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Jonathan Pageau recently came out with a video symbolism review of The Matrix. I found some of his commentary thought provoking, especially when interpreting the film through the lens of modern politics, almost a full 20 years after the film was published. Some criticism he had of the movie were in how it depicted all order as tyrannical and cold-logical, and the rebel group as individualistic, intuitive, and liberated. One of Pageau's take-home messages were that the political crusade against all standards and norms in civilization is the ultimate end-game of that type of highly skewed worldview, and the drive to make a world "without rules, without borders, where anything is possible".



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Did Philip K. Dick Disclose the Existence of the Matrix in 1977

We watched the Matrix movie, and we completely freaked out. I mean, it was like exact - except for the fact that they describe the Matrix as a computer system - it was exactly the same.

Even right down to the remark about, when the cat went by the room, you know, Déjà vu is a sign that the program has been changed... This was something the Cassiopaeans had said to us several years earlier. They said, "Déjà vu comes to you courtesy of the fourth density self service beings. When they change the program, déjà vu occurs." It's a reality bridge.

Eddie: Whoever produced that movie, The Matrix, must have known something!


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I don't know if this guy really said all these things. If so, then I like him even more.

Here is the same article only from Feb 21, 2018 in Spanish Keanu Reeves: La Humanidad está a punto de liberarse de la Matrix (Video)
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