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I had planned to go to the Buddhist Retreat on Salt Spring in the morning. After seeing that cloud circling in the sky I changed my mind thinking that they likely would be not much help to me. I was on my own and a bit frightened by the events of the past few days. I went to Vesuvius and took the Ferry to Crofton. I spent a lot of the day in Crofton, in a parking lot, trying to think of what to do next. A Police Officer stopped by asking to see my ID. I showed him my drivers license, he checked me out and asked me to move along. So off I went. Still having the feeling that I was being followed, I drove around Chemainus for a while. Shure enough, I was seeing some of the same vehicles with Washington plates following me around that were around in Parksville two nights earlier. I managed to get behind one truck and decided to follow him for a while. He began to drive erratically trying to lose me. When he couldn't, he pulled over to the side of the road and stopped. That is when the police showed up, beat and arrested me. They took me for a blood test as they thought I was drunk. When they didn't find any alcohol in my system, they didn't seem to know what to do with me. So there I was locked up in a Psyche Ward in the Nanaimo General, all black and blue from the beating. My Son has pictures of the marks they left on me.

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Our Haunted Planet / Re: Personal High Strangeness« on: December 28, 2014, 10:07:57 AM »

From experiences, recently I have seen a woman who had terrible burn scars on half of her face, the face of an old woman. A while later, about half an hour, the same woman was actually young and very beautiful. That was a bit of a shock to me. After reading and trying to understand what happened, I drew the conclusion that I may have been seeing something that was working or operating her physical machine.

As time progresses, for some people, this type of experience will become more pronounced. It is a way of seeing that may help you navigate through the people you interact with on a daily basis. I know that my mother used to look out of the corner of her eye and see who was visiting her. She could not see more than shadows otherwise.


This was one of the Police officers who beat and arrested me. I was seeing this as I was being taken down and handcuffed. As she drove me to the hospital she looked quite a bit younger with no burn scars on her face.

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« on: February 12, 2015, 09:34:34 AM »

Grail Keeper, great things can be accomplished by acting in the moment. When a person tries to put their own influence into events which may or may not take place, this takes away from the natural progression of events. In order to be of service to the Universe, a person must try to stay in the moment.

What does this mean? By anticipating the future of events it is your idea being promoted rather than what may be the future. Some might even consider you a zealot. The future is always open to many possibilities, some of which you may not be aware. By projecting there is opportunity to miss out on a purpose for being. One must act in the moment, without anticipation or projected beliefs. This will allow the universe to work through you. But the moment you try to influence events, all that you could be may become a pile of rubble. Your purpose twisted into something else that you may not see.

Just suppose for a moment that you were faced with slaying a Dragon. How would you accomplish this task? Just knowing the task at hand would cause enough anticipation and projection for your task to fail. The only road to success would be to act in the moment, trusting in things that you can't see or touch, allowing the Universe to work through you. By taking this path, you will find yourself in the right place at the right time and the task at hand is not yours but rather the Universe working through you.

We are on the verge of a realm border crossing, this we know for sure. All things will change soon. To learn where we came from and the mechanisms of control imposed upon us is important. However, being in the moment is about all we can do.


I put bold text on the part that applies to my thoughts on the matter, currently. I am still not clear on what it was all about. It doesn't seem to make much difference in this reality. It does seem like whatever is happening is a slow process. Looking for instant results doesn't apply. I have never knowingly asked for this nor had any desire to do something like this but, when the time came I was operating on a different level. It definitely wasn't a 3D experience. Something did get cut. What was cut?

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Cassiopaean Session Transcripts / Re: Session 14 March 2015« on: March 15, 2015, 10:16:10 AM »

Quote from: Gaby on March 15, 2015, 08:25:01 AM

Thank you Looks like quite a ride ahead.


A: Love to all of the group. Do not be fearful! You are armed with much knowledge! You will be amazed how well you can think once you receive the signal that the time is "NOW!". Goodbye.

