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I had planned to go to the Buddhist Retreat on Salt Spring in the morning. After seeing that cloud circling in the sky I changed my mind thinking that they likely would be not much help to me. I was on my own and a bit frightened by the events of the past few days. I went to Vesuvius and took the Ferry to Crofton. I spent a lot of the day in Crofton, in a parking lot, trying to think of what to do next. A Police Officer stopped by asking to see my ID. I showed him my drivers license, he checked me out and asked me to move along. So off I went. Still having the feeling that I was being followed, I drove around Chemainus for a while. Shure enough, I was seeing some of the same vehicles with Washington plates following me around that were around in Parksville two nights earlier. I managed to get behind one truck and decided to follow him for a while. He began to drive erratically trying to lose me. When he couldn't, he pulled over to the side of the road and stopped. That is when the police showed up, beat and arrested me. They took me for a blood test as they thought I was drunk. When they didn't find any alcohol in my system, they didn't seem to know what to do with me. So there I was locked up in a Psyche Ward in the Nanaimo General, all black and blue from the beating. My Son has pictures of the marks they left on me.

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Our Haunted Planet / Re: Personal High Strangeness« on: December 28, 2014, 10:07:57 AM »

From experiences, recently I have seen a woman who had terrible burn scars on half of her face, the face of an old woman. A while later, about half an hour, the same woman was actually young and very beautiful. That was a bit of a shock to me. After reading and trying to understand what happened, I drew the conclusion that I may have been seeing something that was working or operating her physical machine.

As time progresses, for some people, this type of experience will become more pronounced. It is a way of seeing that may help you navigate through the people you interact with on a daily basis. I know that my mother used to look out of the corner of her eye and see who was visiting her. She could not see more than shadows otherwise.


This was one of the Police officers who beat and arrested me. I was seeing this as I was being taken down and handcuffed. As she drove me to the hospital she looked quite a bit younger with no burn scars on her face.

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« on: February 12, 2015, 09:34:34 AM »

Grail Keeper, great things can be accomplished by acting in the moment. When a person tries to put their own influence into events which may or may not take place, this takes away from the natural progression of events. In order to be of service to the Universe, a person must try to stay in the moment.

What does this mean? By anticipating the future of events it is your idea being promoted rather than what may be the future. Some might even consider you a zealot. The future is always open to many possibilities, some of which you may not be aware. By projecting there is opportunity to miss out on a purpose for being. One must act in the moment, without anticipation or projected beliefs. This will allow the universe to work through you. But the moment you try to influence events, all that you could be may become a pile of rubble. Your purpose twisted into something else that you may not see.

Just suppose for a moment that you were faced with slaying a Dragon. How would you accomplish this task? Just knowing the task at hand would cause enough anticipation and projection for your task to fail. The only road to success would be to act in the moment, trusting in things that you can't see or touch, allowing the Universe to work through you. By taking this path, you will find yourself in the right place at the right time and the task at hand is not yours but rather the Universe working through you.

We are on the verge of a realm border crossing, this we know for sure. All things will change soon. To learn where we came from and the mechanisms of control imposed upon us is important. However, being in the moment is about all we can do.


I put bold text on the part that applies to my thoughts on the matter, currently. I am still not clear on what it was all about. It doesn't seem to make much difference in this reality. It does seem like whatever is happening is a slow process. Looking for instant results doesn't apply. I have never knowingly asked for this nor had any desire to do something like this but, when the time came I was operating on a different level. It definitely wasn't a 3D experience. Something did get cut. What was cut?

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Cassiopaean Session Transcripts / Re: Session 14 March 2015« on: March 15, 2015, 10:16:10 AM »

Quote from: Gaby on March 15, 2015, 08:25:01 AM

Thank you Looks like quite a ride ahead.


A: Love to all of the group. Do not be fearful! You are armed with much knowledge! You will be amazed how well you can think once you receive the signal that the time is "NOW!". Goodbye.

