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Re: Vincent Bridges, Stormbear Williams, Colleen Johnston, Jay Weidner- COINTELPRO

~groan~ I don't particularly stay in touch with the 'alternative' scene in the Czech Republic but today I came across this on one of the main alternative Czech websites:
"Lecturer and one of the most famous esoteric historians from the United States Vincent Bridges in the Czech Republic"

To the delight of his many fans the well known author and lecturer Vincent Bridges from the US, who mainly focuses on topics related to Sacred geometry, the esoteric history of human knowledge, alchemy, geobiology a geomantism [not sure if that's correct translation], will once again arrive for a visit at the beginning of May 2010.

The first in a series of lectures entitled Hermetic revolution in Prague will be devoted to the subject of alchemy, communication with higher intelligences and ancient prophecies, the history of the Rosicrucian movement in Bohemia, the work of John Dee and Edward Kelly. The lecture will conclude with a demonstration of Sacred geometry of human consciousness in the form of a 'mystical ritual' together with a harp improvisation [by that they mean this guy Alaerian Starbrother] and visual inspiration from fine art.

I thought I'd post a short article on my blog about cointelpro Vinnie but it's been a few years since I've read up about the issues around him. I'd be grateful if someone could provide the main pointers on him. I know there is extensive info in The COINTELPRO Files that's up on Cass but I just don't have the time right now to dig through that.

Also I might be off here and this might not be something worth getting into.


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Re: Vincent Bridges, Stormbear Williams, Colleen Johnston, Jay Weidner- COINTELPRO

Well, you can skim these articles and pick up some juicy bits and pieces:

I guess Vinnie isn't having much luck getting new victims/followers in the U.S. and has taken his grifter show on the road to Eastern Europe to try to scam what he would see as the "ignorant natives."


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Re: Vincent Bridges, Stormbear Williams, Colleen Johnston, Jay Weidner- COINTELPRO

Thanks Laura, I've put up a general overview of his history together with the links and hopefully that will prevent some from being sucked in and wasting their time. money and energy. There seems to be two events, a two day lecture series with the tickets going for over $100, as well as a weekend 'meditation retreat'.


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Yesterday evening after I made the remark at the SOTT staff meeting that maybe Vincent Bridges was dead, PoB decided to search and found that, in fact, it is true.

Here's the FB obit link:

The FWMS page: _

An earlier post said:

July 28 · Edited
As many of you know already, but for those that do not, our Co-Founder and Master, Hierophant, supreme scholar, historian, author, geomancer, dear friend and man of many more hats and titles, Vincent Bridges, passed away in Prague, Czech Republic on Friday, July 25, 2014. He is survived by our High Priestess,his wife of 21 years the Artist Darlene and many, many friends and family the world over. Please take time to light a candle in remembrance and in honor of his life and Work or some other appropriate way for him In Memoriam.

Then from the "Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition":

In Memorium: Vincent Bridges

The Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition is saddened to announce the unexpected death this past July 25th of Vincent Bridges, who was one of our regular contributors for many years. He died in Prague, the Czech Republic, only hours before his play “The Donkey and the Cradle” was to be performed at the Donkey in the Cradle, one of Sir Edward Kelley’s historic residences.

The show’s Facebook page still announces the cancellation of the play “due to tragic circumstances.”

A native of Greenville, South Carolina, Bridges chose to live the last few years of his life in Europe, mainly in Prague. He left behind a large body of unfinished work, including a biography of Edward Kelley (The Alchemical Enigma: A Brief History of the Rise and Fall of Sir Edward Kelley), a novel featuring young William Shakespeare (Young Will: Shakespeare’s Lost Years in Prague), different videos and notes of the lectures and tours he gave in the Czech Republic and France, and plans for a second work on Ophanic (or Enochian) magic based on seminars he’d taught in Italy and the Czech Republic.

