovered was that the quartz being used by Dunikovski (and presumably by Tausend as well) already contained minute quantities of gold. The gold could be extracted by a usual process, producing about 10 parts per million, but Dunikovski’s technique produced almost 100 times as much. Nevertheless, he was only dealing with small quantities of gold because his equipment could only handle small quantities of quartz.

Dunikovski claimed that his process accelerated the natural growth of “embryonic” gold within the quartz. He gave a demonstration before an invited group of scientists which attracted considerable attention. And Anglo-French syndicate formed to bring sand from Africa and treat it in a big new laboratory on the south coast of England, but WWII started at about this time and Dunikovski disappeared. It was rumored that he was “co-opted” by the Germans and manufactured gold for them to bolster their failing economy – but there is no proof.

Since WWII, there have been and still are, many practitioners of alchemy. Much of this activity has been centered in France, including Eugene Canseliet who claimed to have been a pupil of the mysterious Fulcanelli.

Kenneth Rayner Johnson writes:

“The name Fulcanelli has flickered tantalizingly in and out of modern occult literature and speculation for more than half a century. Yet the identity of the 20th-century alchemist behind the pseudonym remains a complete mystery.

“Today, Fulcanelli has taken on the aura almost of an alchemical ‘saint’ – an ageless adept of our own times, as enigmatic and fascinating as the semi-legendary Comte de St. Germain.”

Many theories have been formulated and put forward, including the one that Fulcanelli was a group of people and not a single individual.

In the early 1920’s, in Paris, there was an “intense and slightly built man” in his early twenties, named Eugene Canseliet who was known as an alchemical enthusiast. He made many references to the fact that he worked with an actual “Master of the Art.” His friend and companion, a poverty stricken illustrator named Jean-Julien Champagne, who was a score of years older than Canseliet, supported these claims. The two of them lived in a run-down building, in adjacent apartments, at 59 bis, rue de Rochechouart, in the Butte-Montmartre district. Because of their hints that they had contact with such a “Hidden Master,” they soon became the center of a circle of aspiring occultists. It seems that both Canseliet and Champagne were frequently seen in the city libraries, the Bibliotheque Nationale, the Mazarin, the Arsenal and the Sainte Genevieve, studying rare books and manuscripts. Obviously, they were looking for something.

The story heard by those on the edges of their elite little group were to the effect that this “Hidden Master Fulcanelli” was old, distinguished – possibly an aristocrat – and very rich. He was also said to be an immensely learned, practicing alchemist who had either already, or almost, achieved the Great Work.

Nobody except Canseliet and Champagne apparently ever met Master Fulcanelli, and, because of this, a great deal of skepticism arose in the occult circles of Paris.

But then, the skepticism was laid to rest with the publication of Le mystere des cathedrales in 1926. This first edition consisted of only 300 copies, and was published by Jean Schemit, of 45 rue Lafitte, in the Opera district. It was subtitled “An esoteric interpretation of the hermetic cymbols of the Great Work,” and its preface was written by Eugene Canseliet, then aged only 26. The book had 36 illustrations, two of them in color, by the artist, Champagne.

So, in one fell swoop, both Canseliet and Champagne were vindicated, and their place among the coterie of occultists assured!

The subject of the book was a purported interpretation of the symbolism of various Gothic cathedrals and other buildings in Europe as being encoded instructions of alchemical secrets. This idea, that the secrets were contained in the stone structures, carvings, and so forth, of the medieval buildings had been hinted at by other writers on esoteric art and architecture, but no one have ever explicated the subject so clearly and in such detail before. In any event, Fulcanelli’s book caused a sensation among the Parisian occultists.

In the preface, written by Canseliet, there is the hint that Master Fulcanelli had attained the Stone – that is, had become mystically transfigured and illuminated and had disappeared!

The extraordinary scholarship and unique qualities of the personality of the writer made the occult crowd of Paris mad with desire to know who Fulcanelli really was! About these speculations regarding Fulcanelli’s possible identity, Kenneth Rayner Johnson writes:

“There were suggestions that he was a surviving member of the former French royal family, the Valois. although they were supposed to have died out in 1589 upon the demise of Henri III, it was known that members of the family had dabbled in magic and mysticism and that Marguerite de France, daughter of Henri II and wife of Henri IV of Navarre, survived until 1615. What is more, one of her many lovers was the esoterically inclined Francis Bacon (whom many still claim as an adept to this day); she was divorced in 1599 and her personal crest bore the magical pentagram, each of whose five points carried one letter of the Latin word salus – meaning ‘health.’ Could the reputedly aristocratic Fulcanelli be a descendant of the Valois, and did the Latin motto hint that some important alchemical secret of longevity had been passed on to him by the family?