Beautiful message! Thank you again


It is one year, to the day, since I was beaten by police, arrested, locked in a psych ward and released 2 weeks later with no charges being laid. The ability to think clearly was a very important part of my being here today. Also, during the 4 days leading up to the arrest I was seeing peoples spirits where people had a outer transparent layer. The nature of the person was exhibited or reflected in this transparent layer, some were beautiful and some, like the ones beating me, were ugly and disfigured. I knew that the beating was coming because before the police arrived, I was hearing their communications, but didn't figure out that part till it happened, as I thought, hearing that is not possible. I could have saved a beating, had I trusted things a bit more.


Here is a bit more about walking the Labyrinth to the arrest. I was hearing radio communication about different things during the time leading up to being arrested. As I said, I didn't believe what I was hearing because that would not be possible according to 3D reality. Neither was my Harmonica playing backwards, but it was. I made sure that I wasn't holding it upside down. I could blow through the notes from low to high. Then go from the high notes to the low notes but the sound came out low to high. Why was this happening? What was the purpose? Was it a case of creating my own reality that was different than the normal one? To show myself that it is possible?

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I spent some time with a shaman this spring. We discussed quite a few things. One of them was about my experience.

His take on it was I freed a spirit that was bound up by dark psychic forces and had been held for quite some time. He said that he was able to communicate with this spirit, who was greatful for being released. The spirit told him that he was held by a combination of alien technology (not of this world, possibly 4D) and a human connection. Apparently, he said that he was indebted to me for releasing him from the prison he was in for millennia.

This shaman also did quite a bit of work with other issues on the Island and freed up a lot of things. He said that he was encouraged to come to the Island and do some work here. He also recognized the conduit that I set up, when he passed through it. He wasn't quite sure what it was but felt it was a positive thing. I asked him where it was and he told me the location of that conduit. He also told me that my spirit was very ancient, from the first soul seeds.

Anyway, not exactly as I was thinking. I guess when you try to use limited knowledge or false information, it becomes a mixture based on that. His version sounds acceptable also.

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I am distracted by really seeing human nature at our not so finest. After all, we are 3D STS beings. Things we do out of good intentions hurt or kill other people. Basically the motivations are self serving. It is who we are currently. All that we do is out of self preservation. We are in a continual battle for survival.

The reference was to this.
Now you can be assured that whatever head rolled during this exchange, a head rolled. If it was some 4D pet or something else I can't say for certain. Whatever it was, it was physical and subject to a 5D pass.

At the time I thought it to be a Dragon but what came at me through the mirror looked more like a big snake. A viper, of sorts! It is not yet possible to determine exactly what it was. At some point, I have come to understand that all Dragons are not inherently bad. Asking for respect and understanding but not evil. "4D pets here to assist those who ask" (this just came to me, as I wasn't quite sure what to say)

Come to think about it, why do we have such a fear of Dragons? Have they ever done anything harmful to anyone you know or have heard about? Overcome your fear, that has been brainwashed into your consciousness, of something that may be helpful. We seem to be taught to fear what is good for our progression.

The other day, an an experiment was tried.

Seeing as how there were quite a few references to Dragons being treated similar to pets. This thread, seems like the place to put this post.

Now, the experiment was to ask some Dragons for a bit of help. I tried to mentally connect with the Dragons, here to help those who ask. I also knew that things were shaking on level 4, which was manifesting as weather down here.

We are working month to month, my son and I. I had done 2 estimates Saturday of $2,500 and was waiting for confirmation. Plus, we were waiting on an e-transfer of $3,000 for two weeks and was unable to contact the payee.

I asked that if there were Dragons around waiting to help, this would be a good time to step in. That was on Sunday. The weather settled down Sunday and I got a text to go ahead on the $700 job. I also recieved a text from the payee saying her phone was off line and was working now. So today I collected $3,000 and got the go-ahead on the other $1,800 estimate from Saturday. We also did 3 jobs today for $900.

I still had to do things but it was like someone hit the easy button. I like to think a Dragon or two were helping from behind the curtain.