Beautiful message! Thank you again


It is one year, to the day, since I was beaten by police, arrested, locked in a psych ward and released 2 weeks later with no charges being laid. The ability to think clearly was a very important part of my being here today. Also, during the 4 days leading up to the arrest I was seeing peoples spirits where people had a outer transparent layer. The nature of the person was exhibited or reflected in this transparent layer, some were beautiful and some, like the ones beating me, were ugly and disfigured. I knew that the beating was coming because before the police arrived, I was hearing their communications, but didn't figure out that part till it happened, as I thought, hearing that is not possible. I could have saved a beating, had I trusted things a bit more.


Here is a bit more about walking the Labyrinth to the arrest. I was hearing radio communication about different things during the time leading up to being arrested. As I said, I didn't believe what I was hearing because that would not be possible according to 3D reality. Neither was my Harmonica playing backwards, but it was. I made sure that I wasn't holding it upside down. I could blow through the notes from low to high. Then go from the high notes to the low notes but the sound came out low to high. Why was this happening? What was the purpose? Was it a case of creating my own reality that was different than the normal one? To show myself that it is possible?

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I spent some time with a shaman this spring. We discussed quite a few things. One of them was about my experience.

His take on it was I freed a spirit that was bound up by dark psychic forces and had been held for quite some time. He said that he was able to communicate with this spirit, who was greatful for being released. The spirit told him that he was held by a combination of alien technology (not of this world, possibly 4D) and a human connection. Apparently, he said that he was indebted to me for releasing him from the prison he was in for millennia.

This shaman also did quite a bit of work with other issues on the Island and freed up a lot of things. He said that he was encouraged to come to the Island and do some work here. He also recognized the conduit that I set up, when he passed through it. He wasn't quite sure what it was but felt it was a positive thing. I asked him where it was and he told me the location of that conduit. He also told me that my spirit was very ancient, from the first soul seeds.

Anyway, not exactly as I was thinking. I guess when you try to use limited knowledge or false information, it becomes a mixture based on that. His version sounds acceptable also.

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I am distracted by really seeing human nature at our not so finest. After all, we are 3D STS beings. Things we do out of good intentions hurt or kill other people. Basically the motivations are self serving. It is who we are currently. All that we do is out of self preservation. We are in a continual battle for survival.

The reference was to this.
Now you can be assured that whatever head rolled during this exchange, a head rolled. If it was some 4D pet or something else I can't say for certain. Whatever it was, it was physical and subject to a 5D pass.

At the time I thought it to be a Dragon but what came at me through the mirror looked more like a big snake. A viper, of sorts! It is not yet possible to determine exactly what it was. At some point, I have come to understand that all Dragons are not inherently bad. Asking for respect and understanding but not evil. "4D pets here to assist those who ask" (this just came to me, as I wasn't quite sure what to say)

Come to think about it, why do we have such a fear of Dragons? Have they ever done anything harmful to anyone you know or have heard about? Overcome your fear, that has been brainwashed into your consciousness, of something that may be helpful. We seem to be taught to fear what is good for our progression.
The other day, an an experiment was tried.

Seeing as how there were quite a few references to Dragons being treated similar to pets. This thread, seems like the place to put this post.

Now, the experiment was to ask some Dragons for a bit of help. I tried to mentally connect with the Dragons, here to help those who ask. I also knew that things were shaking on level 4, which was manifesting as weather down here.

We are working month to month, my son and I. I had done 2 estimates Saturday of $2,500 and was waiting for confirmation. Plus, we were waiting on an e-transfer of $3,000 for two weeks and was unable to contact the payee.

I asked that if there were Dragons around waiting to help, this would be a good time to step in. That was on Sunday. The weather settled down Sunday and I got a text to go ahead on the $700 job. I also recieved a text from the payee saying her phone was off line and was working now. So today I collected $3,000 and got the go-ahead on the other $1,800 estimate from Saturday. We also did 3 jobs today for $900.

I still had to do things but it was like someone hit the easy button. I like to think a Dragon or two were helping from behind the curtain.
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