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Bayaty- Gurdjieff/De Hartmann

Concert performed by the group Mundowaflar in Sala La Imperdible on April 8, 2010, as part of the jazz cycle organized by the University of Seville (Spain)
Angel Andrés Muñoz: Piano
Nacho Botonero: Sax
Nacho Megina: Battery
Estanislao Waflar: Double Bass



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Humble apologies Metrist, only just realised I didn't know who she was before you posted last year...
The story of how I discovered Orianthi...

Browsing youtube, I got bored and randomly tapped the keyboard and it spelled Orianthi. Well, she came up, and I was pleasantly surprised!

So, I saw how you liked her as well, and so I randomly tapped at the keyboard again... and Ongmanibamai came up! And it sounded great!

.... just kidding!
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