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Dreams and Disinformation

Hi Laura
I was reading Q&A to Caroline and I read the part about dreams ( “You made a remark once that dreams were a prime opportunity for the implanting of negative information and suggestions. This makes me think that we are even more vulnerable during sleep than previously thought.” ) I have kept a dream journal for over a couple of years now and I’ve always felt that they have helped me out .I have had dreams that seem to point to the next step or direction in a positive way . Very few have made no sense at all to me. ( An interesting note : Remembering dreams have slowed down for me. I was recording dreams almost every night for a while, now , for the last 2 months I only have 3 that I remembered enough to record. ) I have been told that dream time is the time to “talk” to your higher sel . Can you elaborate on the session that your group and the Cassiopeans talked about dreams being the prime opportuity for the implanting of negative information and suggestions ?

Hi Linda,

Another good question; and it has been asked before privately but I have just not had the time to address it. So, since it comes up again, I think it is time to deal with it!

There are over 500 references to the word “dream” and its permutations in the Cassiopaean text, as I have just discovered, and a brief overview shows that dreams, like everything else, can be of a dual nature. We can have those that are communications with the higher self, other selves, the universal mind and so on; and we can have dreams that are a direct result of an idea that is being implanted to lead us astray; and we can have dreams that are “memories” of “abductions,” or the screen memories implanted to cover the real activities of abduction, AND we can have prophetic dreams not to mention dreams of past life experiences and maybe even future life experiences! So, it seems that, like everything else, we have to use our minds, our experiences and our instincts to choose what interpretation is appropriate. As the Cassiopaeans have said, nobody said this was gonna be easy and “no pain, no gain.” We have to exercise our thinking, our judgment and our conscious will to make them all strong and the best way to do this is to ask questions! The C’s made a remark in answer to a question that was not exactly about dreams, but the answer was so appropriate, I think that it applies in all situations:

A: These are the questions that prompt reflection, reflection prompts analysis, analysis prompts conclusions, which builds knowledge, which fosters protection!!!

So, one of the first times the subject of dreams was brought up was a question by an “on again-off again” semi-regular member of the group:

Q: (V) I had a dream about being a teacher and showing small children how to use light and color. Was this precognition?
A: Probably.

She then switched to other subjects, so this was not followed up, but, it clearly says that her specific dream was probably precognitive.

At a later session, this same person asked another question about a dream – one that her son had which was very distressing to them both.

Q: (V) What was E___’s dream of being choked?
A: Past life memory disconnection.

And she again changed the subject after this most interesting remark. But, here we have the idea that some of our dreams can be not only about past lives, but can be useful in “disconnecting” us from past life events, which suggests that karma can be “worked out” in dreams.

The next time dreams were mentioned was in a funny context. I had asked whether the new “fad” for melatonin as an “age reversal” element was useful and was told that, yes, it was beneficial – though not precisely as advertised. So, I asked:

Q: (L) Why should we take the Melatonin?
A: Is mild hallucinogen.
Q: (L) Why do we need this?
A: Keeps exercising psychic abilities and opens paths. Don’t be alarmed by vividly erotic dreams.
Q: (L) Should we expect to have vividly erotic dreams?
A: Possible as psyche passes through levels on ascension. Your consciousness will soon give you spectacularly sharp, exact and correct information.
Q: (L) Will this be due to ingesting the Melatonin?
A: Partly.
Q: (L) Is soon within a month?
A: You will know.
Q: (L) I get the feeling that this has a lot to do with trusting my own intuition.
A: Yes.

THAT was certainly a surprise! And, yes, it does seem to really increase the “dream” activity if taken in exactly the right dosage. The tiniest little pinch of a 3 mg tablet under my tongue is all I need. If I take more than that, I am groggy the next day. And, yes, in the beginning I did have some pretty strange dreams, but now they are almost all simply precognitive. The Cassiopaeans have been suggesting the use of a psychomantium to me for about three years now, and it is set up, I just have not had time to work with it.

Now we have another variety; again from our “dreamer.”

Q: (V) In June I had a dream where I was taken up and there were light beings and I was also a light being; I was trying on different clothes. I was led into a room where I was told I could write there and when I was told it was time to leave, I had shoes on that had written on them “Earth Star”. Was this an abduction?
A: Yes.
Q: (V) Talk about illusions, I thought that was a good thing! Was this a bad thing?
A: Subjective.
Q: (V) Who were the abductors?
A: Grays.
Q: (V) When I woke up I felt so tall and so electric. I thought it had been the best thing… that was my abduction in June?
A: Yes.

At some point subsequent to this time, this individual underwent hypnosis to examine the issues of this dream. When the “screen memory” was removed, the events were not so pleasant! In fact, it was thoroughly traumatic. So, we have dreams that can seem to be very positive that are “screen memories!” It ‘s getting complex, yes?

Now we have a more precise definition of dreams. I was curious as to exactly what hypnosis was, since there is really no general scientific consensus about it:

Q: (L) What is this thing we call hypnosis?
A: The 2nd step to open consciousness union with level 5.
Q: (L) What’s the first step?
A: Dream state.
Q: (L) What’s the third step?
A: Trance.
Q: (L) What’s the fourth step?
A: Expiration of body functions.
Q: (L) You mean as in death -“kicked the bucket?”
A: Of body.

Here we are told that the hypnotic state is a deeper level of access than dreams and a step above a “Trance.” But, precisely what defines this trance, I don’t know. Do they mean a spontaneous trance, or something that is induced and can they be the same? Obviously, a “trance” is a deeper state than hypnosis.