According to his .eu site, Vincent’s biography of Kelley “was used as the basis for the Edward Kelley section of the Museum Of Alchemists and Magicians of Old Prague, at 8 Jansky vresk, where [Bridges] had the pleasure of living, along with the ghosts, for two delightful years.”

He never objected to people posting raw excerpts from his many lectures, on subjects ranging from alchemy to Shakespeare to sacred geometry to the geomancy of Prague and the Czech Republic, and it was clear to those who knew him that Bridges was driven to share what he knew using whatever tools or resources were available. He was a master storyteller who was unusually gifted in his ability to draw together different historical strands into entertaining, informative narratives.

Bridges was best know to U.S. audiences as the on-camera guide for the History Channel’s documentary Nostradamus: 500 Years Later (2003); the featured historian for the Lost Book of Nostradamus (2007) and Nostradamus 2012; and short commentaries on several other shows. With Jay Weidner, he co-authored The Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye (2003), taking the lead on revising their earlier work, A Monument to the End of Time (2000).

Several of the articles Bridges wrote for this Journal were anthologized with other works in The Ophanic Revelation, the Science of Angelic Communication. The Italian edition of this work, La Rivelazione Ofenica (2010) sold out its first printing within months of its release.

“Vincent had a deeper understanding of the Enochian system than anyone I’ve ever met,” said J. Alan Moore. “Most notable to me as a practical magician was his understanding of the processes by which the Enochian system functions. He was able to logically explicate Enochian (or Ophanic, as he preferred to call it) magick in terms of the underlying multi-dimensional framework which the artifacts associated with it create and by which its effects are produced.”

“His approach was unique. For two weeks in 2010, from October 22 to November 4, Vincent was kind enough to walk us through his understanding of how to construct an Enochian Temple, and let us record him. We wondered if he realized he might not be teaching again in the United States, as almost all of his work after that was done in Europe as part of workshops and tours. In any case, he seemed driven to get as many of his ideas out as possible, and was so excited that his play was about to be performed in the very place where it was set, and where Vincent had lived. As long as I knew him, I never saw Vincent as happy as he was in Prague.”

For those who wish to leave words of condolence for Vincent’s family, there is a guest book on

The articles Vincent Bridges wrote for the Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition are listed below.

Reading the Green Language of Light (2003)

Paganism in Provence: How the Mother-Goddess Became the Mother of God (2004)

Editorial: Olympic Magick; A Global Ritual for the End of Time (2004)

Angel Magick, Dee’s Rosie Crucian Secrets and the Byrom Collection: Fragmentation and Transmission in the 18th century (2006)

The Consecrated Little Book of Black Venus part two: Olympic Spirits, the Cult of the Dark Goddess, and the Seal of Ameth (with Teresa Burns) (2007)

Angels in the DNA: The Emerald Modem and Dr. Dee’s Ophanic Language (2008)

Lost Legends: The Great Beast and the Occult Origins of the Great War (2009)

Guestbook entries on the funeral site:


Notice that he was here in France in 2010. I rather suspect that he may have given testimony to the police. They did mention that they had talked to "others" as though they actually interviewed someone besides Bariel who alleged to know me.

So now, since Andy Rowland died of cancer, and Vinnie dropped dead, they'll all be blaming me for casting spells or something which is probably what they were so busy doing and it boomeranged on them.

But the Cs DID say there was a frequency bubble that protects us thanks to our network. It has also been mentioned several times by the Cs that there were serious negative energy waves directed at me that couldn't penetrate the frequency protection. A remark about this "bubble" was made in reference to the guy who was killed outside our gate a year or so ago... he just happened to be the wrong frequency and hit the barrier under the wrong conditions.

Not saying that this is what happened, but Vinnie was all about magickal workings (with a K) and he devoted at least 9 years of his life trying to destroy our work.

There are photos on the site and I swear, I don't think I've ever seen anybody age so fast. The 2009 photo shows him reasonably middle-aged and then, whooom! He just goes down like Dorian Gray after his false image was destroyed.

