Unable to upload or view images in posts when logged in


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Hello, currently images are not being shown when I'm logged in but as soon as I log out the images are visible but in small size. Also, when I try to upload an image it gives me the following message: "Image cannot be loaded from the passed link". It still attaches the image to the post but I only see the file name if I try to insert it.

I have taken screenshots of a post from the Coronavirus thread when logged-in and logged-out. I can only include them in the post as thumbnails and I still get an error message when clicking on them.

I am using a Mac and I get the same issue on Safari and Chrome.

Post when logged in
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Post when logged out
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Jepp. No images. Same here :scared:
First thought it was my new computer... :umm: and performed all kind of tests... nothing. Now I realize you guys can't see any jpg/png images either...
I'm on my phone, and it's showing thumbnails of attached chickens and other things... but when tapping on them to view full size, says the requested content cannot be loaded.
AHA! Found the problem:

The logged in/out difference in images showing is because of Lightspeed caching (logged out = cached pages, logged in = not cached).

The real issue seems to be a bug in PHP 8.0/8.1 that causes Zlib output compression to remove headers from the server response when it shouldn't. Our server auto-updated PHP 8 yesterday morning, which is about when images went kaput.

Should be working again now.
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