Now, we have two dreams in a row; each a different type:

Q: (L) A__ had a dream where she saw some symbols and would like to know what the symbols represented in her dream. She has drawn them here. [Somewhat Oriental looking symbols.]
A: One by one.
Q: (L) The first one:
A: Battle.
Q: (L) The second one?
A: Life force.
Q: (L) The third?
A: Spiritual union with higher planes.
Q: (L) The fourth?
A: Destruction.
Q: (L) The fifth one?
A: Fear.
Q: (L) What is the entire message?
A: Up to her to learn; remember if we tell you certain things you will not gain adequate protection for the time ahead. [This individual is, indeed, at the present time going through a number of challenges that are represented in this dream. It seems that her fear of her own abilities is causing a lot of cognitive dissonance. Hopefully, she will win the “battle” and achieve the Spiritual union with higher planes].
Q: (L) I dreamed last night about a puppy belonging to my sister in law. As I was walking away in the dream, I turned back and saw a car run over the dog. It was quite graphic and I awoke very upset. What was the cause or purpose of this dream?
A: This one was not particularly pertinent.
Q: (L) Was it just a dream?
A: Yes.

This next extract is a bit longer and more involved because the dream was a “repeater.” The gentleman asking the questions has had many unusual experiences which seem to represent that he is in a sort of state of seige by dark forces. He had been in a long state of depression and had been trying different “chemical remedies” for this, none of which worked, and some of them only made matters worse.

Q: (T) I received information during a dream. Was the information real or was it just a dream?
A: Corrupted.
Q: (T) By who or what?
A: Conflicting energies.
Q: (L) What are the sources of these energies, are these within T___ himself or outside him?
A: Both.
Q: (T) Can the information that was sent through be retrieved?
A: Will be repeated. Have you noticed your repeating dream patterns?
Q: (T) I have not been remembering most of my dreams.
A: Try melatonin; avoid any antidepressants. Some have suggested.
Q: (L) Is pot considered an antidepressant?
A: No.
Q: (T) Is the information of the dream important not only to me but to everybody?
A: All is.
Q: (T) Are different people receiving different pieces of information or are some people receiving as much as they can handle and then it moves to another person to receive more of the information in varying amounts?
A: Too many questions.
Q: (T) Is this information being given out in pieces to different people to be put together?
A: Close.
Q: (T) The information I have would not then be whole unto itself?
A: Network. Use computer net. There are others communicating and pieceing together in this way.
Q: (T) How do I retrieve the information?
A: Open dialogue.
Q: (T) What was presented to me, I would describe it as a holographic or virtual reality computer screen. It was a glowing outline of a screen and information scrolled past. The information was in different colors. There were a lot of different documents. The long documents I believe were some kind of technical references. It was just a black void; I wasn’t even there; it was just there in front of me like I was watching a screen. There were red documents, very short, that I took to be some kind of statement, they scared me. I don’t remember what they were. There were green documents, there were yellow documents. The outline of the screen changed the color of the documents as they scrolled through. There was a lot of them. I know I read all of them but I don’t know what any of them said. . Who sent me the information in the dream?
A: Cosmic retrieval system.
Q: (L) What does the cosmic retrieval system retrieve?
A: Remember computer was inspired by cosmic forces and reflects universal intelligence system of retrieval of reality.
Q: (T) What you have described, on a very large scale, sophisticated…
A: Grand scale, close.
Q: (T) Can I access it through our earthly computer system?
A: In a sense, but not directly as of yet. But just wait.

Shades of “The Matrix!” Here we are being told that we can access something like “cosmic consciousness” in our dreams. And, this is one of the sessions where the suggestion was made to get on the computer network – i.e. the Internet – in response to a question about a dream! This was to come up again, with strange connections that we did not see at the time.

Here is another aspect of dreaming:

Q: (L) Back in 1981 and 1982, my daughter A__ frequently saw something outside her window that she described as an alligator, and she would wake up screaming and we would get up and, on one occasion we saw what seemed to be a figure standing in a corner by the closet. The whole series of events ended up with my having a dream in which I confronted a dragon, engaged in battle with this dragon, and it ended with the dragon sort of deflating like a balloon. I woke up from this experience feeling totally exhausted and in a cold sweat. What was this…
A: Lizard.
Q: (L) What were they doing at that time?
A: Scoping potential abductees.
Q: (L) And did they abduct anyone at that time?
A: No.
Q: (L) Why didn’t they?
A: You stopped it.
Q: (L) How did I stop it?
A: Knowledge is rooted in awareness.
Q: (L) When I had the dream about doing battle with the dragon, was that just a dream, an astral event, or an actual interaction with the Lizzies?
A: All three.

So, it seems that the above suggest that we also can DO things in our dream state. I always felt that this was so because sometimes I would awaken from a busy dream time so exhausted that I was sure I had been working very hard! Dreaming can be a time of “work” for many people, if not all, and we just don’t know all the details of what great works we might be performing when we are asleep.

The following are pretty straight-forward:

Q: (L) On many occasions I have had dreams about being on a train. What do these dreams mean to me?
A: Not significant. Simply “going along for the ride.”
Q: (L) What about the dreams of putting on make-up?
A: Hiding your self.

I had always seemed to have the two dreams above together, so it was pretty appropriate. During the times of these dreams, that is exactly what I was doing!

This next one is rather strange because of the subsequent dream discussions. Here again, in connection to a question about a dream, we are urged to get on the internet.

Q: (L) Okay, I had a dream last night, I dreamed about large mechanical flying “V’s” that had flapping wings like metal bats that were also boxes. They scared me. Then, I was with my family and we were going to see my cousin who is deceased and she had just had a baby. [My cousin drowned when she 7 months pregnant]. The baby was walking and talking and quoting Shakespeare. My Aunt got very upset and said it was unseemly because the baby was illegitimate and she walked out. The baby was only 10 days old. My aunt ran out the door and said it was evil.
A: Suggestion, get on computer net ASAP.
Q: (L) In other words, I really need to take my computer down and get the A drive fixed etc and log onto the network?
A: Yes.
Q: (V) What does that have to do with the dream? (L) I think it relates back to when T__ was talking about dreams and the suggestion was given to hook up to the network and discuss and share dreams. Like a dream forum kind of thing. Is there any significance to the ten days in this dream?
A: When you network, your entire life will dramatically improve immediately! See, sometimes we do advise when appropriate.