Funny thing is, on the Bridge thread about him, I posted the following exchange between myself and Guardian dated 15 March 2010

> You know, its funny, I haven't heard a peep out of Vinnie Bridges for months now... he was all set to come to France to give a series of talks, then ... nothing. No word about his "successful tour" or him crowing about his "French triumph" or anything. Just dead silence since then. I wonder if he had some "problems" in France? Or if he is ill.
> Geeze, with all the messing around with dark stuff he did, he's probably got cancer or had a heart attack.
> Wonder how to find out? Any ideas?

I'm not sure what his condition is yet, but I do have the feeling something tried to have him for lunch a few months ago. :-P

I have bots constantly searching for any mention of any of their names...and NOTHING since they got nasty right before x-mas.

Darlene did make an interesting post to her blog in January...."Prayer to Overcome Major Unexpected Challenges" and nothing since.

In my experience, all the evil ceremonials wind up getting eaten sooner or later :-)

Here's what Darlene wrote on her blog:

Prayer to Overcome Major Unexpected Challenges
Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Sekhmet statue in Turin (photo by Vincent Bridges)

Everyone on Earth is experiencing upheavals and serious challenges in their lives. No one is exempt. It’s a sign of the times. We must overcome our fears about how these unexpected happenings may impact our future. Consider each trial you face to be a mirror which reflects the means of breaking down old concepts and ways of being.

Consider adversity as your opportunity to honestly look into your mirror. This very moment in time was divinely sanctioned so you can clearly discern what you need to surrender. It’s time to finally release what is dying in your life–be it a lifestyle, a relationship or a belief system.

As long as you are holding onto who you used to be, or what you used to believe, or any form that is now going through the dying process, then this cycle defaults to the definitive experience of living in hell. This also means that all forms of manipulation and control that worked in the past will not work now. In fact, these strategies will only add tension and escalate the challenges of your current situation.

Look upon all your challenges as a type of initiation that will empower you to finally become the person you really are. Yes, great courage is needed to trust the process and surrender. But when you do, the gifts that arrive are beyond imagining.

Prayer to Overcome Major Unexpected Challenges

by Lady Sekhmet

Hail To Thee, Great Mother Goddess Sekhmet,
Prevailing One, Before Whom All Evil Trembles,
Please Hear my Ardent Prayer.

Help me overcome the new challenges I face.
Heal all the wounds, both given and received,
from any unresolved conflicts that still poison my life.

Stop me from acting out, blindly hurting others in my pain.
Help me stop blaming others for my own short-comings
and accept that I am the author of my own discontent.

Grant me the strength to alter my path of self-destruction.
Help me walk away from judgmental people and unsupportive situations.
Allow me to release old, limiting beliefs stunting my growth.

Bring me into accord with healthy attitudes and feelings of well-being.
Allow people into my life who model compassion, love and encouragement
to help me develop the inner strength to become a steadfast beacon to others.


Looks like Vinnie got on the wrong train and all his "workings" didn't work.


Dark magicKs, I imagine, is such an identifying with entropy that it must equal sprinting into the thick of a thorn bush overgrowth, coming out not only with clothes torn to shreds, but the energy bubble that is supposed to guard our life force keeping us youthful and aging gracefully becomes full of holes and the person deflates like a balloon punctured by machine gun fire.


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Upon hearing this news, I am reminded of a quote by famous film actress, Betty Davis, who had a long-standing and notorious feud with her rival Joan Crawford:
Davis is reported to have said, "I never say bad things about the dead. Joan Crawford is dead. Good."


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shellycheval said:
Upon hearing this news, I am reminded of a quote by famous film actress, Betty Davis, who had a long-standing and notorious feud with her rival Joan Crawford:
Davis is reported to have said, "I never say bad things about the dead. Joan Crawford is dead. Good."

Indeed. It's also an object lesson about what REALLY brings home the esoteric bacon. Cs guidance produces real results. John Dee's "ophanim" are obviously serious STS.
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