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For me that was profound Adaryn. So much wisdom in there, kind of a "Miracle". It is direct for those who are looking and for those who are searching and are supposed to be where they are and what they see.
Thank you.
Glad you liked it, goyacobol! This artist (who died in 2000, at 50) is apparently, and sadly, not very well known. (Wiki) "Towards the end of his life, Bim Sherman took a whole new musical direction. He went to India and re-recorded his classic 70s roots tunes alongside a full Indian classical orchestra in Bombay, creating his masterpiece LP, the highly acclaimed Miracle. This opened Sherman up to an entire new audience and he seemed at last to be emerging from the reggae underworld".
I hope he eventually found the place he wanted to be - over the rainbow ;-)


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This is Igor Stravinsky. It's been a while since hearing this part of his Firebird suite, and I stumbled on this earlier.

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