So, I took the computer down to the shop, found out that there was a piece of paper in the floppy drive, inserted by my youngest child. Fine. I had earlier received an AOL program in the mail and decided that now was the time to install it and get online. On December 23, 1994 I connected to the internet for the first time. It was confusing and I certainly didn’t see how this was supposed to “change my life dramatically!” The next day I was in an auto accident which led to a two year period of therapy and rehabilitation. It was during this next two years of disability that my then-husband’s true nature was revealed. As long as I was able to do everything for him, things were fine; but as soon as I needed help physically, emotionally and psychically, resentment and pettiness and selfishness came to the fore, and it became clear that my therapy was going nowhere as long as he was unwilling to carry some of the burden of the children and the household. I realized that I was NOT going to get better this way, and that I was really better off without him, even if I was unable to do anything more than hobble around in pain. So, I began the divorce proceedings. But… that is getting ahead of the story… there were more clues yet to be given which those of you who have read “Amazing Grace” know, eventually led to Ark finding me on the internet… This was one of the first clues that this was coming.

Q: (L) Alright, I want to ask a question. This is a trick question. It involves mind-reading. Please answer the question I am thinking. [I had dreamed of being with someone else, though it was rather vague and unformed at this point. A key part of this dream was that I carried some particular DNA which would activate at a certain time, and that a baby that was destined to be born from a specific combination of DNA… mine and someone else’s who I didn’t yet know. I was too embarrassed to ask it out loud, and it felt so terribly disloyal to my then husband, that I didn’t even want to voice it as a formed question. ]
A: Your dreams are valid.
Q: (T) Was that your question? (L) Well, sort of. It could apply. (T) They answered your question before you asked it. (L) Yeah. I wasn’t going to ask it out loud anyway. (T) If we could just get them to skip the questions and go to the answers, we would make a lot better time here.
Q: (L) In other words, my impressions of the ultimate outcome of this DNA switcheroo is…
A: Yes!
Q: (T) Any other questions?
A: Go to Pensacola.
Q: (T) Is something going to happen in Pensacola?
A: Conference.
Q: (T) It’s in October. When is it that we are supposed to go?
A: May. Q: (T) Is there something in May? In Pensacola? (J) Project Awareness is in May but that’s in Tampa. (T) Are you talking about the conference in May that is being put on by the Pensacola group?
A: Look and see.
Q: (T) Okay, the UFO conference is going to be in Tampa in May.

We couldn’t figure this out because the Pensacola conference was always held in October. We would find out that this would lead to some very strange connections! But, for the time being, we planned to attend the May conference in Tampa.

Dreams came up again in another strange way.

Q: (T) Good evening.
A: Luck.
Q: (L) Is the luck with us at this time?
A: Try not to second guess what we mean.
Q: (L) What does “luck” mean?
A: Discover.
[One of our occasional guests was having a problem and we discussed that.]
A: Enough said, remember, you have been learning slowly that personal issues hold minor significance. Terry’s dream was significant, however!!!!! S*** too!! And Frank has been sent same message as well.
Q: (L) Did you have a dream or message, Frank? (F) That’s true. I have received some stuff. Just the same kind of thing, the feeling that there is something that we are missing. (T) Okay. We are missing a key topic or issue, here, that’s true.
A: 4th level STO! You have only thought of 4th level STS.
Q: (L) Ahhh! What S*** was talking about, we need to ask about the good guys.
A: They are the only ones who can help you defend yourselves against 4th level attack!!!! We give you information which is invaluable in nature, but remember we are 6th level STO, Beings of light, and on this density level there simply is no interference with free will no matter how detrimental to you!!!
Q: (T) 4th density STO beings can actually help in a meaningful way! We knew there was both sides, but we never asked. We have been concentrating on the Lizards. (S) Yeah! There are 16 groups on both sides, and noboby has ever asked… (T) Who are these 4th density STO beings that we need to contact? Obviously we need to talk to them because they can talk to us. Sixth density “Us” can’t.
A: Orion Federation. You have asked us to protect you, it is important for you to understand that we are beyond that! First, incorrect thought patterns which have become imbedded must be purged before you can move onto next subject.
Q: (T) Well, you said that Knowledge protects. You have been providing knowledge.
A: Indirectly. We are providing invaluable information which becomes knowledge, but you are under attack, therefore, you could maybe use some direct power from the same density as the attack is coming from.
Q: (L) Okay, what is the phone number of the Orion Federation? (S) Laura! (T) That’s what I was going to ask. [Laughter.] (L) How do we get ahold of them?
A: Off the hook!
Q: (T) Uh oh! (L) They’re busy? (T) Getting a lot of calls. (L) Okay, guys, what do we need to do here?
A: Find a “Nordic.” They are on Earth posing as humans.
Q: (T) I thought that 4th density couldn’t hold the frequency that long and that is why the Lizards have so much trouble.
A: Not STO!
Q: (T) The STS can’t stay, only the STO.
A: Yes.
Q: (T) So, we need to find an STO Nordic; do we know one?
A: Have seen them at meetings and such.
Q: (L) What kind of meetings.
A: MUFON. Discover, remember these are among your protectors and Laura and Frank know what level one attack is like, Terry, Jan and S*** are perilously close to finding out!
Q: (T) And we are working hard to not get attacked. We have a Nordic coming to our meetings? What about this big conference you have mentioned that is to be held in May?
A: Discover.
Q: (L) Well, should we wear something special like a red scarf so they can find us in the crowd?
A: Not needed at all, just be open and aware!!
Q: (L) Is this there anyway we can get any help or power from these 4th density good guys prior to that so that we can put a period to this attack we have been undergoing?
A: Start to call them, maybe.
Q: (L) How do we call them. (T) They said “discover!” They don’t usually say that in regard to the project awareness meeting.
A: Hint!