“Some claimed Fulcanelli was a bookseller-occultist, Pierre Dujols, who with his wife ran a shop in the rue de Rennes in the Luxembourg district of paris. But Dujols was already known to have been only a speculative alchemist, writing under the nom de plume of Magophon. why should he hide behind two aliases? Another suggestion was that Fulcanelli was the writer J. H. Rosny the elder. Yet his life was too well-known to the public for this theory to find acceptance.

“There were also at least three practical alchemist working in the city around the same period. They operated under the respective pseudonymns of Auriger, Faugerons and Dr. Jaubert. The argument against them being Fulcanelli was much the same as that against Dujols-Magophon: why use more than one alias?

“Finally, there were Eugene Canseliet and Jean-Julien Champagne, both of whom were directly connected with Fulcanelli’s book, and both of whom had claimed to have known the Master personally.” [Johnson, 1992]

There was one major objection to Canseliet being Fulcanelli: he was too young to possibly have gained the knowledge apparent in the book. And, yes, a study of his preface as compared with the text demonstrated distinctly different styles. So, Canseliet was excluded.

Champagne is the next likely suspect because he WAS older and more experienced, and it was a certainty that his work as an artist had taken him around France so that he would have had opportunity to view all the monuments described in such detail. The only problem with this theory was that Champagne was a “noted braggart, practical joker, punster and drunkard, who frequently liked to pass himself off as Fulcanelli – although his behaviour was entirely out of keeping with the traditional solemn oath of the adept to remain anonymous and let his written work speak for itself.” And, in addition to that, Champagne was an alcoholic whose imbibing of absinthe and Pernod eventually killed him. He died in 1932 of gangrene at the age of 55.. His toes actually fell off.

Just three years before Champagne’s death, the second work of Fulcanelli was published, also by Jean Schemit, entitled “Les Demeures Philosophales, ” or The Dwellings of the Philosophers. Again, it purported to interpret architectural embellishments as alchemical codes. Curiously, inside the back cover of the second volume of this two volume work, were the armorial bearings of Dom Robert Jollivet, a 13th century abbot of Mont-St-Michel, known to have dabbled in alchemy. This led to theories that F. Jolivet Castelot, President of the Alchemist’s Society of France from 1914, and member of the Ordre Kabbalistique de la Rose-Croix, was, in fact, the true identity of Fulcanelli.

Castelot had published many studies in hermeticism, alchemy and spagyrics (the art of making chemical or medical preparations using alchemical principles), and he made no secret of the fact that he was an “archimist” and not an alchemist. An archimist is a researcher who works at transmutaion by orthodox chemistry, having little use for the mystical aspects. So he, too, was discarded as a likely prospect.

There are many more details and curiousities involved in the sorting out of who or what Fulcanelli may have really been, with no more resolution than we had at the beginning of the discussion! It just goes around in circles! The bottom line is: more than one person has attested to Fulcanelli’s existence, his success in transmutation and to his continued existence into the present time – which would make him over 140 years old!

The Morning of the Magicians, by Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier, was published in 1963, and it was only then that English speaking occultists and students of alchemy became aware of Fulcanelli. At that point in time, it was to be another eight years before Le mystere des cathedrales would be translated into English.

But, each of these books awoke a whole new audience of Seekers to the possibility of present day miracles as well as the very REAL liklihood of a millennia old secret held in trust by persons unknown.

In the English edition of Mystery of the Cathedrals, Eugene Canseliet said that the Master had given him a minute quantity of the alchemical “powder of projection” in 1922 – and permitted him to transmute 4 ounces of lead into gold. Vincent Lang, who wrote the introduction to the book received a letter from Canseliet which said, in part:

“The Master was already a very old man but he carried his eighty years lightly. Thirty years later, I was to see him again… and he appeared to be a man of fifty. That is to say, he appeared to be a man no older than I was myself.”

Canseliet has since said that he has met with Fulcanelli several times since and that Fulcanelli is still living. [Johnson, 1992]

Jacques Bergier recounts in The Morning of the Magicians that, in June of 1937, he was approached by a mysterious stanger who asked him to pass on a message to the physicist Andre Helbornner. The man said that he felt it was his duty to warn scientists of the dangers they faced being that on the brink of being able to manipulate nuclear energy. He said that the alchemists of bygone times – and previous civilizations that had destroyed themselves – had made the same discoveries. The stranger felt that it was hopeless to give his warning, but felt obligated to do so nevertheless. Bergier was convinced until he died that his visitor was Fulcanelli.