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While I was staying at my Son's place, my ex wife brought a psychic person by to give him a reading and I was allowed to sit in. During the reading, the psychic saw portals where dead dudes would drop into the house through, which she promptly closed and sealed. She saw Goblins, peering in through the window, stating that they just wanted to be left alone. She also saw quite a few Dwarves around, after the Goblins left. Neither seemed to want to quarrel but rather preferred to be left alone to do what they do.

I could not see anything but my 2 year old Grand daughter was pointing and laughing at things that I could not see, in the courtyard, when the Dwarves were around. There were other things as well.

Because I was not able to see them while others could, it doesn't mean they don't exist, somewhere in the mix. I am very heavily programmed into not believing this type of thing, which could be why I could not see them.
This was in February 2014.

She said the Dragon was weakened from abuse.

At that time, I had no idea what was to come soon.

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Skiing: To make it down a slope successfully without physical injury, a person must be in the moment. You have to make every move count, not knowing what the next move is till you finish the last move. Your next move depends on the last one and what you can see ahead. There are times when you can't see the next move till you are in the middle of the last move and you need to be ready for a quick response to several options. The most difficult part is going where you have never been before because you don't know what to expect. Skiing with a guide is good but it is up to you. It is what you do that brings you safely to the bottom or to the hospital with injuries. Loss of the physical experience is ever present.

Now to computers and wifi. A place where access to other dimensions is available. So, if you identify what constitutes feeding on your energy and can have success dealing with the feeding process, identifying what constitutes STS in its nature, you may be able to also have some insight, should your nature be of STO orientation, from the STO camp in 4th and 5th and even 6th D.

Working on self, much like a skier being prepared is paramount to success.

Yes Laura, that is what I was talking about, if done properly, the subconscious mind does rise, big time! At least that was my experience in 1980. And it nearly killed me as I am assuming that the event didn't go unnoticed, somewhere.

And so, Mandrak, I was also thinking about the very same thing. It seems that a person would be better focusing on some thing that has specific meaning. My mother was a devout Catholic and the rosary meant a great deal to her. I kind of think it was more like her will/intent that carried the most weight, not the actual wording of the phrase. For me, the rosary means nothing. I also tried with the Lord's prayer and was having objections to the wording. Then I chose a short phrase, like I did in 1980, that means something to me, like in 1980 I repeated "I think I can" over and over till something washed over my whole body, then I could have held my legs up for days, a supernatural experience. The short phrase works well for quieting the mind.

Well goyacobol, I did breathing in 1980 and work with it now. It is important. In 1980, my mind was going wild to drop my feet. The short phrase and the breathing got me through that.

I had a similar experience, about a year and a half ago.

It was while I was being arrested. There were two officers, one a woman. I am not sure of the details as at the time there was a lot of background interference having to do with what else was going on, where I seemed to have figured out a ritual of some sort, played along with, figured out how it works and used the technique to reverse what being done. Sorry for the vagueness, but that part is not important. Anyway, shall we say that there was a lot going on around me for three days and this was the fourth day. I felt that I had won a struggle of some sort. At that point, two police officers pulled over in two cars from both directions stopping where I was parked. I was accused of being a drunk. The female officer who pulled me out of the truck looked like an old woman with burn scars on half of her face. I did resist the tactic and so was badly beaten and hauled to the hospital for blood tests. I was later released with no charges being laid.

The thing that really stood out for me was during the ride to the hospital in the back of her squad car, she was much younger looking and was not scared. This was kinda like a confirmation to me that the events of the previous four days was in fact taking place, where I saw quite a few strange things.

For me, this sort of thing is what we can expect to see more and more of.

Remember, it is happening in very slow motion. This is the only way it can be as too much of a good thing may not be so good for everyone. Baby steps!

Recently, I have had an experience where there were Goblins and Dwarves who came seeking an audience. I was having a session with a medium and at the end of it, she said there were Goblins in the window. They were seeking peace and just wanted to be left alone. She had never seen these before and was quite surprised at their look.

After they went away, she said that the Dwarves showed up. They wanted to be left alone to do what they do and and they also wanted peace. Apparently there were quite a few of them in the courtyard outside of the window.