So, we were being directed to find an STO 4th density being who would be able to assist in protecting us from the often crushing “attacks” that we suffered. And, the session opened with a sort of mystery word, “Luck.” I didn’t know how important that word would later become, that it was, in fact, the name of the city in which Ark was born.

The next mention of dreams was very strange indeed. Frank and I both had dreams about “space attack.” These dreams were so vivid that I woke up in a cold sweat with my heart pounding. [I was still in therapy and had not yet started the divorce proceedings mentioned above.]Notice that it is now May and it seems, in retrospect, that things were “heating up” in terms of moving the destiny further along.

Q: (L) Now, Frank and I both had strange dreams. I dreamed last Sunday that I went outside and there was a whole lot of activity in the sky. There were alien ships shooting at each other and at the ground and it was pretty scary. There were people running around and my husband abandoned me and the children because he was so freaked out by it all. A really strange dream.
A: Stay tuned!
Q: (J) Oh, goody! (L) Was this dream prophetic?
A: Open. Stay tuned for more dreams.

I continued to have dreams of Earth shattering events… hordes of people on the move… working in a hospital caring for people who were lined up for miles, and so forth. And, in every dream, my then husband was or had abandoned me. This was becoming VERY upsetting. On top of this, the financial strain of my therapy and inability to work more than a few hours a week, if at all, was mounting and I was taking all the blame and burden. I was becoming frantic about the situation, and felt that the solution to make everything right again was to sell the house and move to satisfy my then husband.

Q: (L) Earlier we had a discussion about where we wanted to move. My husband [now ex-husband] has his ideas, we all have our ideas, and we just want to know, in terms of just being happy and content with the surroundings, of the places mentioned: South Dakota, North Carolina, which would be more pleasant?
A: As we have told you before, moving is pointless, as it is a manifestion of 3rd density thinking, and would thus regress you severely. It is not “where you are that matters, it is who and or what you are that counts.”
Q: (L) Is my financial situation blocked because of my plans and ideas about moving?
A: Maybe.
Q: (L) If I changed my thought patterns in that regard, would my financial situation become unblocked?
A: If you open your mind to any and all possibilities, this always unblocks.
Q: (L) Okay, I say that I don’t know what the Universe wants me to do. I am just waiting to see, and waiting for direction. What more can I do?
A: Good! As long as you wish to communicate with us, and learn from the information we are sharing with you, multitudes of possibilities will present themselves to you.
Q: (L) Why do I keep having dreams of L__ abandoning me and the kids when the UFOs start landing?
A: Discover.

Meanwhile, we went to the Tampa UFO conference, but nothing significant occurred that we could tell. We had our eyes open for this “4th density STO” individual, but there was not a clue that such an individual was there! But, there WAS an interesting development: the previous month we had been invited to a local MUFON meeting to demonstrate our “channelling” for this small group. As it turned out, word got around and all seats in the small hall were filled, and there were many people standing around the room. One of the attendees was a physicist who was completely fascinated with the process. Now, in May, we attended another MUFON meeting where this physicist was scheduled to speak. After the meeting we talked with him about some of the physics information we had been receiving, and he was intrigued enough to ask to attend a session. He did. In May. After a MUFON meeting. And, of course, the result of this session being posted on the Internet over a year later was that Ark read it and wrote to me…

Now, since I am pulling all the dream references up in chronological order, here is another interesting dream of one of our guests:

Q: (L) T__ had a dream that he shared with me, and I think he wouldn’t mind sharing it with the group. T__ ? (TF) In the dream I am on an ocean liner. There are other people on board the ship, but I am not talking to them. I’m not with my friends or family. I am by myself. I among all these people, but I am not with them. It is a long journey. I walk back and forth on deck. Finally we come to a city, a major city, a seaport. I get off the ship; I walk through the city; I walk through the center of the city to the outskirts, into the countryside. The countryside is red; reddish all around. The streets are no longer paved; now they are dirt, red dirt. I come to a big house with a white picket fence under the shadow of a mountain. I know that I am supposed to be in this house. I go inside the house, there are other people there. Again, I am not talking with them when I first get there, and as the days begin to pass I do begin to talk to them and they begin to talk to me. I begin to feel better. Suddenly, in the dream, I realize that when I was first walking through the city toward the house, I was a dog; in the early days when I had first been in the house, I was being transformed into a human being, and that all the other people in the house were once animals; and that that was why we were at the house, to learn how to become a human being. It had something to do with the power of the mountain. (L) Now, the question I have is: is there some significance to this dream that you can comment on?
A: Not of great significance in a psychic sense, merely a reflection of the subject’s awareness of metamorphosis within his own life path.
Q: (L) Well, that was his own interpretation. I was just sure he was an alien and he came to Earth on this big ship from the Dog Star, Sirius… (J) To Georgia!! [Laughter] I liked my interpretation better! (T) Make for a heck of a book! (SV) She’s been watching too many of those UfO videos!
A: Active imagination!
Q: (TF) What was the mmm sound in my father’s dreams? (L) You’re big into dreams, huh? (TF) It’s a family thing!
A: Was accessing sound waves in alpha state not normally audible.
Q: (TF) Why did he find the dreams so threatening?
A: His interpretation.
Q: (TF) He had a series of dreams one summer, 1943, and it was interesting because his father, the dream analyst, could help him with it. (L) Was there some kind of antagonism between them? (TF) Well, he was a Freudian dream analyst, so, yes! [Laughter] Nothing more than the normal father-son stuff. (L) Is there such a thing as normal father-son stuff? (SV) I doubt it. (TF) That’s true. (L) Nothing on this planet is normal, or so it would seem.

This next discussion about dreams is more detailed and lengthy, and actually gets into the subject of “attack” as well.

