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Landslides and floods triggered by cyclone in Indian Ocean last week have left 41 people dead, 13 wounded, and thousands more displaced in Java island of Indonesia, an official of disaster agency said Tuesday.

Cyclone Leaves 41 Dead, Thousands Evacuated in Indonesia December, 05, 2017

That compares with the agency's previous report on Saturday that 20 people died and five other went missing, Xinhua news agency reported.

The cyclone with 65 km per hour in speed, centering at 32 km in south and southeast of East Java province, triggered landslides, floods and whirl winds in 28 districts in the provinces of East Java, Central Java, Yogyakarta and Bali, it said.

The natural disaster has also forced 28,190 people to flee home and take shelters in safer grounds as it has damaged 4,888 houses, said Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, spokesman of national disaster management agency.

A total of 36 bridges, 21 units of education facilities, two health facilities and four units of religious facilities were destroyed, Sutopo revealed.

Emergency status has been declared up to Dec. 11 and it may be extended, he added.

Emergency relief aids including medicine, foods, baby foods and others have been channeled into the affected persons, said Sutopo.
Thousands of Australian homes without power after cyclone hits Sunday 18 March 2018

About 25,000 homes were without power on Sunday in Australia’s northern city of Darwin after a tropical cyclone felled trees, canceled flights, closed schools and delayed shipping. No deaths were reported.

Residents of the capital of Australia’s Northern Territory have been warned to boil their water as a precaution after Tropical Cyclone Marcus lashed the city with 130 kph (80 mph) winds on Saturday.

The Northern Territory Government said that schools would remain closed on Monday and asked non-essential businesses also to stay shut.

Flights resumed on Sunday. Commercial shipping was back to normal with live cattle export ships and chemical-laden tankers able to return to port after being forced to ride out the storm at sea.

The cyclone churned out to sea on Saturday evening where it gathered strength before hitting the northern coast on Sunday morning, this time in the remote Kimberley region of Western Australia.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Pieter Claassen told Reuters that Marcus was expected to move into the Indian Ocean on Monday where it is forecast to grow into a severe Category 3 storm with wind speeds ranging from 165 kph (102 mph) to 224 kph (139 mph). No threat is expected to the iron ore exporting hub of Port Hedland.
Falkville, AL Tornadoes and Damage - 3/19/2018 / 3:13

Mike's Weather
· 10 hrs · March 19 2018
Supercells that produced severe weather and tornadoes this evening are moving towards Atlanta. Stay alert if you are in that vicinity tonight! Hopefully they will start to lose their punch.

All kinds of pics and video from large hail in and around Cullman, Alabama tonight. This from @crossfit256al.

Alabama storm damage updates: Jacksonville State hit hard; more school closings (Tweets Vid's and Photos)

Hail has caused heavy damage at a Cullman car lot. newspartner WHNT reports hundreds of cars on the lot of Mitch Smith Chevrolet were damaged by the storms. The windshields of numbers cars were busted out by hail and vehicle bodies have sustained heavy damage. Mitch Smith salesman Clint Chapman told WHNT the damage could exceed $4 million.

Cars destroyed at Alabama dealership in hail storm / 2:08
FOX 5 Atlanta Published on Mar 19, 2018
Reports of a Tornado touching down in my part of Pennsylvania. Sever wind and rain during late Wednesday night and some flooding. Today, clear skies and heavy wind.

Thursday June 14, 2018 - UPDATE: Storm Damage in Luzerne County Caused by Tornado (Photos - Video)
UPDATE: Storm Damage in Luzerne County Caused by Tornado

WILKES-BARRE, Pa -- A tornado ripped through Wilkes-Barre Township Wednesday night, according to officials.

It happened right near the Arena Hub Plaza.

Luckily, emergency crews say only six people suffered bumps and bruises. No one had to be taken to the hospital.

There is lots of damage to several buildings though.

At noon on Thursday, Dave Nicosia with the National Weather Service said that it was definitely a tornado that caused all the damage. The National Weather Service team is still trying to determine the strength of the storm.

Nicosia said this was the worst tornado damage he had ever seen in this area.

