The "Mandela Effect"- Has my Bible changed? Or do I just have a bad memory like most people?


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Yes, it is fascinating.

However, I am most interested in how individual timelines can interpenetrate and intertwine. Where do the "punctures" actually come from? What is their physical mechanism? This is of particular interest to me. Both from a strictly scientific perspective and due to numerous personal experiences related to some kind of manifestations of alternative realities.

@Cleopatre VII,

You are asking good and deep questions. For such answers the best I can do is try to remember how the Cs describe the concepts to which they have introduced us. I am not going to say I fully understand it all but at least it gives me a place to start and hope that gradually see a bigger picture (like a mosaic as the Cs say).

I think part of the picture and their imagery is their mention of the spokes of a wheel and "perpendicular" realties:

Session 29 April 1995:
Q: (J) Is this a crop circle?

A: Has been done, yes. Designates union of perpendicular realities.

Q: (L) Was the town that Terry went through one of the perpendicular reality towns?

A: Close. Need seven spokes.

Q: (L) Each person in the group is a spoke?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Are we ultimately going to have seven spokes?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) Are the five of us here, five of those spokes?

A: Open.

Q: (T) That was diplomatic, wasn't it? Is there more to this concept?

A: Of course!

Q: (L) Once the seven spokes are in place in terms of persons, is that going to increase our power/knowledge exponentially?

A: Explosively.

Q: (L) Is this why there has been so much attack and so many attempts to stop this process?

A: Partly.

Q: (T) Okay, we have the image on the paper with seven spokes. What do we do with it next?

A: Open.

Q: (T) Okay, this is just this lesson. (L) What is in the center of the circle?

A: Will fall into place, now you must ponder the significance and we must say goodnight!

End of Session

In a later session the Cs continued with a question about the spokes of the wheel:

Session 17 June 1995:
Q: (T) Several sessions back when we were discussing "Perpendicular Realities" you were talking about something that happened to me and that I had to look back over my life and analyze my relationships with other people from a certain point up until now and you said that this was a perpendicular reality. What is the definition of a perpendicular reality?

A: The perpendicular reality primarily, though not exclusively, refers to one's life path and how one's life path fits together in the cycle or in a wheel when connected with those of a similar life path. And, oddly enough, relates very closely to the previous question involving synchronicity. If you can picture an inlaid wheel formed by a circle within a circle, and adjoining partitions in a perfect balance, that would be the best representation of perpendicular reality for it does not completely involve one individual's experience, but rather a group of individual's experience for the progression of a greater purpose, if you understand what we mean. This is what we mean when we say: perpendicular reality. Picture again, a circle within a circle adjoined by equally spaced partitions in a perfect cycle. That is perpendicular reality.

Q: (T) You had us draw this symbol and put seven spokes or partitions between the two circles.

A: Correct.

Q: (T) Is seven the optimal number?

A: Seven is always the optimal number. There are seven levels of density. This reflects through all phases of reality.

Q: (T) The people that I interacted with during this time, they also have gone on to do other things that they were supposed to be doing because of their interaction with me in this perpendicular reality that we all existed in?

A: That's correct.

Q: (T) You also said that each of us in this group came from a different perpendicular reality.

A: That is correct.

Q: (T) Is it at this point where we merge our different perpendicular realities in order to learn from each other's experiences?

A: That could be described as correct.

Q: (L) It was said at the time that the inner circle was the connection with this reality and that the outer circle and connecting segments were where the perpendicular reality is "joined with The Wave." Is it implied in that statement that the forming of this conduit through these perpendicular realities is instrumental in bringing forth this wave, bringing forth this change, this dimensional shift, or density shift, and is that something that is being done in other places?

A: We wish to congratulate you for asking six questions in one. [(T) One more question and you would have a perfect perpendicular question!] Mirth!

Q: (L) Are we connected in some way with the Wave, individually and as a group?

A: Well, of course. Everything is connected to the wave.

Q: (L) Are we, by connecting into this wheel, so to speak, activating the wave in some way?

A: We are not clear about your interesting interpretation there, but it is true that you have an interactive relationship with the wave however, as stated before, you are in an interactive relationship with the wave in a sense, in that the wave is a part of your reality, always has been and always will be. And, of course, it does involve your progress through the grand cycle. And the perpendicular reality, again is, of course, an advancement from the core outward which is yet another reflection of all reality and all that exists. Now, we wish to return to the visual representation as mentioned previously. If you notice the core circle connects with all seven sections to the outer circle. Now, picture that outer circle as being an ever expanding circle, and each one of the seven segments as being an ever expanding line. Of course, now, this will expand outward in a circular or cyclical pattern. Please picture visually an expanding outer circle and a non-expanding inner circle. Contemplate that and then please give us your feelings as to what that represents.

