The "Mandela Effect"- Has my Bible changed? Or do I just have a bad memory like most people?

Mr. Premise said:
Well there's a good 3D explanation for you , Nienna. It was another woman studying apes who was shot by a poacher, Dian Fossey.

Yes, like I said, it's most likely I heard/remembered it wrong. Thanks for the info. :)
This is an odd phenomena... It's interesting that for you it was an office complex and the mt st helens eruption.

You should check out this blog:

"My research began in 2005, after someone in Dragon*Con’s “green room” mentioned that others (besides me) remembered Nelson Mandela dying in prison. A lengthy conversation followed. For hours, a group of us — mostly authors — discussed our own memories of that event, as well as other events that don’t match the timestream we’re in now."

My personal favorite is this: - I was perplexed by this as I could have sworn it was Berenstein and not Berenstain. I think I attribute that confusion to the pronunciation from teachers when I was in grade school.

As well as this: - I had it in my head he was run over... But after re-watching the footage I was perplexed as to why I remembered it differently. Why would I want to brutalize this moment of history on the sub conscious level?

A list here:

Also, another one I find being debated on message boards from time to time is the death of Fidel Castro.

Either way, it's an interesting phenomena and it's heartbreaking to imagine that you are the only person on earth who remembers an alternative timeline that actually exists while the rest of us think your memories are faulty. It's a terrible thing.

Thanks for the post Tarri
That is interesting Zin. I too remember the boy being run over and have always thought it was Berenstein.
davey72 said:
Angela said:
I was just thinking about Dejavu the other day. 8-10 years ago I would have it all the time. It hasn't happened in years...interesting
I had recently stated this in another thread as well. I wonder if there is any signifigance to not having had deja vu for a number of years?
I also wonder how many others may have experienced a wane in deja vu?

I haven't experienced deja vu for few years now. Maybe the current timeline really has been sufficiently 'set' for the "end time"?
Very interesting.
zin said:
You should check out this blog:

What an interesting website! I have been mulling over this the whole day.

I was not born and raised in the US, so I don't know most of the names of movies and actors mentioned in the blog. And the Nelson Mandela funeral, well, he had been in prison a looong time and the media didn't really cover this and why shouldn't the one or other person have thought that he had died?

Then I read this:

Charles Spencer, 9th Earl Spencer – Several people have (privately) reported a memory of his recent death. Wikipedia says still alive.

This is Diana's brother. And I could swear that I had read some time ago, while being in Europe, that he had died. I even remember that it was a magazine in color, not a newspaper, and that the article carried a picture of him. I also remember thinking: "Gosh, now they (the parents) lost another child". Huh?

The next thing: The Challenger Shuttle Explosion date. According to Wikipedia its January 28 1986, but quite a few people report remembering it as being 1984, here for example:

Jodi 8 June 14 at 10:05 pm

I remember the challenger disaster as 1984, clearly. I was 14 yrs old in 1984 , and I was in Jr High. This is a very clear memory to me because of science class. We were supposed to watch the event live on TV (was is even ever shown live. . .?) but our class’s test grades had been so bad, the teacher said we were NOT allowed to have the TV in the room as punishment. On that day, she gave us busy work and she left the room (she didn’t say where she was going, just that we better do our work and that she’d be in the hall within earshot). But, I had left my notebook in my locker. Students were not allowed in the hallways without a note; however, my parents were teachers at this Jr High, and all the teachers knew me, so I had special privileges. So, I left the classroom to get my notebook, and a bunch of teachers were in the library looking at a TV (on a cart) watching something…and when I looked, it was the launch…something wasn’t right and the teachers were crying. That scared me. So I went back to the classroom with my notebook and sat there upset. . . then when the teacher came back, you could see she had been crying. That upset me more…in that way that young people act when they see an adult cry, it’s not reassuring and makes the child more upset. It is a vivid, painful memory. I was 14. But in 1986, I was 16 and in High School. A different building. My parents didn’t work there. And I have no memory of the Challenger exploding on take off when I was 16.
I also remember Billy Graham’s Funeral because I thought he died shortly AFTER his wife and how touching it was, she died and then he died.
And New Zealand . . .first I thought it was to the West (SW) of Australia but was surprised to find it was North East (near PN) but now it’s on the East and South… I think. Ask me tomorrow and it will be somewhere else.

