Strange footprint in the snow


Jedi Master
Wolverine print is not even close...

I copied the original photos and videos here!AsPw4nZMFQ6HpC4hhmvQ_Wbvv5CT

The distance from the ground to the log with a foot print on it is 180 cm (6 feet). Although, I am not sure it was a jump from below, since I did not see any prints on the ground. Could have been from a wood pile on the left...

I speculate that this creature was moving South along the Eastern side of the ridge, since the wind (and snow) was blowing from the West. It was foraging for food and looking for a shelter. A pile of old logs could provide both. Our ridge does not continue much to the South - maybe one more mile and it ends. Then, it should either cross a populated valley to get to a parallel ridge and continue South or turn back...

Definitely a tresspasser, like myself:,45000.msg741084.html#msg741084

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