Additional coverage:

Businesses Near Arena Hub Devastated
Businesses Near Arena Hub Devastated

Business, Homes Lost After Severe Storm in Bradford County
Business, Homes Lost After Severe Storm Storm in Bradford County
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Tornadoes: Five-ton tractor 'missing' in South Dakota following tornado
Doyle Rice USA TODAY Published 4:05 p.m. UTC Jul 3, 2018
Tornadoes have been known to toss around everything from cars and trucks to cows and people, but usually the objects don't vanish.

However, last Thursday, a tornado near the Montana/South Dakota border apparently "lofted and destroyed some farm machinery, including a 5-ton tractor that has yet to be found," according to the National Weather Service.

Winds were estimated at 136 mph. "While much of the damage was consistent with an EF-1 or EF-2 tornado, the most significant damage was consistent with an EF-3 tornado," the weather service noted. The tornado will be officially categorized in the next few days.

The weather service said last Thursday’s storm spawned at least five tornadoes in rural Carter County, Montana, and Harding County, South Dakota.


A tornado move slowly across the plains north of Laramie, Wyoming, on June 6, 2018. AP

The incredible power of tornadoes is well-documented.

According to the book Freaks of the Storm by Randy Cerveny, a 1970 Texas tornado once apparently "pushed and rolled an 18-ton cylindrical liquid fertilizer tank – measuring 40 feet long and 11 feet in diameter – for over half a mile."

Cerveny reported that in 1927, a Kansas tornado turned over a five-ton Caterpillar tractor and then rolled it a "remarkable" 500 feet.

No injuries or deaths were reported in last Thursday's storms in the region. However, residents reported finding numerous dead deer.

Southeast Montana
Jun 29, 2018

Spartanburg EF2 tornado 2017
Published on Jun 29, 2018

In point number 3, Dmitriev begins by reminding us that clearly defined air walls can be seen inside of a funnel, and lightning will be seen to flash between them. Normally, the levitation effects associated with a tornado are thought to be solely a function of the vacuum of air inside. However, when a tornado is not in contact with the ground directly, no levitation effects are seen.

Here we refer back again to the case from Texas in 1951, where a whopping 130-meter wide funnel cloud with walls that were three meters thick passed over an observer at the scant height of six meters, which is essentially lower than the standard tree level.

As the person looked up into the funnel, a brilliant cloud of light could be seen, and there was no vacuum of air being produced, as breathing was not a problem.

The walls had a very fast speed of rotation, and this movement could be observed all the way up to the top of the funnel itself. Shortly thereafter, the same funnel touched down onto a neighbor’s house and immediately lifted it off of the ground.

Dr. Dmitriev explains that this is but one of many similar cases that prove that the levitation effect only occurs within the spiraling energy field of the tornado itself. He does remind us that measurements conducted in 1966 have proven that the air pressure inside the funnel cloud itself is low, but from the Texas data we know that beneath the funnel cloud, the air pressure is unchanged.

This again suggests that the energetic interactions that form a tornado are far more mysterious than we have been led to believe. The rotation and air suction appears to be self-contained within the cloud itself, not spreading away from it but rather maintaining its structure inside of the spherical energy field.

Then, when discussing this topic with our friend Sabrina, she recounted stories that she had heard from a friend of hers in Oklahoma where a tornado had passed through, and part of the body of a cow had become fused into the wooden walls of the barn that it had been staying in.

Since the effect was frighteningly fatal for the cow and the farmer did not want to attract attention or notoriety, this fact, like so many other similar tornado anomalies, was simply covered up.

How could such phenomena be possible? The only immediate explanation would be that in the area surrounding a tornado, there are distortions created in the “fabric” of space and time. Knowing what we now know about aetheric energy and its responsibility in creating matter, it would appear that in these cases that:

In the high-energy rotating fields of the tornado, matter is brought to a higher vibrational state where it temporarily changes phase and is able to pass through other matter.​

Now while these stories were interesting, we had no other means to support them with documentation at first. Then, our attention turned to the Internet for research, and we uncovered this website:

The Great Bend, Kansas tornado of November 1915 is the tornado which seems to have the greatest number of oddities associated with it… an iron water hydrant was found full of splinters…​

Fictional oddities were added almost daily to the growing list of stories. An iron jug was blown inside out… a rooster was blown into a jug, with only its head sticking out of the neck of the container.​

Also: :whistle:
Session 7 November 2015
Session 28 May 2013
A large tornado touched down in central Iowa Thursday evening, ABC News reported. The City of Marshalltown is in a state of emergency and multiple injuries have been reported in the town of Pella.