Now, I was also 14 and lived in Germany. I remember it was a hot day and I was playing outside with my friends. I was wearing short sleeves, for sure, maybe even shorts. We were jumping rope in our driveway. Then my mother came out of the house and said that something terrible had happened. This space shuttle had just exploded in mid-air! The others rushed home and I went inside to watch the broadcast. Now, it is highly unlikely that I would have worn shorts in January in Germany. Also, I didn't jump rope when I was 16, and I am pretty sure about that as well. By then, my whole circle of friends had changed, and I was not together with the kids I played with at that day. I could argue about the year, but is was def. not January!

This leaves me confused.

Here are some more alternate memories - all taken from here:

So far, these are some of the memories that stand out among visitors to this website. Newest and any surging in activity are marked with an asterisk (*).

51 or 52 United States — The “extras” are usually Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia, neither of which are actually states. (Puerto Rico is a territory. DC is a district.)

9/11 – Did it happen on 9/11, as most people remember, or on 9/10, as some recall?

Abraham Lincoln – Alternate death.

Barbara or Barbra Streisand?

*Berenstain Bears or Berenstein Bears – Simple confusion or did the spelling change, between realities? (Still one of the most popular topics at this website.)

“Big” (the movie) – Alternate ending.

Billy Graham’s funeral on TV.

Brian Williams’ memories – A high-profile example of Mandela Effect, a blunder, or something else??

The Candidate, or The Campaign — One movie, one and a remake, two movies, or now three… and did the title change?

*Challenger shuttle explosion date? (Per Wikipedia, 28 Jan 1986.)

Charles Spencer, 9th Earl Spencer – Several people have (privately) reported a memory of his recent death. Wikipedia says still alive.

*Colors – Chartreuse is remembered as something other than yellow-green. Other colors in question include violet (blue-purple or red-purple?) and puce (dark red or purple-brown color, but many recall it as green).

David Soul’s death.

Definitely or definately? Apparently, it’s the most misspelled word in the English language, but where did “definately” come from and why do people remember being taught that spelling in school…?

Dick Clark’s death… at least two of them. (Per Wikipedia, he died in April 2012.)

Dilemma or dilemna? A lot of people seem to recall the latter (the version with an N), but — in this timestream — it looks like that was never the correct spelling.

Disney World – Some people remember entering the Magic Kingdom through the castle. In their memories, the castle was at the very front of the park. (In the timestream I’m writing in, right now, people go past the train station and Main Street before they reach the castle.) Alternate memory: Everything else matched the current timestream, but the castle was much closer to the end of Main Street.

Disney World – Some people recall taking a monorail from the Orlando airport directly to the Disney World property.

Disney World – A separate theme park in the Orlando (Florida) area. Maybe intended as a beta test site for attraction concepts? It’s not an abandoned park or project, and it’s much smaller (in acreage) than the main WDW property. Two main areas: (1) The theme park, and (2) one crescent-shaped building with shops and restaurants, plus one larger hotel on the other side of it. Generally, the theme park attractions are multi-level. (Note: Not confused with Universal Studios’ theme parks.)

Dom DeLuise’s death. (He died in 2009, but that’s not the only memory people have.)

Empire State Building — The belief that there are no real, unobstructed photos of the entire building, taken at ground level or near ground level, showing the entire building in a single frame.

Ernest Borgnine’s death, years before it happened in 2012.

*Fidel Castro – Still alive (per Wikipedia) in early 2015, but some recall a 2011 death, as well as some sensational reminiscing by female media personalities, describing Castro as a 20th-century Casanova.

Freddie Prinze — Several memories, mostly related to Freddy, Junior, and Sarah Michelle Gellar, and a child born around 2003 or 2004.

Games for PS 1, etc. that, apparently, never existed. Reports from people who clearly remember owning them and playing the games (now gone, since they were for much older systems) but find no records of those games, even on nostalgia sites, past eBay auctions, etc.

Geography — Locations and sizes of New Zealand. Locations of Australia, Honduras, Japan, Manchuria, and more.