This was about a year and eight months ago. I have been wondering about whether these beings are real or just a product of something else. Now, there are quite a few bi density beings living within the Earth, according to the transcripts. I have been wondering about what type of beings they are.

Could a percentage of them be beings that we know as Goblins and Dwarves? I am curious.

I don't make a habit of relying on mediums, but this one is special. Rosie Trakostaneck, the natives call her White Elk Medicine Woman. She walked into a lake and walked out three days later. She was totally submerged for the whole time.

She told me quite a few things and about some other entities who may have been involved also. Let's just say that the events were the makings of a good book. Whether this book would be a work of fiction or fact is undetermined. However, knowing if these guys are really down there would go a long way towards understanding.

Now, I have also been reading about the program that provides what you want to see, despite objective reality. This is talked about in the gang stalking thread. Some of it did apply, but there were other things that happened that were even beyond my understanding of how things are supposed to work. It was like I stumbled into another reality mixed in with the one that I know and understand.

Still, I did not see these Dwarves or Goblins. I just have Rosie's word that they were there. It would go a long way toward clarifying my thoughts about what it all means, in the grander scheme of things.
This was just before slaying the beast. Sometime in February.
Yes, it does seem that it is our own predator trying to stay under our radar via programming and running our machines from the background is a big issue that we all must deal with.

In my situation, when I became aware of my predator and how it was operating at about 30 years of age, I didn't know what to do with it except to try and not let it take control. This was not that easy to do. I would still be operated by it from the background. The constant struggle between who I was and the mind of my predator was relentless.

When I finally did come face to face with my predator a couple of years ago, there was a showdown. The end result is that this predator is now chained up, locked in a cage, at the edge of the property. It seems that we are not able to get rid of our predators right now, but chaining them up is possible.

Since I have done this, things have become a lot more peaceful for me. Not having to constantly deal with the desires of this predatory mindset has brought me to being able to be more like I have always wanted, without the constant harassment.
Eventually the Shaman(Dan) released him. The bieng was grateful and respectful. This was in 2019. I was driving with Dan in the car. I turned into the lane and stopped without going up to the house, which was not in sight yet, where I Locked him in a cage 4 years earlier. Dan said "I sense something is not right here. There is some sort of being caged here? I am not quite sure what it is." So after telling him the story, with my permission, he released this entity sending it to contemplation. We are not to entrap these sorts of things. We should send them to the contemplation zone.
My experience was more of a practical one born of necessity. I had been aware of my predator since the early 80's but I didn't know what to do about it. It was a daily struggle coming from within between the person I wanted to be and the person who was uncharacteristically evil. It was a struggle of the mind for control over action and it was relentless. I had often asked myself why with no solution to this issue in sight.

The issue finally came to the surface in 2014. My bank account was emptied and frozen by revenue Canada, I was beaten arrested by the RCMP placed in a psychic ward for 2 weeks then released with no charges being laid and to top it off I was under a posting ban here. All that was left of my life was me and my predator.

Still being able to read and try to follow along without any mirrors or input from the forum, the idea of chaining up and locking this predator away came from the Patrick Rodriguez material about spirit attachments and how to deal with them. So that is what I did.

That is when my big "I" took command of the situation, locking away this predator.

Since doing this, the internal struggle has stopped. There are still the flyers of Paul Levey and Carlos Castaneda to deal with on a daily basis. However, my spiritual armament is quite strong now and these flyer issues can be easily dealt with. Finally, the battle for control of my machine seems to have eased.

I hope this has helped.

Sorry, I tried to bring a quote from the February 6, 2016 session, page 23, by "Miss T", but my little android just locked up. Any way, there was a section about toning using vowels in there that struck a chord with me.

A couple of years ago my ex and I went into an art gallery in Combs, BC. There was an elderly Scottish lady looking after the shop. She asked me to tone with her. I wasn't sure what to do so my ex wife started us off with an Eeeeeee. We picked up the tone and carried it for quite some time. My ex, Sandra, quit after a short time but we carried on. Our voices began to modulate with vibrato. It was quite a spiritual experience. Sandra said that it was the most beautiful sound she had ever heard, like a whole choir of Angels.