Q: (T) Was Frank’s dream significant?
A: May we ask that you be more specific in your question?
Q: (T) The dream that Frank relayed to us earlier this evening about there being another force, another entity or group of entities involved in what’s happening here on earth; that it is not just a simple good and evil scenario of the Lizzies out to get the humans, with maybe some good guys on 4th density helping out without violation of free will. He couldn’t remember the exact details, but he had the feeling that there was a huge thing going on and we were only seeing certain levels of ig.
A: Well, that is not the area we wanted you to be more specific with. We are aware of the dream as described, but we are asking you to be more specific about the term “significant” because…
Q: (T) Well, is it important to what we are doing? Was it factual information?
A: Again we caution that you not be prejudiced in the formation of your questions because the terms “important” and “significan” imply a generalization of levels of intensity of reality, that they can be seen differently from different vantage points. In other words, what is important to one is not important to another. What is significant to one is not significant to another. It all can be confused as to what is important and significant and what the definitions of important and significant are. Therefore, we ask you to remove those two terms, carefully ponder the question, and re-ask it in more specific terms.
Q: (L) What was the source of the information Frank received in his dream?
A: Well, actually that is jumping ahead of the previous thought pattern as expressed by a different individual, which creates confusion and also restricts the energy flow by diverting it. We ask you to carefully formulate the question you wish to ask, and then ask it in complete form.
Q: (T) Is there another force involved in what is happening on the planet, that is manipulating the Reptoid beings the way they are manipulating humans?
A: We are trying to help you to gain knowledge. And, as we have stated previously, the formulation of questions is very important in this process. It has been asked previously, in this particular session, if anything can cause the response to questions to be other than factual in the best definition of what factual is. And, the answer given was any degree of prejudice or expectation of response. Therefore, we must caution you again, to please try to refrain from having any prejudice or expectation of response. And, prejudice can be, again, in one sense, a presupposition of existence. Do you follow?
Q: (L) So, we don’t even know if the Lizzies exist or not.
A: Well, we have previously given you information that such entities do exist. However, the question is not tantamount to the existence of what is described or referred to as Lizzies, therefore it would be best to leave that out of the question until confirmation that such entities exist and that they are an important part of the question being asked. Please bear with us and be patient. The results gained will be beneficial for all.
Q: (T) I don’t understand… Is there another force involved with the events on this planet, in third density, that we have not yet discussed in previous sessions?
A: Perhaps it would help to have a review of what forces it is you have in mind. And then, once those forces have been described, we can answer your question more completely and, more importantly, more accurately.
Q: (L) May I ask a question?
A: You may always ask a question.
Q: (L) Was Frank’s dream an accurate representation of the interplay of energies on the planet at the present?
A: Well, as described to those present, in general terms, it was moving in the right direction, however, the information given was somewhat splintered or fractured. There was not beneficial cohesiveness due to the fact that the subject referred to, did not have complete recall of the information given. It could be considered a basic guideline, but not a complete database.
Q: (L) Could you give for us, at this time in toto, the information that was given to Frank in the dream?
A: Well, yes that would be conceivable, however it would require your attendance for approximately 52 units as you measure hours of time, to give an adequate breakdown of the information previously given to Frank. And, we believe that you would be unwilling to participate for that length of time, or that you would be able to physically hold up.
Q: (L) Part of the outcome of Frank’s dream was that he said that I am under such attack, both physically and financially because I am saying too much, and there are forces that do not want me to tell the things I have learned. Is Frank’s exposition as to why I seem to be under such severe attack correct?
A: That is difficult to answer because it is close, as we are accessing the thought patterns, to being factual. However, there are conflicting thought patterns.
Q: (L) Then, just let me ask it straight. Why have I been under such severe physical, material, and emotional attack in the past 6 months? Frank thinks that I am under such attack because I work and move too fast in the gathering and attempts at desemination of information; that I charge ahead and do things, thereby exposing myself to retaliatory attacks.
A: That has the potential for being partially correct in the sense that you deseminate information, perhaps less carefully than you should. The gathering of information holds no potential for attack from any particular realm. However, desemination DOES, because those whom become aware, become empowered. And, in any struggle between opposing forces, there is always danger in allowing anyone to become empowered without realization of the ramifications.
Q: (L) So, I can continue to seek information, as long as I keep it to myself?
A: You have free will to do that which you please. But, when you are framing it in terms of the question: where is the danger, this presupposes that you are concerned about dangers to yourself. And, if this be the case, we will be happy to give advice where and when needed.
Q: (L) Well, right now it is needed. I am almost completely debilitated physically and materially, which creates a severe barrier to focus and concentration, and also my ability to assist other people.
A: Well then, perhaps it is true that you should be careful as to how you deseminate the information and how you deseminate knowledge gained, and where, and when. This is not to say that you must stop, but rather to think carefully before you do it, as to what the ramifications will be. And then your instincts will lead you in the proper direction. The dangers are always that when one proceeds too quickly, the instincts may be overrun and become confused with other thought pattern energies, and thereby opening one up to attack and other unpleasant possibilities. It is not necessary to stop, it is just to be careful as to how one does it. The flow of information is never a harmful thing. As we have previously described, the Service to Self involves the constriction and restriction of energies, and the focusing within. The Service to Others orientation involves an outward flow of energies, the focus being from within to without. Therefore, the passage of information, or desemination is very helpful and is of Service to Others orientation. But, one must also be aware of the dangers involved. One must not lose control of the flow and the possibilities that can result. This is where you need to be more careful. You need to regulate. And, attack can come from any number of sources for any number of reasons. It is not always for the same reason. And, of course, there is the short wave and long wave cycle. The short wave cycle is one which closes rather quickly. The long wave cycle is one that closes more slowly, therefore take a longer amount of time, as you perceive it, to close. Therefore it also involves a more complicated issue. This is just one example as to how attack can be the result of what we were just describing.
Q: (L) Can attack be a left over from another cycle? Another lifetime?
A: That is one possibility, certainly.
Q: (L) Can you give us any advice as to how to navigate our way out of such situations? Frank and I both seem to repeatedly face the financial flow issue, and it seems to be one of the primary modes of attack against us at this point. How can we overcome this?
A: Are you asking us how to make more money?
Q: (L) Yeah!
A: My dear Laura! You are already in position of literally thousands of possibilities to accomplish that end, are you not?
Q: (L) Everything takes money! Making money takes money!
A: There goes that prejudice again. We have given much food for thought in that area to help you to learn, to contemplate, to meditate.
Q: (L) It is rather difficult to do that when one is worried.
A: That is interesting. You can’t meditate or contemplate when you are worried about your next meal. I guess then that this means that no one on third density has ever been able to contemplate or meditate while worrying what was going to be eaten at the next meal. Hmmmmmm.
Q: (L) The point is that a constant state of worry, another crisis every day, the perpetual worry, eventually wears a person down to the point where one can no longer focus on any other issues.
A: Perhaps one can solve the crises by focusing on other issues? You see, when you constrict the flow, you constrict the channel. And when you constrict the channel, you close down possibilities. And, you make it difficult, if not impossible for you to see that which is there. In other words, the obvious becomes oblivious because of constriction of the flow. This is why we have recommended against all rituals, because ritual restricts the flow, thereby restricting the possibilities. And, what you are describing is a situation of “dire straits,” as you call it, and financial pressures of great magnitude which is restricting you. But actually, it is your concentration on same that is restricting, not the situation itself. And we realize that it is difficult for you to focus your attentions, or, more importantly to open up the flow of the channel. But, it is certainly not impossible. Especially for an individual as strong as yourself. It is what you choose to do, not what you MUST do. It is what you CHOOSE to do.
Q: (L) So, you are saying that this situation is a result of my own constriction, rather than as a result of attack?
A: No, the situation can be a result of anything or any numbers of things. But, the sought after resolution to it may be impeded by your own choice to concentrate on the problem, rather than opening up the channels to seek the solution. We never suggested that you were solely responsible for creating your own financial situation, only that you may be partially responsible for preventing a resolution to the problem, that is all.
Q: (L) You say ‘opening the channel…’
A: And not concentrating on the problem, but rather the solution by opening the flow. The answers come to you when you open the flow.
Q: (L) And what might that answer be?
A: That is for you to discover!