Ghost Hunters TV show — Some remember the earliest show name as TAPS, not Ghost Hunters.

Hal Holbrook – Born 1925, and still alive in January 2015. His late wife, Dixie Carter, passed away in 2010. Several remember Mr. Holbrook’s own memorials prior to 2010.

Henry VIII — Famous portrait of him holding a turkey leg? Reports that it’s not in this timestream.

Henry Ford – Died from cerebral hemorrhage or something else?

Henry Winkler / Fonzie — Two people (in confidence) have, independently, talked about Henry Winkler’s death during the filming of Happy Days. They recall the show episode created to explain that Fonzie had died, possibly in a motorcycle accident.

Independence Day (movie) — Characters now missing from a major scene? (This has been reported privately, twice, and we’re looking for confirmation from others.)

Interview with a Vampire, or Interview with the Vampire? Conflicting evidence.

Jack Palance — An earlier death date than what’s in the current timestream.

Jerry Lewis – Remembered death late in 2013 or early 2014. Still alive in Oct 2014.

*Jif Peanut Butter – Or was it first “Jiffy” peanut butter?

Jimmy Swaggart — Report death, still alive as of July 2012.

John Lennon — Date of death is 8 Dec 1980, but some have clear memories of a different date.

John Lennon & Yoko Ono – Location of 1969 “bed-in for peace.” (If you remember this, note the location before checking Wikipedia for the details.)

Jurassic Park – Original movie: missing scene?

Justice League – Character differences. Check the characters you’re remembering and see if one is missing. (This is from private comments, and it’s as much as I’m ready to say, unless others remember the alternates.)

Katy Perry – Memories of her using the name Kate, not Katy.

Li Qi – Chinese comedian, reported death, still alive in early 2014.

Louie Anderson – Alive and well now, but his death (and therefore cancellation of his TV show) at some point in the past. (Not being confused with John Candy and other comedians who died.)

*Married with Children – One character played by two different actors?

Mars – No moons or two moons?

Martin Luther King, Jr. — Shot with a handgun, at close range.

*Mister Rogers – Did an alternate death date slip into this timestream, around 2010? (We now have multiple, identical reports of this alternate death, from private correspondence and the Share… in Confidence comments.)

Muhammad Ali – Still alive (early 2015) per Wikipedia, but some recall his 2009 death.

Movie trailers — Several reported that seem never to have existed in our current timestream.

Mussolini – Looks different in historical photos now than how he looked in earlier photos & textbook pictures. Not just different photos, but a different man in them.

Mystery Science Theater — Variations of the numbers following show name (mostly 2000 or 3000, but a few recall 4000).

Muammar Gaddafi — Some death memories from years before he was killed (in this timestream), and a couple of memories of him fleeing his country.

Neil Armstrong died in 2013, not 2012? Also, he made a ‘Mr. Gorsky’ reference during his lunar voyage.

Nelson Mandela’s death in prison, and his funeral, long before his actual death (in this timestream) on 5 December 2013.

New Zealand’s location, relative to Australia.

Patrick Swayze’s full recovery, reported after his tragic death.

Robert Crumb — Death reported, 1990s.

Robert Stack — Earlier death reports.

Ronald Reagan — Varying memories about when he was president, and when and how he died.

Segway – The company was started in 1999, and the product was in pre-production, limited release in 2002. (Ref.) My family and I lived near Segway founder Dean Kamen and we clearly recall the Segway in use in 1996. I called the company (2014) and asked, and they don’t have any information to support the 1996 date. (They also didn’t have any to deny it.)

Sex and the City – Was it “Sex in the City” when it first aired?

Shirley Temple — Death prior to 10 Feb 2014.

Sri Lanka location, south of India, not southeast as it is on current maps. (Also see ancient maps at this article about geography changes, in general.)

Star Trek — Chakotay character killed, then returns — several episodes later — without much explanation. (I’ve talked about this — in person — with Robert Beltran, who played the character. That version of the storyline was never written or filmed.)

Star Wars — A specific scene — not a deleted scene — that some remember clearly, others don’t.

Terminator movie variations, before the deleted scenes were available on DVD. (This is one of several pre-DVD movies where people remember scenes that were never released, until they showed up on DVD.)