Curiously, as a result of this visit to Jacques Bergier, the American Office for Strategic Services, forerunner of the CIA, made an extensive search for Fulcanelli after the end of WWII. The ostensible reason was that they wanted to round up anyone who had prior knowledge of nuclear physics in order to prevent their defection to hostile powers! But, Fulcanelli was never found. [Johnson, 1992]

Johnson claims that there is a flaw in Bergier’s story because the visitor mentioned the element plutonium which had not yet been isolated, and would not be until four years later, and was not even named “plutonium” until 1942. The fact still remains, however, that Bergier claimed that someone highly knowledgeable about the matter visited him at the Paris Gas Board laboratory in 1937. And, Bergier was said to have a photographic memory.

My thought about this “flaw” is that, if the alchemical “transmutation” is what I think it is, it enables one to transcend time and space, and the flaw is not a problem at all; it is merely a proof of the function of the adept.

Frater Albertus Spagyricus, born Albert Reidel in Dresden, Germany, in 1911, associated with the Paracelsus College (Utah Institute of parachemistry), claimed in his book, The Alchemist of the Rocky Mountains, that Fulcanelli transmuted half a pound of lead into gold and 4 ounces of silver into uranium in 1937 – the same year as Bergier’s meeting with the “mysterious stranger.” The event took place, supposedly, at the Castel de Lere, near Bourges, and was purportedly witnessed by the castle’s owner, Pierre de Lesseps, along with two anonymous physicists, a chemist and a geologist. When Fulcanelli added an ‘unknown substance’ to the half-pound of molten lead, says Albertus, it was transmuted into the same weight in gold. Afterwards, Fulcanelli did the same with the silver, producing a like amount of uranium. When asked what the substance was, Fulcanelli said that it was derived from ferrous pyrite, or “fools gold.” Frater Albertus says that, after this, Fulcanelli disappeared. [Johnson, 1992]

The only person who claimed to have seen Fulcanelli since was Canseliet, his pupil. He said that he met the Master in Spain in 1954 under highly unusual circumstances. The late Gerard Heym, founder member of the Society for the Study of Alchemy and Early Chemistry and editor of Ambix, its journal, acclaimed as Europe’s formost occult scholar of his day, made friends with Canseliet’s daughter and through her, had a look at Canseliet’s passport. It DID carry a Spanish entry-visa stamp for 1954.

One friend of Canseliet, who wished to remain anonymous, said that this meeting was “in another dimension… a point where such meetings are possible.” The story was that Canseliet “received a summons,” of some sort; perhaps telepathic, and traveled to Seville where he was met and taken by a long, roundabout route, to a large mountain chateau which proved to be an enclave of alchemists – a colony! He said that Fulcanelli appeared to have undergone a curious form of transformation so that he had characteristics of both male and female – he was androgynous. At one point, Canseliet said, Fulcanelli actually had the complete characteristics of a woman. Some of the more obscure alchemical literature does point to this androgyny. The adept going through the transformation supposedly loses all hair, teeth and nails and grows new ones. The skin becomes younger, smoother and the face takes on asexual characteristics.

This reminds me of what the Cassiopaeans had once said about transitioning to 4th density:

Q: (L) Now if, theoretically, an individual was to develop in a natural way by making all the proper choices, and was to arrive at the point in time when the major transition is to be made, would that individual’s body pass through into that heightened dimension in a physical state?
A: Of course.
Q: (L) Now suppose this theoretical person were to pass through this transition to the other side, what state would they find their body in? Would it be exactly as it is now in terms of solidity? What would be the experience?
A: The key concept here is variability of physicality.
Q: (L) Does this mean that everybody will be different or that an individual will have greater control over the substance and constitution of the body?
A: Not exactly either. Your physicality will be variable according to need and circumstance.
Q: (L) Okay, does this mean that sometimes we will be more of a light body?
A: Close.
Q: (L) Does this mean that sometimes we will be more of a firm body as we have now?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Will our bodies age differently?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) What will be the median lifespan?
A: 400 years
Q: (L) And will those who pass through this transition as, say, 50 year olds, will they have an equal opportunity to live an additional 400 years?
A: Will regenerate in youthful appearance.

So, this is a sort of fascinating idea that the alchemical transmutation is an interaction with another density. And, there was another comment made about this regarding the seeming “androgyny.”