So, as a result of a dream that was clearly a “hint,” but which could not be remembered, a discussion was inititated which led to some ideas about “attack” and being careful and aware of what one is doing. The important point is that one is AWARE of the attack and the dangers, and then one concentrates on the solutions, no matter how bizarre they might seem.

This next segment has a LOT of dream references. I am going to insert some background comments in brackets [] that will help to explain what was going on, much of which I only understand now in retrospect.

[RC is a young woman, an astrologer and UFO researcher. She is also somewhat militantly intelligent, Jewish, feminist, and a startlingly attractive woman. She had been sent to an Israeli boarding school as a young girl when her father remarried after the death of her mother. She then married a very abusive man, was beaten violently and finally managed to get free of this “Love Bite” situation. She was really driven to solve her “issues,” without realizing that these very issues were “manipulated” into her life to obscure the solutions. At the point in time of this session, she had been violently attacked by the area UFO/Metaphysical community as a result of rumors spread by a fellow whose attentions she had rebuffed. She decided that these rumors were a deliberate plot against her and that this fellow was an agent sent to destroy her. Be patient with this segment as it DOES get into some “dream” issues!]
Q: (RC) Is B__ a spy?
A: Spy? Clarify, please.
Q: (RC) Is B__ a spy for the Gray aliens?
A: Well, are you aware of the modus operandi commonly employed, and the technical aspects of same???
Q: (RC) Yes.
A: Define your understanding.
Q: (RC) They spy through implants or something like CD ROM? He absorbs information and then they download it from him?
A: In other words, unconscious manipulation. Now, please reveal your reading on the situation.
Q: (RC) I think he is being used by them unconsciously as well as consciously. Is he a spy for the CIA?
A: Assumptions prevail!
Q: (RC) Why has everything he has done in my life turned to trouble?
A: These are the questions that prompt reflection, reflection prompts analysis, analysis prompts conclusions, which builds knowledge, which fosters protection!!!
Q: (RC) Will he do anything more to hurt me?
A: Are you learning? If you are learning, are you gaining knowledge?
Q: (RC) Well, I know about that but I want to know if he is going to cause me more trouble?
A: What does it matter what he says, if you have the knowledge which protects?
Q: (RC) Well, that’s kind of like beating a dead horse here…
A: Network.
[The suggestion to “network” or share and discuss this issue with others went right past RC. She just jumped to another issue!]
Q: (RC) I was shown that I lived in Nazi Germany and I was one of the children used for experiments. I was also shown that I chose this for myself. I want to know why? I have had lots of dreams, and I was told this by many psychics…
A: Learning is best accomplished when the student is not restricted by others. We are just suggesting helpful guidelines for maximum learning.
[The implication here was that RC should not assume that she knew the facts from either these dreams or the information received from others. But, instead of avoiding assumptions, she made a declaration. Watch this exchange carefully!]
Q: (RC) Okay, I KNOW this from a variety of sources. I don’t have to explain them all… all I want to know is why. And, I know that my DNA was interfered with and I want to know if that has been carried into my present body and is this being fixed?
[Here she has clearly declared that she is asking only to get confirmation of what she thinks she already knows. Her mind is completely closed.]
A: Physical manifestations normally only carry over in spirit body, and are a discovery process for advancement. They are chosen by the soul during contemplation on 5th density.
Q: (RC) So, that means that what I have been through in this life physically, has been to bring me to the realization of what happened before?
A: Essentially.
Q: (RC) I was also told that there was a woman who was very protective of me during my last life in Nazi Germany. Have I re-met this soul yet?
A: No.
Q: (RC) Was she a mother or sister?
A: Neither.
Q: (RC) Were we related?
A: No.
Q: (RC) Am I going to meet her?
A: Wait and see!
[This whole series of negative answers did not in any way stimulate RC to ask a more simple question such as: “Is this idea factual?”]
Q: (RC) What is my relationship to Frank and Laura from any past life connections?
A: Discover.
Q: (L) Now, I was looking at the charts, just to see what kind of matches there were and it was a lot. (RC) According to astrology, that shows a past life connection. I feel also that something went on in Egypt and the French Revolution…
A: Who were you?
Q: (RC) Me?
A: No.
Q: (L) You mean me?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) I guess you mean this past life in Germany… as far as I know I was just an ordinary German woman… (RC) I was wondering about Egypt?
A: But we are still in Germany!
[It was strange for the C’s to be “pulling” us along in a certain direction.]
Q: (L) All I know was that I committed suicide, name was Helga, I think…
A: Who was your husband?
Q: (L) Do you mean in this life? I don’t know. He was Jewish then. Is that what you are getting at?
A: Okay. Who were your children?
Q: (RC) They asked who were the children. Was I one of your children?
