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The story of how I discovered Orianthi...

Browsing youtube, I got bored and randomly tapped the keyboard and it spelled Orianthi. Well, she came up, and I was pleasantly surprised!

That’s cool 😎

I spend so much time trying to figure out songs that are already playing in my head I never think to look for more...

This one took some finding, the vocalists intensity kept me going. Nice contrast to your Ozzy / Lita choice 🥰



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It is a very beautiful music and song written, composed and interpreted by Michel Berger in 1990, he died on August 2, 1992 of a heart attack while playing tennis.

White Paradise

There are many waves and a lot of smoke
that we can't even distinguish
white from black
And the energy of the spirit
The telephone might ring
But there won't be any subscribers
and any ideas
Only silence for breathing
Begin again from where the world has began

I'll go to sleep in the white paradise
Where nights are so long that we forget about time
All alone with the wind
Like a dance in my childhood dreams
I'll go to run in the white paradise
Far from hate
and from bloody fights
I'll find the whales
I'll talk to silver fishes
Like, like, like before

There are a lot of waves and a lot of ideas,
I can't anymore decide
what is true and what it isn't
And who i would love and who i would condemn
The day where I'll go
when my keyboards will be so used
I'll dare to...
Always i'd like to try
and to begin again from where the world has began

I'll go to sleep in the white paradise
Where penguins are having fun under the sun
and playing and showing their face to us
this is being alive
I'll go to sleep in the white paradise
where air is so clean
that we can take a bath
We can play with the wind
Like in my childhood dreams
like, like, like it was before
Talking to fishes
playing with the wind
like in my childhood dreams
like it was before
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