20.07.2018 - Tornado Rips Directly Through Town in Iowa - Reports (Videos)
Tornado Rips Directly Through Town in Iowa - Reports (VIDEOS)

The National Weather Service (NWS) issued a tornado warning for eastern Marshall and southwestern Tama counties Thursday afternoon.

Several people have been injured and transported to a hospital, Lt. Shane Cox of the Pella Police Department told ABC. Families have been displaced by the destruction, which spreads across multiple counties.

One video from Bondurant shows a tornado ripping through a home and causing small explosions as it hits power lines. "Houses are being torn to shreds in Bondurant," local T.J. Philips says. He tells his wife to "go get our son" as debris whirl through the air.

Multiple funnel clouds have been spotted in the state, with one tornado touching down in Bondurant, just 10 miles from the capital Des Moines. Power outages have been reported and at least one town has declared a state of emergency.

KCCI News, the most-watched news station in central Iowa, where the storms are ravaging, reports "cars are toppled on each other like toys" alongside video showing massive destruction.

In Marshalltown, where a state of emergency is in effect, officials have asked residents to stay off of their cell phones "to allow for emergency phone traffic." Nearly 6,700 homes and businesses have lost electricity, according to Alliant Energy.

In Pella, local police lieutenant Shane Cox said that one tornado hit the Vemeer Manufacturing factory while some people were working. They have been taken to the hospital.

"There has been major damage to multiple facilities. Our efforts, along with emergency services, are focused on ensuring those on our property during the event are safe and cared for," the company posted on Facebook.

Hours after the carnage, rescue operations remain underway. The number and extent of the injuries is still unknown.

Marshalltown, Pella, and Bondurant were hit the hardest.
A large tornado touched down in central Iowa Thursday evening, ABC News reported. The City of Marshalltown is in a state of emergency and multiple injuries have been reported in the town of Pella.
20.07.2018 - Tornado Rips Directly Through Town in Iowa - Reports (Videos)

Tornado Rips Directly Through Town in Iowa - Reports (VIDEOS)

Incredible levels of chaos and destruction.

As the sessions say, density windows.
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July, 28, 2018 - Strong Typhoon Expected to Make Landfall on Japan
Strong Typhoon Expected to Make Landfall on Japan - Tasnim News Agency

More than 100 flights were canceled in Japan and residents already reeling from deadly floods sand-bagged rivers and prepared for more evacuations as a powerful typhoon neared on Saturday.

Typhoon Jongdari, meaning "skylark" in Korean, was expected to make landfall late Saturday or early Sunday.

The typhoon will bring heavy rain across the main island of Honshu, with 400 mm (15 inches) possible in the region around Tokyo in the 24 hours to Sunday noon, Japan Meteorological Agency said.

Regions in western Japan ravaged by floods and landslides that killed more than 200 people earlier this month are likely to be hit by downpours and the agency called on residents to be ready for possible evacuation advisory by local authorities, Reuters reported.

In Mabi, one of the hardest hit in Japan's worst natural disaster in 36 years, workers used heavy machinery to build sand bag banks along a river in case torrential rain caused more flooding, public broadcaster NHK reported.

Japan Airlines said it had canceled 107 flights leaving and arriving at Haneda in Tokyo and other airports.

A raft of summer festivals were canceled or postponed in the Tokyo area, including the famed Sumidagawa River fireworks festival scheduled for Saturday night.

July has seen Japan hit by one weather disaster after another, including a record-breaking heat wave that saw temperatures surge to 41.1 Celsius (106 Fahrenheit) near Tokyo on Monday and has killed at least 80 people, with over 20,000 taken to hospital for treatment.
July, 28, 2018 - Strong Typhoon Expected to Make Landfall on Japan
Strong Typhoon Expected to Make Landfall on Japan - Tasnim News Agency

Typhoon Jongdari on Sunday reached the west of Japan hitting the areas that only recently suffered from floods and landslides, and left at least 16 people injured, local media reported.

29.07.2018 - Typhoon Jongdan Hits Western Japan Leaving at Least 16 Injured - Reports
Typhoon Jongdari Hits Western Japan Leaving at Least 16 Injured - Reports

Most injuries occurred either due to strong wind outside or due to broken windows inside buildings, according to the NHK broadcaster.

