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Two fine pieces by Alan Stivell, from the album "Renaissance de la Harpe celtique".
"Ys is a piece inspired by the legend of the 5th century capital of the kingdom of Cornwall, [most versions of the legend place the city in the Douarnenez Bay on the coast of Brittany] which was engulfed by a flood as punishment for its sins.
[T]he highlight of this record is "Gaeltacht," a 19 minute musical journey by Stivell's harp across the Gaelic lands of Ireland, Scotland, and the Isle of Man."




Secret Society (Necro, Ill Bill) - The Plague

REL!G!ON - Lucid (Feat. Moka Only and E d g e) Underground Hip Hop

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I'm listening to the Outlander novel series, which involves time travel through ancient stone circles. Almost finished with the series. Quite an epic! A good bit of it takes place in the mountains of western North Carolina in the years leading up to the American Revolution. I knew the area was settled by Scots, but now I know more about how and why they came to live there. Well researched, I think. The TV adaptation is a little different to the books, but a visual feast nonetheless.

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