A: Discover. When we say discover, we mean for you to use your given talents to learn, not to have us lead you by the hand every step of the way. If we were to do that, we would cheat you out of an opportunity to gain knowledge, and more importantly, understanding. Thus, we would be abridging free will!
[I really couldn’t figure out why the C’s had taken this direction and had brought up my past life, my husband, my children.]
Q: (RC) Was my name Rachel?
A: How do you examine past lives?
Q: (L) Hypnosis?
A: Bingo!
Q: (L) You have told Frank and me about several past lives before…?
A: Because the individual circumstances were not the same.
Q: (RC) How many children have I been used for that are alien hybrids?
A: To answer this question would alter your chosen path of learning, so therefore must be deferred.
Q: (RC) I have already gotten this in my meditations, so maybe they can help me on it. I have been given names in Hebrew in my recent meditations that have stuck in my head; one the word for “government” and the other for “state” or “politics.” Does this mean that I am meant to be working in politics or for the government? Which government? Is this my destiny?
A: Well, again, we know the answer to that, but must let you discover in order to learn.
[I think that this last answer reflects the fact that RC was simply seeking confirmation of what she already thought she knew. She was not REALLY asking questions, so they stopped talking.]
Q: (RC) Am I being called to serve? Is it a government on Earth or…
A: One interpretation, but not the only one. Remember, “government” is nebulous, and dreams can be pathfinders and dreams can be warnings!!!
[Hoo boy! This one went right past her! But, what did she do? Jumped right on with her list of things to be confirmed!]
Q: (RC) How many lifetimes have I spent on Earth – I already know the answer, someone told me, I just want to know…
A: 87.
Q: (RC) Not 445? That’s it? So, I’m not really from here?
A: Would you rather we add a few?
Q: (RC) So, I am not really from this planet?
A: No one is, ultimately. Remember, you are eternal, one through three are not.
Q: (RC) I was told, based on the lines in my palm, that I had lived 445 times. So there is a huge discrepancy here!
Q: (RC) What about the dream that I had about the three slugs coming off of me? Were these three slugs B__, B__ and M__?
A: Energy pattern essence, rather than individuals per se.
Q: (RC) How many times have I been abducted?
A: 20.
Q: (RC) Were most of those in childhood or more recent?
A: Both.
Q: (RC) Within the past 8 years?
A: Yes.
Q: (RC) So most of them were within the past 8 years?
A: No. Just most recent. Abductions take many forms.
Q: (RC) Well, that covers my questions… (L) I dreamed the other night that I got married, and there was a big party, dancing, the limosine and so on… flowers, happiness. In my dream, I heard a voice saying that the wedding would be on a Saturday the 14th, following Friday the 13th, and it made me feel happier than I have ever felt in my life. Could you tell me anything about this dream?
A: No.
Q: (L) Any other questions? (RC) I’m not going to ask because they didn’t really answer what I wanted to hear.
[Note this last remark! But, now is when things got strange… out of the blue…]
A: Who is David Hufnagel? We are receiving strong wave pattern surrounding subject we chose to cover, thus we interrupted inquiries!
[The subject they had tried to jerk us back to above was my past life in Germany… and this began right after I asked about the strange dream…]
Q: (L) Okay, anything further on that?
A: Moshe in Israel.
Q: (RC) Who is Moshe in Israel?
[I didn’t have a clue. I never knew anyone named Moshe!]
A: Moshe is IN Israel.
Q: (RC) There are a lot of Moshes in Israel!
A: Yes.

At this point, the energy started “breaking up,” which was about the only time this has ever happened! There was some sort of serious obstruction. But, this connection to a past life in Germany, the dream about getting married, and the name Moshe would eventually become clear!

And, it was on this night, after the session, as I was trying to go to sleep that I had a vision. It was not a dream as I was not asleep. It was a clear, real vision – or hallucination. I saw a face for an instant, in my mind, that was as real as if it had been in the room with me. I didn’t know it then, but it was Ark’s face that I was to see in a photograph about 10 months later. I told RC about it the next day because it was such a shocking experience and she opined that I must be seeing her husband’s guardian angel.

The next thing we knew was that the October UFO conference in Pensacola was being cancelled and a sort of “make-do” shift to Mobile, Alabama had been effected because Gulf Breeze and Pensacola Beach were almost completely destroyed by hurricane Opal. I didn’t really want to go to Alabama, and it had been specifically suggested that we go to Pensacola, so we cancelled.

A: Review:; what did we say about weather. Why do you suppose “Opal” occurred at time, place reference point?
Q: (L) To put a stop to the UFO conference in Pensacola/Gulf Breeze? Does this mean we ought to stay home?
A: Up to you, but, suggest deferment, we could tell you of titanic battle!!!!
Q: (L) So, hurricanes are a reflection of battles at higher levels? Did the good guys win?
A: Yes, but not concluded, and we fear for those drawn to locator because of sinister plans by 4th density STS.