A: Picture driving down a highway, suddenly you notice auras surrounding everything…. Being able to see around corners, going inside little cottages which become mansions, when viewed from inside… Going inside a building in Albuquerque and going out the back door into Las Vegas, going to sleep as a female, and waking up male… Flying in a plane for half an hour and landing at the same place 5 weeks later… 4th density frees one from the illusion of “time” as you WILL to perceive it. …Picture driving to reach New Mexico by car and “skipping” over and arriving in San Diego instead, or… driving to the grocery store in Santa Fe, and winding up in Moscow, instead.

And it would certainly not be a stretch, in such a reality, to transmute lead into gold! The key seems to be, accessing the 4th density reality, and that requires the transmutation of the alchemist!

But, returning to our discussion: After Canseliet’s visit to the Enclave of the Alchemists, apparently somewhere in the Pyrenees, Gerard Heym said that he only had vague recollections of his experiences in Spain, as though some form of hypnosis had been used on him to make him forget the details of what he had seen and been told. (Why are we not surprised?!)

The point of this recitation is that there have been many well attested stories of strange things about alchemy reported by reliable and reputable witnesses, and the stories continue in a sort of “subculture” down to our very day. There IS something going on, and it has been going on for a VERY long time!

But, out of all of this, we still don’t know anything about alchemy from the INSIDE.

At about this point in time, when I was wading through all of the material I had on alchemy, a friend called me and said she had a very interesting video she wanted me to watch. I agreed to a time and went to her house and viewed a lecture by a fellow named David Hudson who is a “modern alchemist,” of sorts. Since I was already “primed” with all this reading in alchemy, I was pretty excited by what I was hearing in this taped lecture. I was ready to meet the guy, who was bringing his show to town, and even considered investing in his project, since it seemed that the main thrust of the publicity program was to generate funds, as he claimed to have mortgaged everything he owned and borrowed from Peter AND Paul just to get the process down pat and was thus unable to continue with the actual “work of extraction and transmutation.” For some reason there was something about the whole thing that bothered me, but I couldn’t quite pin it down.

So, we asked the Cassiopaeans about this idea on September 12, 1995:

Q: (L) OK, now, this David Hudson tape, about what he calls the Philosopher’s Stone. What is this substance that David Hudson has discovered?

A: Watch developments there only from a distance.

Q: (L) Is taking this substance as he is talking about, is it dangerous, as I kind of think it is?

A: Possibly.

Q: (L) So, in other words, I should not get involved in that, either?

A: Up to you.

Q: (L) I know it’s up to me, but you said to watch it from a distance, so I’m assuming that is a clue…

A: Yes.

Q: (L) OK, my feeling is that there is some negative energy behind that, even though he is trying to be a positive person and do positive things, and that…

A: This is often true!

Q: (L) I think that taking something like that to transform your consciousness without doing the work or having it occur naturally is black magic. That’s what I think. (F) It’s too easy… I read over the years bits and pieces from various different sources that all the things he described in there which to us would appear to be an extreme ethereal and spiritual level, such as some of those in India achieve, and all that… are possible for those who are willing to sacrifice. (L) I don’t think you even have to sacrifice so much as have the desire and the natural destiny and ….. (F) Well, did Jesus take this gold powder?

A: No.

Q: (L) Did Adolph Hitler take this kind of powder, or something similar?

A: Yes.

Q: (F): That paints a rather bleak picture, doesn’t it? (L) Could this powder be utilized to transform a person into a very positive entity doing great good?

A: Or could it be utilized to transform an entire race of beings into hypnotic submission !!!!!!!!!!!

Q: (F): Wow! (L) Put it in the water. (F) Or even just advertise it as the “Manna from Heaven” and get the biggest corporations in the world to … I mean, you know that if this guy were not meant to spread this stuff all around, by now he’d be running into roadblocks, you wouldn’t be allowed to get tapes like that. That was one thing I was suspicious of, like why he hasn’t even been stopped, if it’s really as wonderful as he claims… I mean it just doesn’t fit. Anything that’s really, really good, and it’s going to truly enlighten a person, remembering just who runs this world, and has for 309 thousand years, are they just going to sit back and say “Oh, yeah, we’ll just let this gold powder get spread round everywhere, and get totally defeated,” just like that? I don’t think so!

A: Okay. Reflect upon messages received and goodbye.

In the discussion that followed this session, we talked about the fact that David Hudson claimed that this “process of transmutation” that one goes through when taking this Monoatomic Gold, as he called it, induced spontaneous and long lasting orgasms. That was part of what had disturbed me because I remembered a man who taught dowsing and who said that the human body, after orgasm, dowses exactly the same as a corpse, and continues to do so for a number of hours. That indicated to me that some vital force was lost by orgasm, and without extreme care and intent, SOMEBODY or SOME THING was getting this energy, and it usually was NOT the partner. So, we discussed that aspect.

