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It's November. The Leonids meteor shower is beginning to flow. It looks like the fireball of the Leo south meteor shower that flowed at 3:28:34 on November 1, 2021 was seen with a wide-angle camera from Fuji to the northern sky. The electromagnetic sound that makes a sound at the same time as the meteor shines is also captured. The Leonids meteor shower peaks before dawn on November 18.

USA | Waterspout passing over boats at anchor near Key West Florida this Monday, October 25 ( Michael Kline)

Event #2021-6837
Decorah Eagles. Meteor (?) at 7am - 10-23-2021
Decorah, IOWA

M6.3 Earthquake in Greece, near Palekastro and Sitia
Various video captures from Cams captures 3:08

Night of thunderstorm in l'Horta Nord in Valencia. It was curious, because for a time the cadence between lightning and lightning was maintained. I have looked for info about it but I have not found anything, only this very interesting:

I noticed a typo on the Oct Earth Changes.
For October 19, in Mackay, Australia it says 16cm (.6 inches). It should say 16cm (6.3 inches)
Dust swirl over #LaPalma.
High temperature over #CumbreVieja volcanic lava flows favors the formation of tolvaneras, or dust or sand swirls.
Video recorded on 11/17/2021 by CSIC researchers.

🌋 La Palma volcano increases its explosivity index and goes to level 3 of 8. The eruption has exceeded the emission of 10 million cubic meters of pyroclasts and it is this amount of material emitted that has made the level increase and take this decision.

In other words, it can still get worse?:scared:
12-12-2021 Gilbertsville - Buena Vista , KY - Kentucky Lake Destruction - Homes Obliterated

More overhead footage: Deadly tornadoes rip through Midwest, leaving historic levels of damage

Night footage: Large tornado crosses interstates and heads directly for Missouri

MASSIVE Tornado Strikes Southern Missouri - December 10, 2021

Waterspout near island Korčula, Croatia, passed very close to the ship


CHRISTMAS EVE is a sign of cloudy weather throughout the country, and due to the influx of warmer air temperatures are rising markedly.

The south wind has blown in the Adriatic, which will gradually strengthen towards evening, and reach its peak on Christmas, in the second part of the day.

Until 1 pm, it rained exclusively on the Adriatic, but no significant amounts fell anywhere. However, the instability of the atmosphere is evidenced by the scenes that could be seen this morning around 10 am between Korčula and Pelješac.

Namely, at that time, a waterspout developed in the canal, which lasted for ten minutes over the sea.

"It was large and moving slowly towards Peljesac. When it approached the coast, it fortunately disintegrated," a resident of Korcula, who recorded this dangerous weather phenomenon, told Dalmatia today.

One boat found itself in the path of a waterspout. Fortunately, it avoided the waterspout by only a few tens of meters ...

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