The following little exchange suggests to me that there was something interesting about this dream, but the C’s did not want to discuss it in front of guests, of which there were several that night.

Q: (L) Let me ask about a dream I had the other night, about being on safari, and then being given some information that was a sort of “magical stone” that I put in my pocket. This was followed by an impression that my house and my children were under attack, and I remembered this thing in my pocket and I said: “I know what to do!” and as I said this, something shot out of my side – like from my ovary – and it went way high into the sky, opened like a parachute, and turned into a crystal dome that settled down over my house to protect us. I felt a sense of relief. The next day, I was in the bathtub and noticed there was a deep puncture wound in the same area where this thing shot up out of my body. Could you tell me what this represented, or what’s the story here, or what happened?
A: Another session.

So, we came back to it in a private session.

Q: (L) I want to go back to my safari dream. I dreamed we all went to Africa, and I got some information there, something was given to me, and I put it in my pocket on the right side. And then, I had the experience where I felt a danger, something probing in the direction of my mind, and a protective device shot up out of my lower right abdomen, like a rocket. And the next day, I noticed a small, deep, wound at that spot. What was this?
A: Energy surge.
Q: (L) Why out of the area of the ovary?
A: Magnetic plane weakness there.
Q: (L) So, is it beneficial to be able to do this.
A: Maybe.
Q: (L) Is this something I learned in this dream, that we can all learn to do in some way?
A: No need.
Q: (L) Well, it seems that having the body automatically erect defenses when a threat is felt is a pretty handy talent to have.
A: Sure, in 4th density.
Q: (L) Was this a 4th density action, or ability?
A: Close.
Q: (L) Did something actually exit my body and leave that wound?
A: Already answered.
Q: (L) Okay, it was an energy surge. Did this energy surge leave a wound in my body?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Where did the energy surge emanate from?
A: Learn naturally as you evolve.

Here is a little snippet. I had three dreams about death, including my own. Frank had one also. I had a pretty good idea that this could mean the “beginning” of something, and that dreams of death do not necessarily mean that a person is going to die. It is interesting that these took place just a few months before I instituted divorce proceedings, though at the time, divorce was definitely not an option, nor a consideration!

Q: (L) Well, speaking of that, I have had 3 death dreams and Frank has had one. I would like to inquire about them.
A: No comment.

Clearly, in retrospect, they knew something, but were not going to influence me in any way! The next dream was that of one of the more regular members of the group. She was convinced that they meant she was going to die, but she could hardly bring herself to speak this fear out loud! It is funny now to read the way she was beating around the bush!

Q: (L) S___ has had several dreams about a storm coming and having to batten down the hatches and relocating…
A: S*** must inquire.
Q: (S) In my dream, it was either a physical move, or a moving on to something. Am I moving out of town in a physical way, is it a spiritual moving on, or am I moving in a different direction in terms of my path?
A: That is four questions at once.
Q: (S) Am I going to be leaving the area?
A: Do you desire to?
Q: (S) No, I don’t.
A: Then why would you expect that you would?
Q: (S) Well, that’s what the dream was, but I know it’s symbolic. Do you think maybe I could be moving on, hopefully spiritually? What does it mean, my moving on or relocating?
A: Vague.
Q: (S) Well, I just wonder in what way… [I decided to put her out of her misery] (L) S__ has said that she thinks this dream means she is going to die…
A: S__, ask your questions directly, please! If you “beat around the bush,” we will also!
Q: (S) Will I be moving into 5th density soon?
A: What is “soon?”
Q: (S) Will it be sometime this year?
A: Only if you do something that might best be described as “ill advised.”
Q: (S) Because of all these dreams about me moving on, could it have something to do with…
A: What do you think you have been doing for the past year, as you measure “time?” And, what is “moving on?”
Q: (S) Progressing?
A: Yes!!
Q: (S) You mean that what I am learning here, the knowledge I am getting here?
A: That is beside the point, somewhat. More to come. Let it flow, S__, don’t worry about what all the twists and turns along the way mean… It is the destination that matters, and that is not for you to know yet.
Q: (S) In all these dreams, I am repeatedly packing up to move. I have never had dreams that repeated over and over. This is a first for me…
A: Have you ever had other “firsts?”
Q: (S) Yes…
A: Did you panic over those?
Q: (S) Sometimes.
A: And what happened?
Q: (S) I survived.
A: So…?
Q: (S) I just learn from them and grow from them… (L) And don’t we just answer our own questions?

Now, this one is a little bit different. The questioner was a dear friend of mine who died within three months of this session. And yes, I DID dream of her death about a month before it happened and I begged her to make some changes in her life – diet and so forth – but she just couldn’t.

Q: (L) Sandra wants to know about her uncle who just died in January. (S) Where is he?
A: He is at 5th density.
Q: (S) Is he having a hard time adjusting?
A: No, but remember, there is no “time” there.
Q: (S) Many members of the family have reported having visions and dreams of him. What are these caused by?
A: Various processes. The question is: are any of these manifestations Uncle Andrew?
Q: (S) He appeared to his oldest daughter …
A: The concept is faulty.
Q: (S) So, the appearances are all their own expectations?
A: No, not always, but we are trying to teach.
Q: (S) Is he at peace?
A: Yes. Do you want to learn, or would you prefer to assume?
Q: (L) What are these manifestations?
A: They are 5th density thought projection energy waves. There is no time on 5th density. All event sequences happen eternally and for an instant only at once.
Q: (L) How does that relate to the question?
A: Because you asked if he was at peace, and if he was “adjusting.” Do you not see that by the “time” you realize someone is “dead,” they have already, in essence, experienced their entire 5th density incarnation recycling, learning and contemplative experience in “zero time?!”