(F) Once you progress to the level of enlightenment, and you are no longer in these bodies, you don’t need orgasm, do you?

(L) I guess not.

(F) And if it’s not an orgasm, then why call it an orgasm. I mean, he’s saying, “Oh, it’s not the same thing, it’s wonderful, it feels the same…it’s more pure,” and all that…

(L) Right.

(F) BS! I don’t buy that. I just don’t buy the idea that all you have to do is drink this powder, or eat this powder, and you are going to become a light being, and you’re going to bi-locate, and all these wonderful things, and just walk on water, and all that. It just doesn’t add up. You know, that’s, once again, it’s a short-cut. And there are no short cuts.

Not long afterward, the same friend who had invited me to see the video, connected me with the publisher of a local “new age” magazine to write a review of the David Hudson video. My friend who had suggested me for this article was planning to use the publication to promote a series of seminars for David Hudson, with herself as one of the beneficiaries of funds collected at the door. Well, I wrote the piece and it was printed… and my David Hudson promoting friend was pretty upset, to say the least! The following is what I wrote:


I recently attended a private showing of a videotaped lecture given by David Hudson. The subject, as many of you are aware, is Modern Alchemy. Having studied ancient alchemical texts to some extent, I was aware of the processes described by Hudson. But, research in other areas made me aware of other significant factors that ought to give one pause when considering any use of this Monoatomic Gold, as Hudson labels it.

Circumstantial evidence points to the existence of a secret fraternity unknown in its entirety to the human race. Other so-called “Secret” groups (Rosicrucians, Illuminati, Freemasons, Templars, Priory of Zion, etc.) have been merely red-herrings created and destroyed by the true Alchemical Fraternity and yet, from time to time, they replenish their membership from some of these groups. When the time comes for a selected “Initiate” to enter upon his labors for the order, he conveniently “dies” the “Philosopher’s Death” and a box of rocks or another body secured for the purpose is buried in his place.

This secret group possesses Great Knowledge. The average Ph.D. only holds about 1% of the level of knowledge of these initiates! They manipulate our lives and experiences like puppet masters. They also leave clues here and there to lead potential members through a complex maze for purposes of possible recruitment.

According to some sources, the number of members is fixed and in order for one to pass on, another must be put in his place. Because of the frequent lack of qualified candidates, some of the members must extend their life-spans for many hundreds of years. This may sound pleasant to those who are addicted to life in the flesh, but to those who possess Great Knowledge, this seems to be actually a burden.

The difficulty modern man has in knowing these things is directly due to ignoring the Atlantean origin of Alchemy. Khem was an ancient name for Egypt and, according to legend, alchemy was brought there by the Atlanteans. Alchemy and chemistry are reminders in our language of the scientific knowledge of the ancients.

The ancient sources say that Moses was an adept and the knowledge was retained by the Jews after the decline and destruction of Egypt at the time of the Exodus. The legends tell us that Solomon and Pythagoras were adepts and there is a persistent rumor that Alexander was an initiate who failed because of his inability to withstand the temptations of power. Certain Arabian adepts passed the knowledge to European initiates at the time of the crusades and it is said that an enclave exists in certain mountain areas of the Iberian peninsula.

There have been a number of “well-known” Alchemists who were clearly not, in fact, in possession of the secret of the “Great Work,” but who, nevertheless, capitalized upon the legends and rumors. The rules of Sect seem to include the strict injunction that all Servants of the Mysteries must renounce all personal credit and all writings on the subject containing legitimate clues must be produced anonymously or credited to someone else. It is said that many great works of literature were written thusly and contain ciphers and clues for the hopeful candidate. Among these works are the Bible and the purported works of “William Shakespeare.” The number 33 is consistently related to these ciphers and many have mistaken this for a direct relationship to Freemasonry, including the Masons themselves.

Most, if not all, of the great religions of antiquity were symbolic representations of the alchemical work. The true story of the life of Jesus of Nazareth has never been unfolded to the world because the Sect immediately saw to it that the new religion was poured into the mold of the old ones to preserve the secrecy of the hidden knowledge of the “Great Work.”

Historical research will show that the writing, assembling, translating and propagation of that book which we call the Bible was controlled and directed by the Sect. Much knowledge is given there, indeed, but only to those who have “eyes to see and ears to hear.”

Now, the “Great Work” as described by David Hudson is, in one sense, correct. During the sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth centuries a considerable number of alchemical adepts traveled around Europe, appearing and disappearing at will. According to tradition, these adepts were immortal and kept themselves alive by means of the “Elixir of Life” which was one of the goals of alchemy. That such mysterious men did exist there can be little doubt, as their presence is attested to by scores of reliable witnesses.