Don't get me wrong as I am a karaoke king. Quite often when I sing, I go into what I call a dream walk where I seem to be living in the song. I always get ovations when I sing in public and I go to that place. I can never seem to be able to get through Puff the Magic Dragon without breaking into tears, however!

Not everyone is good at singing songs without lots of practice. Possibly by starting simple using a tone as a group, where it would be easier for the group to find harmony, might be a good place to start.
Again in March 2014. losing my religion&sm=1@

Loosing My Religion by REM

For modern music this song is pretty good. One of my Karaoke favorites.
Have a listen. I sang this song just before going home to face the beast.
Yes, to my knowledge this is correct.

Two years ago I found myself anchoring a conduit for energy to come down. Before it was being sucked in to a giant gaping black maw. Our life force was being sucked from us. This took place in Parksville, BC, at the labyrinth, which I walked for three days, with the intent of reversing this outflow. I played the harmonica throughout. On the third day the harmonica played backwards half of the time and I could switch it from playing backwards to forward and back again by blowing through all the notes at once. So yes the energy should flow in both directions, freely. Not being sucked out of us with nothing in return.

Later that evening, after leaving the park where the labyrinth was, I pulled into a gas station to fuel up my truck. It was dark out so the lights were on above the pump island. As I pulled in, the lights seemed to double in brightness. They went back dimmer as I pulled out. Kinda strange, but then, there was a lot of strange things happening at that time.

I would have to say that my internal crystal/s were activated, at that time. For a short time, likely because I would not be here today without the activation. However short lived the experience was, was likely due to the need of more work with the cleanliness factor within my machine. This is being accomplished through the iodine\zeolite protocol. The next few months should prove to be interesting,

And, yes I would like to have a crystal, so as to connect with this free flowing energy grid.

A couple of years ago, in the Patrick Rodriguez material, he brought up chaining this part of yourself and keeping it caged at the edge of your property. It was also bought out that getting rid of this entity was not advised. It is a part of you. As I was dealing with this issue at the time, I did exactly that.

He was easy to catch, once "I" became aware of him and the times he wanted to control the machine. I waited for him to surface. Once he came up, I grabbed him, bound him in chains of white light, put him in a cage of white light and put the cage at the edge of the property. If I listen carefully I can hear him, shrieking away.

Since doing this, I can say that it is much more peaceful in here!

I just listened to it in my room, where my crystals are. They had a very positive reaction to it. It is like they sprang to life. Thanks.

Today, my personal crystals connected with an energy conduit that I set up two years ago. I believe this is connected to 5D. It was put there to help lost and weary souls find their way home. To date, many have used it, it seems.

I am waiting to take them to the labyrinth. Not quite sure, but it seems like I should take the set for that.

This is what I did during the last 6 months of my mother's life. I was visiting her daily, in the evening after work. I would walk into her room in the PC unit where she was laying, unresponsive. I would hold her hand, my palms would become very hot and she would soon become very alert, surprising the nurse. We would even have conversations, but towards the end she wanted me to talk about the things that I did throughout my life when I was not around, that she didn't know about, or to talk about things that happened during the 50's and 60's.

I would hold her hand with one hand and turn the palm of my left hand toward her. I would then take in a breath using my diaphragm, hold for 3 seconds and exhale in a controlled manner using my diaphragm while also using my vocal chords. A kind of high pitched yet very raspy hiiiiiiiiiiising sound that I could seem to carry for more than 30 seconds.

I would tell her that I called it Dragon's breath, when she would wake up with a start, catching me in an almost trance like state. It is a nice confirmation that I wasn't just imagining that my efforts were helping her to pass peacefully.

For this alone I am thankful.

As for the rest of the session, which is also packed full of valuable information and confirmations, Thank you!

In another thread I read, someone brought a quote from "G's" material, that I haven't read about yet. In the quote it talked about the 5th man and the crystallization thereof. When I read that, you could have knocked me over with a feather. It's not that we will have crystals, but more like we will become crystals or crystalline in appearance.

Another confirmation came with charade's experience, kind of.

