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The Living Force
Erin McGathy
Fey Foxx
Make your way through the crowd.
Keep your ears to the ground.
You have to keep your head down.
Make your way through the crowd.

A fast paced, drum and bass song that is best described as driving and energetic. Synth and techno drums are the primary instruments in this track.
Written By
Keegan Scott Brent
Performed By
Fey Foxx
Home Base: New Caney, TX.
Stylistically, the majority of Fey Foxx's music electronic and EDM.


Dagobah Resident
magnificent moments @ Megalithic Temples of Malta ... stress free zone ... timeles place ... wtih 300 days of sunshine ... and much much more ... big hug to all ... :thup::boat::rockon:



Padawan Learner
We Are On Time - Nahko Bear and Medicine for the People
Some very beautiful in tune souls out here SINGING!!!



The Living Force
FOTCM Member

One step back
Take two leaps forward
And with baited breath we wait
For generation x to fade
Embracing the emancipation
How will history remember
A masterpiece chiselled to dirt?
Collapsing pillars of the earth
A march of progress in reverse

Blood fills my lifeless heart
Eyes flicker in the dark

Two steps back
One leap forward
You let your shackles fall with grace
Still counting on that wish you made
To reach out far beyond the pale
How I dream to feel alive
Bestow upon these vital signs
The lunar path dictates the tide
Will we ever reach the shoreline?

How do we answer to the Gods
Among the men creating us?
As I inhale the hurricane
I touch the void and feel no pain

Resolve to carry on
Another life awaits beyond the horizon
Evolve and we'll ensure our survival
We are the revolution

Keep reaching through horizons
To leave our past behind us
We turn toward the earthrise
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