Q: (L) Does it represent an expansion of our knowledge and consciousness?

A: That's part of it.

Q: (L) Does it represent also expanding influence of what and who we are on that which is around us?

A: That is correct.

Q: (L) Does it also represent a more...

A: Oops! We detected a slippage of your visual representation! Contemplate, if you will, the ever-expanding outer circle and the non-expanding inner circle, and, of course, the seven partitions also moving outwardly. What type of shape does that form in your mind's eye?

Q: (L) A wheel?

A: Is that all?

Q: (T) A pie?

A: Keep going.

Q: (L) An eye.

A: Now we are starting to turn it into a sphere! Why would it turn into a sphere?

Q: (L) How can it turn into a sphere?

A: How can it not!

Q: (SV) It is going in ALL directions, not just flat...

A: Is a straight line a straight line or a...

Q: (L) Oh, you're not talking about a circle?

A: We are talking about a circle. What becomes of a circle if you expand it outward forever?

Q: (J) It disappears.

A: It disappears? How can it disappear? Where does it disappear to? We ask you that, Jan? Jan?

Q: (J) Visually, as the outer circle expands, the inner circle becomes smaller and smaller until it disappears. As you continue to expand out with the outer circle, the inner circle disappears.

A: But where does it disappear to?

Q: (J) A black hole?

A: A black hole. Well, that's a possibility. But, we really didn't want you to concentrate so heavily on the smaller circle, now did we? It's the outer circle.

Q: (T) The outer circle is used to encompass more and more.

A: And what shape does it begin to take on? I want you to look at this outer circle expanding outward!

Q: (J) Are we to assume that the seven spokes remain the same size in relation to the circle?

A: Well, answer that question for yourself.

Q: (L) Okay, we are looking at it as a plane representation. As a flat surface.

A: Well, what happens to a flat surface if you extend it outward forever?

Q: (L) Well, we don't know. That, that... (SV) It keeps on going.

A: It keeps on going?

Q: (L) Yeah, bigger and flatter!

A: It does? What happens to a line if you extend it forever and ever?

Q: (Laura and Susan) It keeps on going.

A: It does?

Q: (L) Um hmmm!

A: Where does it go to?

Q: (SV) Forever. (J) Back to itself. (L) We don't know that.

A: Oh, someone said "Back to itself."

Q: (J) Like a snake taking hold of its own tail.

A: Why don't we know that?

Q: (L) Because we don't. It is conjectured that space is curved...

A: "Because we don't know. Now, why don't we know?

Q: (L) Because we haven't been there.

A: Had Columbus been outside of Italy and Spain?

Q: (L) Okay, we are going to assume that if it keeps on expanding it will eventually come back to itself...

A: No, no, no wait! We asked a question!

Q: (L) Well, of course Columbus had an idea that there was something but he hadn't been there, no. But he went and checked it out.

A: Did he have just an idea?

Q: (L) Well, pretty much, I guess.

A: Hmmm. That's not the way we remember it.
The way we remember it is that he had instinct and imagination and when he married his instinct with imagination, it became reality. And, when it became reality, he had created a reality which he was fully confident would be manifest in the physical third density reality. It wasn't that he was confident. He knew it to be so. He didn't stop himself by adding prejudice to the equation which is what you are doing when you say: "Well, we don't know what happens because we have never been there!" Think logically, please. We have told you so many times that everything is a grand cycle. If it's a grand cycle, we have told you about circles within circles. We have told you about cycles. We have told you about short wave cycles and long wave cycles. Now, after all this information that you have asked of us, which we have more than happily given to you, would you expect that a straight line would just go out forever and ever and ever as a straight line? How could it possibly do that? What happens if you take, on your third density earth, and you draw a straight line to the East or to the West or to the North or to the South...

Q: (J) It comes all the way back to itself.

A: Right...

Q: (L) Okay, so we're living in a big globe!

A: Are we?

Q: (L) Well, that is what it sounds like, a big circle?

A: Oh, my, my, my. You need more study and learning, my dear. Need more study. Even your Albert Einstein had a theory about what happened.

Q: (L) Yes, but that was just a theory.

A: Oh, well I guess then it must be dropped. We'll never know. It's just a theory. Well, we'll just forget about it.

Q: (T) I'm still expanding the circle... (SV) Me too.