The alchemical philosophy teaches that “Like attracts like.” When a candidate has developed virtue and integrity acceptable to the adepts, they will appear to him and reveal those parts of the secret processes which cannot be discovered without such help. Those who cannot progress to a certain point with their own intelligence are not qualified to be entrusted with the secrets which can give them control over great masses of humanity and likewise subject to their will the elemental forces of Nature. The alchemists wrote that the study and contemplation of the metaphorical “Philosopher’s Stone” along with the chemical work was a necessary component to elevate the mind and prepare the soul for transmutation.

“By invigorating the Organs the Soul uses for communicating with exterior objects, (i.e. gaining knowledge) the Soul must acquire greater powers not only for conception but also for retention, and therefore if we wish to obtain still more knowledge, the organs and secret springs of physical life must be wonderfully strengthened and invigorated. The Soul must acquire new powers for conceiving and retaining… That this has not been the case with all possessors, was their own fault, as they contented themselves merely with the Transmutation of Metals… For know this of a truth, whosoever abuseth this tincture and lives not exemplarly, purely, and devoutly before men he shall lose this benefit, and scarce any hope will there be left ever to recover it afterwards…. those who study only the material elements can at best discover only half the mystery… alchemy is a mystery in three worlds – the divine, the human and the elemental… alchemy in the hands of the profane becomes perverted…”

And, as another of the great alchemists observed: “Man’s quest for gold is often his undoing, for he mistakes the alchemical processes, believing them to be purely material. He does not realize that the Philosopher’s Gold, the Philosopher’s Stone, and the Philosopher’s Medicine exist in each of the four worlds and that the consummation of the experiment cannot be realized until it is successfully carried on in four worlds simultaneously according to one formula. Furthermore, one of the constituents of the alchemical formula exists only within the nature of man himself, without which his chemicals will not combine, and though he spend his life and fortune in chemical experimentation, he will not produce the desired end… the subtle element which comes out of the nature of the illuminated and regenerated alchemist. He must have the magnetic power to attract and coagulate invisible astral elements.”

The alchemical literature abounds with stories of alchemists who blew themselves up, who suffered horrible diseases, who came under the power of demonic influences because their material abilities surpassed their spiritual development.

And here, we address the issue directly and ask several questions:

1. Why, after spending purportedly 5.5 million dollars to isolate and patent Monoatomic Gold, has David Hudson’s obsession for knowledge suddenly stopped short of self-experimentation? (I know, he says his wife won’t let him, but that begs the question with something like he claims to have discovered , especially if he is as convinced of what it is as he claims to be.)

2. If David Hudson possesses the “Philosopher’s Stone” why is he asking for money? The literature tells us that one part in one hundred thousand will transmute base metals into gold. Doesn’t it work?

3. If The Sect has existed these many thousands of years with the knowledge and use of this substance, and if they have kept it a continual secret, assassinating, if necessary, entire groups of people to protect the secret, why is it suddenly being allowed out now? Is it possible that this revelation is engineered by negative forces because it may be used to control masses of people?

There has been an advertisement in MUFON newsletter promoting this series of lectures, which claims that this “discovery” is a fulfillment of prophecy… Well, this may be true. But, there is ANOTHER PROPHECY which may apply here. “And many false prophets will rise up and deceive and lead many into error… But he who endures to the end will be saved. … for false Christs and false prophets will arise, and they will show great signs and wonders, so as to deceive and lead astray, if possible, even the elect.. See, I have warned you beforehand… ” (Amplified, Zondervan)

You have been warned! [Knight, 1995]

A few days after writing this article I had a dream. In this dream, I was a bride surrounded by many happy friends who were encouraging me to not be afraid of the marriage I was about to enter into. Many faces were familiar, and many were not, but they were all smiling at me and the women around me were helping me to dress and arrange my hair, and showering me with good wishes. I had to wait for a car to arrive, a white limousine, and it took me to the place where the marriage was to take place. There was a funny sensation of knowing, yet not knowing the groom.

When I arrived at the place of the ceremony, there were crowds outside waiting for me and they all smiled and cheered and clapped as I got out of the car. A pathway opened among them to allow me to pass, and they were all patting me and encouraging me, again, to not be afraid. I entered a large hall that was set up with many tables, with a long table on which a great feast was waiting for after the ceremony.