Tiananmen Square – Memories of “tank boy” getting run over. (Popular topic, and opinions seem split as to whether it’s a Mandela Effect issue or simple conspiracy and media manipulation.)

Weather – Hurricane Katrina: April or August 2005, or another year altogether?

Whitey Bulger — Died in 2013? Still alive in this reality (as of August 2014).

*Will Smith and Jada Pinkett – Divorced from her ~10 years ago? (As of Feb 2015, they’re still listed as a couple, but he divorced a previous wife in 1995.)

William Daniels (actor) – Died early 2000s? Still alive (<- Wikipedia link) in early 2015.

Who Killed Roger Rabbit? (movie) – Different ending after initial release?

Writers’ strike – 2007-2008 or some other year (21st century only)?

X-Men – Alternate abilities of Professor X?

I'm glad you are finding that blog interesting M.T.

This is going to be a hard one to explain, very convoluted but it fits this subject and may be a bit difficult for some to understand, as well as alienate me from some of the group, but I think it's necessary to discuss this here and now, as I've been wanting to explain this in someway to people who find this subject matter of interest.

I think that these time line convergences/divergences actually do happen all the time and are allowed to occur to maintain the complexities of soul lessons. I say this based on some of my own experiences with de ja vu and dreams, coupled with intense guilt for events that I believe that I'm responsible for but never occurred in this timeline.

It could be a result of neurological damage or un-diagnosed psychosis too (as with a disturbing dream or 'unwanted/imposed projection or attack' in the form of a dream that I posted about in the esoterica/dream thread.)

Anyways, I feel I may regret this but here goes nothing...

The earliest experience I had with feeling guilt for something that didn't occur in this time line was in my teens and it involved my younger brother. I had a dream where I murdered him in a very brutal way and spent much of my life inside the mental health system as a result. (I had awoken from this dream completely floored and even went to his room to confirm that it was just a dream.)

It felt so real and far to complex for 'just a dream.' An entire life time of my dealing with the results of being responsible for a brutal crime of a family member, being told over and over about what I've done. Being scrutinized in media, losing my friends and having my entire family disown me. I feel in my heart it actually happened, even though my brother is alive and well and we are on good terms. (I recently gave him a sweet core i7 laptop and had gourmet pizza with him downtown before Christmas.)

I still feel an intense guilt for something that occurred as a dream and I think it's because it actually happened. I feel I was 'let off the hook' so to speak, in some higher sense and as a result a convergence occurred and... here I am, able to live with the certainty that I didn't do it, even though in my heart I believe that I did. The purpose of the convergence was quite possibly a method that helps prevent me during this lifetime from enacting similar events. It's possible that some of us are blessed with a higher self that determines some lessons out of bounds in a sense that they can't exist in reality so an entire time line gets scrubbed or converges with another, leaving the experience to behold as a vivid dream. Who knows what this does to others in that time line. It's possible someone out there can't put their finger on it but knows how capable I am of committing a heinous deed, without even understanding that I've more than atoned for it, even though it technically didn't even happen.

On this note, it can explain why I remember the Tank Boy in China getting run over... it's possible, in that alternative timeline i dreamt about where I brought harm to my family, that that's how the event actually occurred. Perhaps that timeline was wrought with violent occurrences like that, over and over, and it lead to a total collapse.
Memory doesn't really work like a camera, it rather interprets the events and later on reinterprets them again using helpers, like an image, a sound, weather, an emotion etc. We remember our childhood different every time we change the (focal point) so to speak. I guess the way the C's see us (remember us) is nothing what we see ourselves right now

but it has happened to me also, or also how two witnesses of the same event remember it differently by means of individual association. like how my mom remembers certain events from how i remember them.

It is very interesting nonetheless :cool:
Argo said:
davey72 said:
Angela said:
I was just thinking about Dejavu the other day. 8-10 years ago I would have it all the time. It hasn't happened in years...interesting
I had recently stated this in another thread as well. I wonder if there is any signifigance to not having had deja vu for a number of years?
I also wonder how many others may have experienced a wane in deja vu?

I haven't experienced deja vu for few years now. Maybe the current timeline really has been sufficiently 'set' for the "end time"?
Very interesting.