A: Very good, that was the idea. It keeps going and going and going.

Q: (L) Well, mine does too, but it hasn't come back and met anything. So, what's the point?

A: Does there need to be a point?

Q: (L) Of course!

A: Who says? We are trying to help you learn. When do you expect to shut down this process?

Q: (J) Never. (L) Gee, I hope never.

A: Then there never is a point!

Q: (J) Point taken! (L) There is no point. [Laughter.] Well, if you expand the circle outward and continue expanding it in all directions, it pulls the seven spokes with it which encompasses more and more space in a cross section, and then turn that circle, you have a sphere.

A: Precisely. But Laura says that means we are living in a big globe. And, maybe we are.

Q: (T) Well, it wouldn't be a big globe, so to speak, it would only be a big globe within the circle. If the circle continues to expand, it would just continue to go outward and outward and the globe would become bigger and bigger and bigger... (L) You're making me nervous... (T) But it goes outward forever... cause there is no end to going out...

A: There isn't?

Q: (SV) Nope.

A: Well, then maybe there's no beginning.

Q: (T) Well, there wouldn't be a beginning, just a big, open void. An infinite void...

A: If there's no end and no beginning, then what do you have?

Q: (L) No point. (J) The here and now.

A: The here and now which is also the future and the past. Everything that was, is and will be, all at once. This is why only a very few of your third density persons have been able to understand space travel, because even though traveling into space in your third density is every bit as third density as lying on your bed at night in your comfortable home, the time reference is taken away. Something that you hold very close to your bosom as if it were your mother. And, it is the biggest illusion that you have. We have repeatedly told you over and over that there is no time, and yet, of course, you have been so brainwashed into this concept that you cannot get rid of it no matter what you do, now can you? Imagine going out into space. You'd be lost when confronted with reality that everything is completely all at one? Would you not? Picture yourself floating around in space!

Q: (L) I don't want to. (J) There is also no space! (T) Does the sphere keep expanding... as the circle expands and you turn the circle 180 ', you get a sphere. As the sphere continues to expand it, you take a point on the outer edge of the sphere in order to take the sphere about itself, you get a donut, an ever expanding inner tube. (L) With a black hole in the middle! (SV) Why does it have to be a black hole? (J) It's a spiral. (T) If you take that and twist it, you get an even larger inner tube. It just continues to expand and encompasses more space...

A: And now, when you merge densities, or traverse densities, what you have is the merging of physical reality and ethereal reality, which involves thought form versus physicality. When you can merge those perfectly, what you realize then, is that the reason there is no beginning and no end is merely because there is no need for you to contemplate a beginning or an end after you have completed your development. When you are at union with the One at Seventh density, that is when you have accomplished this and then there is no longer any need for difference between physical and ethereal forms.

Well, every time I read the above it is like my brain wants to explode but what's "the point"? :-/ I still keep reading and thinking about it. I suppose we just have to try to sail on as Columbus did.:boat:

Cleopatre VII

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No I have not. Are there any parallels in the sessions that you noticed? The description on Wikipedia makes it sound like there may be some similar concepts in the book.
You wrote:

"Well, every time I read the above it is like my brain wants to explode but what's" the point "?"

When I read Hegel for the first time in my life, I didn't understand him. I was 15 then. He seemed strange to me. I came back to him after seven years. I was 22 years old.

I paid attention to his description of time and space. I read it once and I felt he was writing it without any sense.

But I felt I had to read it again. The sun was shining in my face. I have read this discourse five times. Eventually I realized that he doesn't follow classical logic. That his logic is looped. It's quite similar to what the Cassiopaeans say.

The Cassiopaeans are as special as what they say. They don't say all of this from our perspective. These are real beings of light. They age in space and travel in time. This is my personal hypothesis that may be criticized. But I know I can see what they are talking about.

It is like reading a book about the future. And it goes forever about time. Time, time, time repeats itself over and over again. Isn't it that the Cassiopaeans are constantly showing us their perspective of time, which we don't take seriously?

Take a look at what you yourself are quoting.

This is an eminently good reading of the future in my opinion! Laura heard it. This is a great reason to be happy!

Time remains. And only time. And then everything will become clear.


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"Well, every time I read the above it is like my brain wants to explode but what's" the point "?"
Thank you for the comparisons. The above was sort of a "tongue in cheek" comment. "The point" is really about our inability to see that as you seem to have noticed "time" is ongoing but here in 3D we are viewing it as in a slide carousel which seems to freeze it into our sense of past, present and future.