The first time that "I" stepped into my 4D, crystalline body was during the slaying of the Dragon, over 2 years ago now. I had no way to explain what happened to me till now. Yes, this body had my facial scars too. Some how I had often thought that they were brought forward from past lives, for which I have also had recent confirmation.

My 4D body is ready and waiting for me to wake up enough to permanently step into, it seems.

Or, it's just a matter of timing!
A collage of thoughts related to this event.

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It has become more clear that at the time it was me using my 4D body during the exchange. I was in direct communication with 6D at the time. It was pointed out that not being ready is the main reason why it would not be possible to maintain that state of being. There still was some learning necessary. When a soul does achieve this state of being, they need wisdom to maintain it on an STO trajectory.

It was like wanting to force changes in people rather than let them learn or not according to their free will was a sticking point. With additional strengths comes additional consideration. That was in 2014. Since then my outlook has changed to a more observational approach. So, the learning continues. Will I be ready? I guess wait and see. Keep walking.

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Another revelation that came out of the latest session was that the native like dress of those souls trapped in the cave was Atlantean style.

I couldn't accurately place the style with a North American NW Pacific Native modern theme.

It possibly may be time to revisit Horne Lake. I did get a sense that there was some ancient structure in the area. Covered over by years of overburden. There also is an ancient hot spring that legend has as having lost the heat. A sacred spot.

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I just was outside and the ground around my home was littered with these wing like things. My thoughts were seeds, but from where? No wind and just around the entrance to my living space. No where else to be seen. Symbolic?20210213_110734.jpg20210213_110725.jpg


Dagobah Resident
I just was outside and the ground around my home was littered with these wing like things. My thoughts were seeds, but from where? No wind and just around the entrance to my living space. No where else to be seen. Symbolic?
The polar vortex/wind storm has been rather extreme here down Island from you, as well!
Fret not!
I can see from your picture that your Home is surrounded by Mature Spruce trees, as well as a few cedars.
The storm winds have literally shucked the spruce cones.
Those are all little seeds, with little "wings" that are designed to spread over far distances, for propagation.
Normally you would never even see them, but the snow backdrop makes an awesome stage.

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The Living Force
The polar vortex/wind storm has been rather extreme here down Island from you, as well!
Fret not!
I can see from your picture that your Home is surrounded by Mature Spruce trees, as well as a few cedars.
The storm winds have literally shucked the spruce cones.
Those are all little seeds, with little "wings" that are designed to spread over far distances, for propagation.
Normally you would never even see them, but the snow backdrop makes an awesome stage.
Only Fir trees. They were littered only around my entrance way. Not anywhere else in the yard. It was perfectly calm and they must have landed just before I went out for a smoke as it was snowing profusely. They were quickly covered up. Ten minutes later and I would have missed it. Good timing on my part, going outside for a smoke.

Of course they were seeds. Just questioning placement and timing. They should have been littered all around. The Universe works with what is at hand.

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The actual phrase that really works well, given to me by White Elk Medicine Woman in February 2014, is "No thank you". Repeat this with intent towards the beaming.

Back in 2014, I was thinking that there was some type of battle that was necessary. But the thing that really ended the attack was that simple. The attack ended, the police came into the picture, I was beaten, arrested, held in a psyche ward for 3 weeks and released with no charges. My bank account had been frozen and I was penniless. They were beaten.

Of course I continued to use props for some defense. Good but not as effective. The last few years there has been more effort put into less sensationalism and more of turning my mind towards attack. No thank you, with intent. It basically works with all various types of attacks you perceive. At least for my experience. fwiw
Don't mind me, just adding information posted elsewhere that should be in this thread.

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I was on fire yesterday. No sleep for 1 night, 4 hours sleep, now 10pm.

I decided to address the evil that was plaguing me, taunting me. My thinking was pretty clear so I decided to meet it head on in battle. Here is the 3D result.

I have been taking Quercetin. It is recommended by Dr Mercola as an option for covid. Also heavily used in Switzerland. I would have preferred taking Ivermectin but right now horses can't even get it. That is what all of the US Congress are taking. It would work better. But still, not that bad and totally manageable.