Happened to me few days ago. Also the strange thing is that actor Richard Dreyfuss came to Belgrade’s film festival ‘FEST’. Nothing strange, but he died couple of years ago.
davey72 said:
Angela said:
I was just thinking about Dejavu the other day. 8-10 years ago I would have it all the time. It hasn't happened in years...interesting
I had recently stated this in another thread as well. I wonder if there is any signifigance to not having had deja vu for a number of years?
I also wonder how many others may have experienced a wane in deja vu?

I havent experienced Deja vu for a long time. I still remember to a lot of Deja vu when i was a child. I was always asking myself what is happening to me.
Add me to the reduction in experiences of deja vu. I too have experienced a great deal of deja vu for most of my life but it's not really strange for it to happen in surges (more often during some periods and less or not at all during other periods).

zin - I have a terrible memory like that as well - it's not the dream of killing my sister that I mentioned in another thread, that was just a dream. This was more or less a memory of something I did while in a "psychotic break", only worse because it was coupled with total confusion and extreme sadness AND grief that was all going totally unacknowledged by the psychopaths that were surrounding me at the time - they were actually forcing this thing to happen (and I can explain that but I won't go into it right now).

One theory that I've had involves the use of time travel to change events of the past - you can change the present by changing an event of the past and it will have the effect of changing other events as well, some you will notice and others you may never know about. This would not "erase" what happened but rather add to it a different outcome "as if" it never happened, if that makes sense. In other words you may still remember it, but it's like it never happened. If that be the case, your brother may have a similar "memory" or had a similar "dream" or he may have no recollection of it at all due to the trauma.

It's just a theory and one which I don't actually lean towards as a probability but I haven't altogether discarded it either. The thing you have to understand about time travel as a theory is that, if it is ever going to be possible in the future then it is already possible in the past and present because the capability could be brought backward in time to present day or earlier. Yet even though it would seem to explain a lot of "strangeness", I'm against the idea of going "gung ho" with a theory unless and until I can provide some sort of hard evidence to support it.

It's really strange to hear someone else talking about Mt. St. Helen and when it blew up because I have had a similar experience. In 1980 I was only a few years old. So young that the idea of remembering a news program about it happening is silly. I remember a live news program about it when I was in my early teens some time in the 90's. I watched it at school. Many years later when I found out when it happened I was shocked because that is NOT what I remember.
Alright, the Challenger disaster did happen in 1986, I know because I was staying at my mothers house, my husband and I had split up and I was pregnant, My mother loved the space program so we were watching it live, two of my brothers had come over and we were all in my mom's living room. When it exploded my mom freaked out, my brothers and I were in denial, we kept telling her it didn't explode, even thought we were watching the pieces fall out of the sky. I had my daughter Feb. 3rd 1986. I was not pregnant in 1984. I'm not dismissing the fact that the time line is screwy, I do have memories of things being different that history records also, but this one is undeniable in my mind.
A friend of mine just introduced me to the Mandela Effect a few days ago and I'm blown away. This needs it's own thread for search purposes and it would be good to find out what has changed for people because we might be seeing more of this happening. Some of the changes that struck me the hardest were:

Field of Dreams: "Build it and they will come" has turned into "Build it and he will come". See for the clip.
Snow White: "Mirror Mirror" is now "Magic Mirror"

These aren't just edited clips, people have watched copies of these movies that they have owned for years and the changes are on there too. My friend and I both remembered Berenstein being the name of the children's books that we read when we were young. She had many of these books that she read to her son and went home to photograph the name change. When did it change and had she been reading these books for awhile without realizing the name was different? There are many more changes and perhaps the only reason anyone noticed these was because they are so well known. What else has changed? Would we even know?

What upsets me more are the ramifications. If this phenomenon continues or increases a lot of people are going to be finding themselves in a world they no longer recognize. For instance, what if you wake up one day and a family member no longer exists but you have clear memories of them being there your whole life. What if your family doesn't even remember this? Would it be possible to wake up one day and there is no more Cassiopaean forum? :cry:

This seems like the beginning of a whole lot of weirdness we might be experiencing in the near future.
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