Many hands guided me to the proper position, and the groom approached with a smile and took my hand. For some reason, I could not clearly see his face. We stood side by side as the marriage was performed, and then music started and we began to dance. It was a sort of magical, whirling, levitating dance that was almost like flying and soon, everyone was also dancing around us and there was joy and laughter and celebration. Just before I awoke, there was a voice that I have only heard in a few dreams of strange significance saying that the marriage was taking place on a Saturday following Friday the 13th. This was such a strange way of saying it that I wondered what it could mean. I awoke with a sensation unlike any I had ever experienced; a sort of “knowing” that this dream was a sign of some sort that I was on a proper pathway.

A day or two after the dream, we had another session. Attending this session was a young woman who was the editor of the Magazine which had asked for my review of the David Hudson video lecture. She had been doing a lot of reading in the Zohar and Kaballah and Hurtak’s Keys of Enoch, as well as several other “New Age” books which gave certain information that she particularly wanted to know about. In this session, several strange things happened that I will note as we go through it in [brackets.]


Q: (RC) If Aramaic was ancient Hebrew, was it the language spoken in Atlantis?

A: No.

Q: (RC) Did the Hawk, or the Hoovids bring this language to Earth?

A: No.

Q: (RC) By scanning the Zohar, does this mean that the fire letters will ignite ancient memory, thus bringing the truth to the surface?

A: These are “cult thought patterns.”

Q: (RC) It has come to my attention that most of the places where the word for “God” is used in Zohar as well as in the Old Testament, it is used in its feminine form. Does this imply that the Queen of Heaven… who is Isis?

A: Isis is a vanguard.

Q: (RC) What is a vanguard?

A: A symbol of energy patterns that lead transformations of cultures during border periods.

Q: (RC) Is the word “Jesus” derivative of Isis or Zeus?

A: Neither, Jesus is moniker only.

Q: (RC) What is moniker? What do you mean? Don’t you have to pray in the name of Jesus for protection?

A: Prayers are not necessary for protection once channel, or more appropriately, conduit is properly grooved!

Q: (RC) The recent movie: “The Prophecy,” produced by Maxwell, is she of the light, and what purpose is behind sending this glimpse of this holographic image to earth now? Whose message is being served by this film?

A: What do your instincts tell you? Before we can answer some things, you must ask other things.

Q: (RC) Will there be another war in heaven between the angels?

A: Assumptions are fun to deal with.

Q: (L) I think they mean that you are assuming that there are angels and that they are fighting a war. (RC) Well, in a metaphorical sense.

A: And you are assuming there is a “heaven.”

Q: (RC) Yes. Are you saying that there is no heaven? No paradise? I don’t believe that! (L) There is 5th density. (RC) Well, we are getting into semantics here.

A: “Heaven” is a concept more than semantics. Some think the 3rd density environment known popularly as Leavenworth is heaven, for one example. Could be called “Heavenworth!”

Q: (RC) I was shown that I lived in Nazi Germany and I was one of the children used for experiments. I was also shown that I chose this for myself. I want to know why? (L) How were you shown this? In a dream? (RC) Lots of dreams, I have had psychics tell me about it…

A: Learning is best accomplished when the student is not restricted by others.

Q: (RC) Okay, I KNOW this from a variety of sources. I don’t have to explain them all… all I want to know is why. And, I know that my DNA was interfered with and I want to know if that has been carried into my present body and is this being fixed?

A: Physical manifestations normally only carry over in spirit body, and are a discovery process for advancement. They are chosen by the soul during contemplation on 5th density.

Q: (RC) So, that means that what I have been through in this life physically, has been to bring me to the realization of what happened before?

A: Essentially.

Q: (RC) I was also told that there was a woman who was very protective of me during my last life in Nazi Germany. Have I re-met this soul yet?

A: No.

Q: (RC) Am I going to meet her?

A: Wait and see!

Q: (RC) What is my relationship to Frank and Laura from any past life connections?

A: Discover.

Q: (L) Did I know RC in my past life in Germany?

A: Maybe.

Q: (L) Now, we were looking at the charts, just to see what kind of matches there were and it was a lot. (RC) According to astrology, that shows a past life connection. I feel also that something went on in Egypt.

A: Who were you?

Q: (L) You mean me?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) From dreams and flashes of memory, and what you have told me, I was just German woman… (RC) I was wondering about Egypt?

A: But we are still in Germany!

Q: (L) All I know was that I committed suicide, name was Helga, I think…

A: Who was your husband?

Q: (L) I don’t know. He was Jewish. Is that what you are getting at?

A: Okay. Who were your children?

Q: (RC) Was I one of Laura’s children?

