Strange sounds In The Sky: Trumpets - Groaning - Scraping


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About the Yakutia noises....
I looked up Yakutia, and it is known for its coldness, and also being a site for gulags. It has winter tours for people who want a winter experience 'in the coldest place'... And it looks pretty flat - like tundra.
Then there's fires...
And then the daylight receeds - I mention this because in Alaska on Monday, a town called Eagle had both the coldest statewide temp, and the hottest. (37°F - 83°F)
So it might be temp fluctuations acting on something in the geography.
Maybe air blowing through a mine shaft since there are mines.


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someone has compiled a video of strange sounds from all over the world during January 2012

Strange Frequency Sounds World Wide January 2012

These have probably already been covered or noted previously, but there may be some new ones here as well.
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