Thousands have already been evacuated, while tens of thousands of households have had their power cut.

In Kyoto, a fire was bolstered by the strong wind, spreading across 12 buildings. Local authorities are warning the residents about the danger of new landslides.

The storm with winds of 144 kilometers per hour (89 mph) was previously expected to come close to Chiba prefecture on Honshu before making landfall to the west on Saturday night or Sunday morning.

Japanese officials have warned of severe swells, landslides and flooding, especially in western parts of the country that were devastated by heavy rains earlier this month.
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Extensive damage after tornado rips through Webster and Dudley, Massachusetts
Tweets / Videos
The National Weather Service office in Boston confirmed two tornadoes across Windham County, Connecticut into southern Worcester County, Massachusetts which touched down on Saturday, August 4, 2018. The tornadoes occurred from the same parent thunderstorm cell. One tornado caused extensive damage, injured one person and displaced up to 50.

A confirmed EF-1 tornado ripped through the towns of Webster and Dudley in Massachusetts early Saturday morning while an EF-0 was reported in Woodstock, Connecticut.

The most significant damage appears to be along Main Street in Webster near the town of Dudley, Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) said. The twister downed trees and ripped roofs from homes and businesses, leaving 30 to 50 people displaced.

Three buildings were damaged in Webster, two commercial and one mixed use, MEMA said in a statement, adding that additional four to five have been declared uninhabitable.

Webster Fire Chief said it was necessary to tear down three buildings

Michael Shaw, Webster Deputy Police Chief, said one woman sustained minor injuries after a piece of roof from a building hit her car. She was driving down Main Street when the tornado came through.

"We've got several buildings that were affected, a couple of them were vacant. We do have some buildings that are contained apartments that unfortunately had to have residents evacuated," Shaw said.

"Our building inspector is checking to make sure that those are OK in case they are able to go back into them. If not, we have opened an emergency shelter. But we've got a lot of debris down, telephone poles snapping. From what I'm being told, the majority of the town is without power, so we're taking precautions. We have National Grid on the scene, both gas and electric, making sure that we can try to resolve that situation as soon as possible."

The main impacted locations in Dudley include Schofield Ave, Chase Ave, Central Ave, Cross Street, and West Main Street near the Webster line, Dudley Police Chief said.

"There are power outages and numerous roads, including much of Webster’s South Main Street, blocked by debris and trees. Several are impassable. Non-emergency vehicle and pedestrian traffic are asked to stay out of the area, especially due to downed power lines."

More than 5 600 people were without power in Worcester and Essex counties following the tornado.

The second tornado touched down Saturday afternoon in Woodstock, Connecticut. NWS said it was short-lived and confirmed it as EF-0.

NWS office in Boston said their employees continue to survey the damage but they did release a preliminary damage survey for both tornadoes. A more formal and detailed report will be issued on Monday, August 6.

Featured image: Tornado damage in Webster, MA on August 4, 2018. Image credit: Mike Cyrek

That dust devil video was just NUTS! Why didn't anyone go and try to stand in the middle of it to see what would happen?
September 22, 2018 - Hundreds of Thousands without Power in Ottawa after Tornado hits
Hundreds of thousands without power in Ottawa after tornado hits | Reuters

Hundreds of thousands of people were stranded without power in and around the Canadian capital Ottawa on Saturday after a tornado touched down twice, destroying some houses and ripping the roofs off others.

At the same time high winds also battered the region and Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson said it could be days before electricity was fully restored. At least six people were injured.

“It’s in the top two or three traumatic events that have affected our city,” Watson told reporters. “It looks like something from a movie scene or a war scene.”

The tornado hit on Friday evening, demolishing homes in the town of Dunrobin to the north west of the city before crossing over to the town of Gatineau, which lies directly to the north of Ottawa in the province of Quebec.

High winds damaged part of Ottawa’s major electrical substations and officials said around 200,000 people on both sides of the river were without power. Ottawa and Gatineau together have a population of around 1.3 million people.

“We have lost absolutely everything. I have got a beer fridge that’s sitting in my garage - that is the only thing that is untouched - but everything else has gone,” Ottawa resident Todd Nicholson told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. He was not home when the tornado struck.

Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard broke off campaigning ahead of an Oct 1 provincial election to travel to Gatineau.
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