A: Discover. When we say discover, we mean for you to use your given talents to learn, not to have us lead you by the hand every step of the way. If we were to do that, we would cheat you out of an opportunity to gain knowledge, and more importantly, understanding. Thus, we would be abridging free will!

Q: (RC) Who are the Hoovids?

A: Transplanetary.

Q: (RC) Did the Hoovids become the Hebrews?

A: No. Hebrews do not stem from single grouping.

Q: (L) Are or were the Hebrews a separate racial group?

A: Not necessarily.

Q: (L) What was the origin of the Hebrew People?

A: Genetic construct.

Q: (L) Who did this genetic construct?

Q: (L) The Orion Union?

A: Okay, but include C.O.C.

Q: (L) Chain? Chain of Command?

Q: (L) Alright, the Orions created the Hebrews. What was the purpose for which this genetic variation was created?

A: Manipulation.

Q: (L) And what was the desired result of the Hebrew genetic manipulation?

A: Further control through the fostering of mistrust and hostility, leading to enslavement and warring. Also accomplished renewed and invigorated 3rd to 4th density “feeding.”

Q: (RC) The Tetragrammaton, which is a code for the name of God in the Old Testament, who or what does this code represent?

A: Be careful not to get caught up in ancient deceptions, but ostensibly it “means” I Am The One.

Q: (RC) The “I Am The One,” according to my research, is another word for “Isis.” Okay, why is it that Hebrew, being so specific in participles in terms of gender qualities, how come, in the Old Testament, there are feminine connotations for the names of God, and also feminine connotations for God being in HER palaces? As well as masculine?

A: Why not? If it works, do it.

Q: (RC) Is the “I Am The One” a feminine force?

A: My Dear, you seem to be stuck upon gender classifications. Now this is understandable, but on density levels 5 through 7 there is no duality. The “God Force” emanates “down” from 7th density and permeates all densities. It recognizes no classifications related to duality, since it is perfectly blended, thus in permanent balance.

Q: (RC) But the gender names are in the original texts?

A: This is true, but the original texts were also deceptive in nature.

Q: (L) I dreamed the other night that I got married, and there was a big party, dancing, the limosine and so on… flowers, happiness. In my dream, I heard a voice saying that the wedding would be on a Saturday the 14th, following Friday the 13th, could you tell me anything about this dream?

A: No. [and here the Cassiopaean’s did something VERY strange; they asked a really off-the-wall question!] Who is David Hufnagel? David’s original name was Hufnagel. We are receiving strong wave pattern surrounding subject we chose to cover, thus we interrupted inquiries!

Q: (L) Okay, anything further on that?

A: Moshe in Israel.

Q: (RC) Who is Moshe in Israel?

A: Moshe is IN Israel.

Q: (RC) There are a lot of Moshes in Israel! Is this someone I know or knew?

A: Yes. Israel: saw you with grays in physical abduction, access memory, Moshe too in Israel. Another connector to abduction experience. David is elsewhere.

Q: (L) Okay, change of subject. Back when we were talking about the pit on Oak Island, and you asked me to do some research on it, the answers I came up with were that the responsible group were alchemists. Is this correct.

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Was one of the alchemists involved Nicholas Flamel?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Is it true that there is an enclave of alchemists that live somewhere in the Pyrenees…

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Do these alchemists use this power as talked about by David Hudson to enhance their longevity and their physical health?

A: And to control.

Q: (L) How does this monoatomic gold control others?

A: Too complex to answer tonight, as energy is waning. Good bye.

This was one of the most bizarre sessions we had ever had! For some reason, the presence of our guest brought through some very strange energies regarding our mutual past lives in Germany that were only later made understandable.

The Cassiopaeans had refused to discuss my dream, which was significant in itself, because whenever an issue is important in terms of my life path and choices, they will NOT discuss it nor give me any advice. Once I had asked them, quite desperately I might add, to tell me what to do about a particular situation:

Q: (L) I am asking you to help me out here.

A: Can’t help with karmic level 1 processes.

Q: (L) What is a karmic level 1 process?

A: Major predestined lesson or mission.

So, I knew that when they kept their “hands” strictly off of something, it was a biggie. But, I had no idea what this dream could mean.

But, that very night, after this session with such strange energy, as I was going to sleep, I had a vision. The face that I could NOT see in the dream, was there before me, as real as if the person were in the room. I was so startled by the utterly REAL presentation of a face right there in my head, that I nearly had heart palpitations! It literally took my breath away. And it was a face that, for some reason, I KNEW, but yet, did not know. And the eyes and expression were so kind and loving that, after getting over my initial shock at the suddennes and realness of the vision, I was strangely comforted and went to sleep holding the image in my mind.


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