Strange sounds In The Sky: Trumpets - Groaning - Scraping

In Courtenay, BC, we have heard 3 loud ground shaking overhead booms with streaks that light up the night sky to daylight.

I was outside for the first one. It seemed to be incoming headed east. The rumblings carried on eastward. Trailing after the streak sounded like two fighter jets. It is snowing heavily here at the moment so visibility is not existent.

About 10 minutes later, another streak with a loud flash, boom and rumbling fading off westward, outbound. There were fighter jets following along not able to keep up by the sound of it.

Again about 10 minutes later, a second
streak and flash again heading off westward, outbound. These sounded slightly different than the first one. We could hear jets at a high altitude after the rumbling died down.

It doesn't sound like meteor activity. Possibly some type of hypersonic vehicle? As children we would count the seconds between the lighting flash and the clap of thunder to judge the distance of the strike. The first one was 3 seconds. The other two were instantaneous.

In light of what is being discussed in the past few posts. There is a third option. We had some visitors from 4D. We had a bleed through and a bleed out. Visitors from 4D and visitors headed back to 4D.

My son has some video he caught with his cell phone. I will get him to send it to me and I will post it here. It's now about an hour since the first one. 7:15 or so pm.
I can't upload the file, tried. There was no flash, just the rumbling/roaring noise that came afterwards from the first one.

Today the forecasters are saying to expect a weather bomb. This is the lowest drop ever recorded on the West Coast BC.

Could be some sort of bleed through. Lightning or plasma discharge, not sure. Whatever it was, everyone is talking about it. They are in agreement about never hearing anything like that before.

I was fortunate enough to be outside having a cigarette for the first one and standing in the doorway for the second one. Just saw the flash from inside and caught the roaring noise as it faded off westward for the third one.
I can't upload the file, tried. There was no flash, just the rumbling/roaring noise that came afterwards from the first one.
Caught this on the local station this morning, right before I read your post.
These guys in the video were at Forbidden Plateau, so they weren't too far from where you are, as the crow flies.
I am waaaay down Island from you, so no snow, or " ThunderSnow" as they are calling it.
Interesting that you heard jets, and hope you guys can get the video you have uploaded sometime.
We had hard monsoon rain, harsh, side ways monsoon rain, all day yesterday, and we are bracing for the wind storm today.
Strange days indeed!

Why the feeling of something out of the ordinary happened last night. My son has been threatening suicide for several days and just like that he has snapped out of that mindset. Today, his whole outlook has changed. Like someone turned off a switch. Now he is thinking about the immediate future. What is necessary to carry on. It's a breath of fresh air.

The weather channel said there was a weather bomb off the north end of the Island. The pressure gradient was the lowest ever recorded in the West Coast of Canada. We had extreme winds today. A tree fell on our power line in the lane. It fell in such a way that we didn't lose power. Many are without power today so if we had lost power it may have been a couple of days before service could be restored. I had to cut the top of so we could access the road. We were lucky! There are downed trees everywhere. The trees looked like whips, going back and forth.

Whatever happened over the past few days was extreme. Now, it almost seems like things have opened up in a positive way. Even down south with the election decision. Things seem to be moving along again. Opening up and being uncovered.

It doesn't feel like my imagination is stretched to far here. It's more like a gut reaction. More along the lines of intuition.
I saw a vid about methane gases in Russia, and there was some impressive looking craters the release of methane makes. So, maybe that's what these noises are. Depending on the geography where methane is being released, it could trumpet out through rocky terrain, making those sounds.
I don't know how methane burns, but maybe these high wind events along with warmth are from methane releases burning, and some gasses burn invisibly, so it wouldn't be apparent. But we would see lots of forest fires, and wind events.
Daytime racing car #fireball#meteor#USA#Canada 12/02/2020 12:08 PM EST recording the supersonic boom via @fox5ny @amsmeteors

Hmm related..?

Massive bangs woke up residents in Edinburgh forcing the police to put out a message of reassurance as the city was hit with 'Armageddon' thundersnow.

