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And this came out yesterday:
Official music video for 'California Halo Blue' by AWOLNATION. Stream / Download - https://awolnation.ffm.to/californiah... Follow AWOLNATION on Spotify: https://spoti.fi/34gjA0v Amongst all the chaos, brutality and fear, there are always heroic and beautiful moments where humans come together. Some risk their lives to save others and animals in a selfless manner. This song is written about and dedicated to everyone affected by the Woolsey fire, as well as all California fires and disasters happening around the world... I promise to not keep on talking about this event forever, and soon we will just get together and simply ROCK ! But for now, it is important for me to acknowledge what happened and how many incredible people have helped others. God bless all our firefighters and brave civilians who risk it all for us and the animals. Please consider supporting firefighters and first responders in your community. Thank you for listening


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I was drawn to listening to music today after months of not really feeling called to it. I went onto YouTube and found this. The entire time I was trying to think where I had heard it before (I've probably listened to it before). Then it hit me: it reminds me of the EE Meditation music :lol:

Even though I'm not in the clinic doing treatments today, it feels like I am with this on in the background:



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Saltarello is a high dance of the Middle Ages, with a fast rhythm. It developed in the 15th century in Southern Europe and more particularly in Italy. The saltarello is also a measure in music. The musical form of Saltarello is close to the Estampie (also a dance). It is said that this dance and this music derive from the Italian Galliard (another, more archaic, high dance) of the 13th century.
Interpretation: La Capella de Ministrers ("Il Lamento di Tristano"):

Estampie. Interpretation: Alla Francesca (« Tristan et Yseut »):



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Jesus, these historic recordings from Karajan's time with the Berliner Philharmonics are breathtaking on every level. I'm almost tempted to buy their subscription to get access to the whole archive. Amazing film crews back then as well.

Check this out:

And this:

And a full recording of the "Moldau":

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