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Received an anti-war music video by Kim Cheshire (Australian), which is more rare in our times now - nothing uplifting here:

Nothing changes really, all war songs from any decade sound the same. Basically A LAMENT FOR HUMANITY. Joan Baez could have sung the exact same song which just reflects what humanity's view of war always is.

The video IS shocking to all who can be shocked. Those who cannot be shocked are the perpetrators. Thank you for showing as a necessary reminder of why we are trying to raise our vibrations.


The Cinematic Orchestra featuring Lou Rhodes

A lovely and relaxing song...

Every soul comes to the sun
Carried on angel's wings to human birth
Born of love or born of hate
Each one is heaven sent to human fate
Little girl, dream
Little boy, dream
In joy and pain each one will grow
For wisdom is so much more than what we know
And every child will find their way
Of living the whole life story day by day
Little girl, dream
Little boy, dream


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A song that is sad but at the same time very beautiful; "Manifiesto" composed by Victor Jara announcing his own death in 1973 (with english subtitles).



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I suspect a ripple from The Wave hit Devin Townsend, and he rode it into compiling some amazing stuff....
Spirits Will Collide was released last year, March 2019.
[Verse 1]
So they say
You'll be okay
But words are not enough
Nobody remembered me
The words were not enough

Calm yourself down
Don't you remember when we were young?
Don't you remember who I am?
You're strong enough

[Verse 2]
Dues to pay
Towards the way
Towards my friend, towards
Two must play
The foolish game
To war, my friend, to war

So they rise
The "fear and pain", but this isn't how I am
Don't you forget that you are loved
Don't you forget that you are them
It's hard enough

Remember the flame in your heart burns strong
Remember and the spirit will collide

Remember, together

Remember in the end that death is not the end

So we rise
Receive the pain, but this isn't where this ends
Don't you forget that you are perfect
Don't you forget just who we are
We're strong enough

Wherever the flame in your heart burns strong
We may not be brave so let's start
Remember and the spirits will collide

Remember, together
Remember, together



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Here is just a music I wanted to share with you, it's a song I used on a project with some people

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