Twitter erupted overnight as the Scottish city was struck by the surprise winter thunderstorm, which peaked with a major 'explosion' at around 4.30am.

Some initially speculated it was trains speeding through in the night but as it got more intense many joked that they feared it was the end of time.

Former Great British Bake Off contestant Tom Hetherington said: "Everyone in Edinburgh being woken up by the thundersnow. Most intense thunder I’ve ~ever~ heard. Literally sounds like bombs going off."

He added that growing up in Chicago he'd heard some "insane" storms as a child "but this was another level".

Another Twitter user said: "Only 2020 could bring us thundersnow."

And another: "Holy s***, being woken up by the sound of insane, exploding #thundersnow over #Edinburgh was borderline terrifying! Good morning to everyone else checking the apocalypse isn’t nigh."

Police Scotland then stepped in to reassure everyone.

"We have received a number of calls regarding people concerned about explosions heard," they wrote.

"Please do not be alarmed, we are currently experiencing thunder and lightning."

Another user then added: "So we're witnessing what is apparently a rare event that can occur in winter under exceptional circumstances.

"Rest assured it is definitely #thundersnow and not the end of the world."

Thundersnow is an unusual kind of thunderstorm with snow falling as the primary precipitation instead of rain.

It typically falls in regions of strong upward motion within the cold sector of an extratropical cyclone.

Lightning produced during winter thunderstorms can strike the ground as well as people and buildings.
Local's say that a loud boom rocked the area and flooded the county police dispatch with concern ....Hmmm.:halo:

Lyon County Dispatch says there were multiple reports of a loud noise Thursday night, which resulted in emergency personnel searching for the origin of the noise.

Witnesses described the loud noise as a massive thud, explosion or boom. One witness said their house shook and windows rattled but no smells, plumes, or fire glow was visible. They say emergency crews were driving around asking people if they knew where the noise came from.

Another witness says the noise rocked their house and set off their security alarms.

Lyon County Dispatch confirmed that deputies were searching for the noise without a point of origin.
Officials called off the search and all units were cleared after they could not find the origin of the loud noise.

This is a developing story and we will continue to update you as we learn more.

Boom was loud. Dogs immediately started barking. Went outside to see if our neighbors were all okay.
Same thing happened in Reno a week ago.

Flashback: LOL..

December 8, 2020 at 8:58 am Video

Mysterious booms are rattling homes and residents in a quiet Atlantic County community.

Over the past month, police in Mullica Township, New Jersey, have received several reports of extremely loud noises that sound like explosions or a “bomb dropped from a plane.”

“Oh my God. Yes. I just heard a really loud bang,” one resident said in a 911 call obtained by NBC10. “Like it shook the entire house.”


Breaking news and the stories that matter to your neighborhood.

Alesia Schute, a Mullica Township resident, told NBC10 she heard the noises over the weekend.

“They were so close to my house, that it made us uneasy,” she said. “That just something’s not right. A little bit between a shotgun and a cannon.”

Reports of the sounds have been coming in from people across a roughly 10-mile span. Mullica Township police are working to determine the source of the noise.

“At this point it is a mystery,” Mullica Township Police Chief Brian Zeck said. “And we’re currently trying to triangulate the area of the sound.”

Officials aren’t aware of any damage caused by the booms.

“We’re asking if anybody has any knowledge or contact with the individuals that are responsible for this to report it to the police department as soon as possible,” Chief Zeck said.

As the investigation continues, residents like Dan Benevento are hoping for a return to peace and quiet.

"I hope somebody figures out where it's coming from," Benevento said. "And I hope I don't hear it again."
I certainly heared it and it knocked off 2 Roof tiles from my home Not happy but hope the plane from Germany was and landed safely
I’m up the toad from you & heard it to what time was it on your ring camera please? I was talking to my work colleague on the phone & nearly jumped out of my skin as you say today’s excitement
I automatically assumed that upstairs the shower enclosure had fallen off the bath again. Who knew that a sonic boom made the same sound?

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