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Mike Oldfield - Earth Moving

It's my feel-good song, that brings many positive memories and the feeling of spring, both figuratively and literally.

I especially love that part of the lyrics.

"Reach out - it's a leap in the dark,
But there's no danger of falling.
Give out, give it straight from the heart.
You feel like thunder rolling



Jedi Master
The absolute KING of Funk! Yep, PRINCE at MONTREUX festival. FULL CONCERT!!! (2+ hours)
What an absolute genius and a terribly funky kind of man!
Make space in the living room cause you're going to dance!



Wondering what people think of this song/video.

The song reminds me of how I felt after my best friend died in a drug overdose. Specifically the crooners tears and is his ability to perform doing so. Because I had no other choice but to keep up with my life. I had never been more sad in my life but I processed it in just a year or so. I feel very happy with the time we had and he still lives on in my mind. It is good now, and there are no emotions but joy in my mind.

I have been reflecting on death, and I have thought about when my parents will die and I think I just would go on naturally without much more thought on it when they pass. Perhaps that is because I have no strong emotions or bonds with them. But don't get me wrong, they are good people and I like them.

Then recently another buddy of mine died who worked at the same place as me, they said it was multi-organ failure that killed him. So by now it is like, "Yup! Expect anyone to die! Not much to feel sad about!"

But apart from all that I hope his father gets a new kidney.
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