Sister 1:
I thought you were over the Flu by now

On the mend.

Sister 1:
That’s good that you are on the mend. Antioxidants might help.

C, D and Zinc as well.

Sister 1:
Yes those are the vitamins recommended for Flu/cold.

Part of the Quercetin protocol recommended by Dr Mercola

Brother 2:
Dr Mercola may be a quack. Do some real research before you follow sketchy internet advice. The Upside-Down Doctor

You’re better off following Dr Pepper.

May be a quack?
Says who?

Who is Dr Pepper?

Brother 2:
I said it just now. I said it after I read an article published by a Canadian University. Dr. Pepper is a made up person designed to sell sofa pop.

You could be wrong.

Sister 1:
Trivia here: when the Beatles wrote the song Sargent Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band they wanted Dr. Pepper but they couldn’t because of the copyright on the name of the sofa pop.

Ron is full of trivia this morning😆 The officer that sprayed pepper spray on protesters at Parlunrnt bldg was nicknamed Sgt. Pepper 😂

Parliament hill, Chrétien was in power then and he said Pepper, I put it on my plate


Think about it. Who do you think makes more money? The drug manufacturers, McGill University or Dr Mercola?

Sister 2:
It says online in several links that mercola has made millions selling his supplements online. Is it about who makes more?

I got my supplements at the local health food store.

Renée, how else can you judge what you read?
Who stands to lose the most?
Follow the money.
The truth is often found buried under the biggest pile, somewhere.

Sister 1:
Wayne, the world is full of people trying to their own research, but they lack the education and years of training to do it properly. And choose to believe all kinds of people that say what they want to hear. For me, I trust the medical experts and researchers that I have worked with these many years.

If you don’t want to do mainstream then fine, don’t judge those of us that do.

Sister 2:
For me I go by what most of the legitimate doctors say is right. I also chose to be vaccinated because I was scared of getting COVID due to my own health issues and I also work with seniors so I took that into consideration. I have shortness of breath a lot but I choose to wear a mask. It doesn’t bother me and I feel like it’s also protecting me.

I'm not judging. Just updating you all on my status. It's many of you who are throwing rocks!

Sister 1:
When have we done that? Do you think you can go around talking like you know everything and you only know the truth and the rest of us are deceived? And you seem to make up a lot if things as you go. Well pep will not want you around long if you keep that up.

If you guys want to banish me from the family over it, fill your boots!

Sister 1:
Wayne your choices are not my choices

Brother 1:
Here’s the thing, we don’t want to banish anyone. We just need to respect each other.

When have I disrespected any of your choices? Those are yours to make. I can't and never will do that.

Sister 1:
I can speak for myself, I feel disrespected when my choices are called deception and that I am uninformed and not enlightened.

And I feel that it is necessary to block you from commenting n my FB posts because you will put your far out ideas in there and I do not want any of that spread through my FB page.

I never said that, please show me where.

On the other hand, there has been a lot of disrespect hurled in my direction.

Fill your boots.

Sister 1:
Ok I am done now

But she wasn't!

Dolores, I am truly sorry you feel that way. I re-read everything posted this morning. There is nothing that I said that could even remotely suggest such a thing. It appears to be all internal, personal justifications.

Sorry, wrong bar!

Sister 1:
I am not sure I understand what you mean by “internal, personal justifications”?
Yours? Or mine?

When have we bashed you?

All on you.

Dr Mercola for one. I merely said my personal choice. I did appreciate your input, however. I am not sure how you got all of that from what I said????

Brother 2:
I googled Dr. Mercola and I read what I found. It was not hard.

You should do the same before you keep on referencing Mercola.

If you feel bad, you should. Smarten up.

I did 3 weeks ago. I looked at everything, then made my choice.

Brother 2:
I did the same an I made a different choice.

Fine, that is your choice. I was merely laying out my choice as the direction I was taking to cope.

Brother 2:
Don't feel bad if someone presents a counterpoint.

I don't in the slightest.

Thank you
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