I really don't mind my brain feeling exploded/expanded as long as I can improve my mind and see more truth in the process.


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I hardly know any maths but do love thinking about this stuff.. Was always fascinated by that C's quote Goyacobol posted... That if you extend a line "forever" it comes back on itself and becomes a loop.. So then, picturing doing the same thing with a circle, and then the same thing with a sphere..

When I was a kid I loved playing with Fractint, an old fractal rendering software.. My favourite was the classic Mandelbrot fractal, hours of fun zooming into that and seeing different parts.. I thought it looked like chains of infinite universes.. All that infinite detail, coming out of a single simple formula.. Sometimes felt like if I could zoom in far enough on the right little whorl, I might see my house, with a tiny little me, sitting staring at a tiny computer..


(What're the black/empty areas though? If the rest of the structure is like the surfaces of the worlds / the shape of the information field... The empty areas are an integral part of the structure... but it would be kind of scary to travel out into them, if you could!)

Zooming in and out of those fractals for ages made me think of taking "infinity" as a whole, and repeating it an infinite number of times.. Then you could do that again, and again.. But that would be a limited number of infinities of infinity. So you'd have to do it an infinite number of times.. But then you'd have to repeat those infinities of infinities of infinity another infinite number of times, etc etc etc... Like if you decided to step outside of infinity, there must be a bigger infinity out there waiting for you... (I'm sure this is all primary-school level thoughts)..

So anyway I used to give myself a panic attack thinking about that, sometimes... The only thing to do seemed to just stay calm ("Don't Panic", for Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy fans), and get on with things..

Later, I was reminded of it when reading Castaneda, when Don Juan talks about "facing infinity without flinching":

"The only alternative left for mankind," he continued, "is discipline. Discipline is the only deterrent. But by discipline I don't mean harsh routines. I don't mean waking up every morning at five-thirty and throwing cold water on yourself until you're blue. Sorcerers understand discipline as the capacity to face with serenity odds that are not included in our expectations. For them, discipline is an art: the art of facing infinity without flinching, not because they are strong and tough but because they are filled with awe."

Was also reminded of it when I read Morris K. Jessup's Case for the UFO, Varo edition, with those weird comments written in the borders by, supposedly, 3 gypsies?... There was one comment about something like, how you need to be very brave and stoic for space travel, because the infiniteness can make you insane.. (I don't have the actual quote to hand).


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This is one of the more interesting Mandela effects. A bloke has one of the old Bernstein Bears books and as he moves it through the threshold of his bedroom it changes to Bernstain Bears. It thus appears that the Mandela effect is an objective phenomena and not a glitch in someone's memory.

I wish he would have handed the book to someone else to see if that other person would experience the same phenomena. I had assumed the the ME was personalized, that is, it pertained to an individual's conciousness and not to different localities in 3D space.

I'm still don't understand what is going on.



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This is one of the more interesting Mandela effects. A bloke has one of the old Bernstein Bears books and as he moves it through the threshold of his bedroom it changes to Bernstain Bears. It thus appears that the Mandela effect is an objective phenomena and not a glitch in someone's memory.

I wish he would have handed the book to someone else to see if that other person would experience the same phenomena. I had assumed the the ME was personalized, that is, it pertained to an individual's conciousness and not to different localities in 3D space.

I'm still don't understand what is going on.

Have you asked yourself some of the following questions?

Can I trust the truthfulness of the claims in the video?

What other possibilities are there for what he claims and we see „as proof“ in the video?

What could cause the letter E to change to A, besides „the Mandela Effect“?


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If someone is experienced using 'Adobe After Effects' could they please indicate whether what is seen in the video is something that could be achieved using that software.


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Here is a group Zoom meeting of individuals trying to sort out the Mandela Effect. They appear to believe that the 'elite' are using CERN to create different time-lines to keep people divided, that is, that they can't even agree on common things. The alleged/possible purpose is to prevent a group consciousness of the masses.

Again, just more conjecture/theories about what is going on.



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One, of several, such instances is that I "knew" that I had heard in the news, back in the '70s or '80s, that Jane Goodall had died being shot by a poacher. Then, a decade later, there she is alive and well (and still is, btw). So, either I heard/remembered it wrong, or I had jumped to another "reality" where she is still alive. It's most likely I heard/remembered it wrong, but sometimes you just can't help but wonder if maybe something else has happened.

Anyway, just a fwiw.
I think that was Dianne Fossey or Sigourney Weaver in Gorilas in The mist filmed biography of D.F. 😊
I tend to confuse these two as well.
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