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I was just thinking of that song the last 1 or 2 days. :cool: I even forgot about the middle part. Thanks for posting.
(*listening again*)

I went for a walk around my home town today, and the song was playing in my head on a loop for about an hour! When I got home I fished the Blind Faith album out of my cd shelves. I really wish the band had made more records, but they were only together for a few months apparently, then they just went off to do other projects.

There's some prime-time slowhand playing in that mid section!:cool2: Late sixties Clapton is so good. I'm finding loads of great old albums at the moment, as I'm trying to alphabetise my music collection so I can pick things out easily. It's a hard task though, I've accrued tonnes of cd's over the years, and there's so much I had forgotten I even bought!:lol:


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Il Mondo by the sons of Domingo, Carreras and Pavarotti.

English translation:

The World​

Tonight, darling
I don’t miss you
I open my eyes
for the whole world
The world
Goes around as usual

Goes around, the world
goes around
In limitless space
Where the Love has just begun
Where the love has been over
Where people are happy or hurt
as me

The World
Until now I look at you
I am lost in your silence world
I am nothing beside you
Oh world

The World
Never stops
Night is always following day
And the daylight will come


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A cover of Toxic by Britney Spears by Walk off the Earth (done in a van!)

Best cover I've seen of Dare you to Move by Switchfoot by Isabelle Hyde:

Cover (with solo!) of Another Brick In The Wall Part 2 by Pink Floyd by The Absurd Hero (he also has a good Time in a Bottle cover):



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I came across the following concert whilst searching youtube for world music type stuff. It sounds to me like a mix between a world music record and a movie sound track. Depending on what you're doing, it's not to distracting to have in the background. There are other concerts available, but this caught my attention.

I just searched for some info about the composer, and here's wiki's summary:
Christopher Chiyan Tin (born May 21, 1976) is an American composer of art music, often composed for film and video game soundtracks. His work is primarily orchestral and choral, often with a world music influence. He has won two Grammy Awards for his classical crossover album Calling All Dawns.

Tin is perhaps best known for his choral piece Baba Yetu from the video game Civilization IV, which became the first piece of video game music ever to win a Grammy Award in 2011.[1] His Grammy win was considered a significant milestone for the critical acceptance of music from video games as a legitimate art form, and following his win the Recording Academy retitled their visual media categories to become more inclusive of video game soundtracks

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