What are you listening to?

Continuing my Gabriel love this week. Just found this awesome live version of his big hit Sledgehammer. Amazing performance, the rhythm section is just right. His vocals hold up well too, considering he's in his mid 60's doing this.

Red Rain by Peter Gabriel. I've been getting into Gabriel's work recently, he's pretty good I think. Never listened to his former band Genesis, but his solo work features some real stand out songs.
I had a Gabriel phase some years ago, couldn't stop listening to Red Rain. I still get chills from his music sometimes. Great artist.

Peter Gabriel - Come Talk To Me
I find this such a dreamy and uplifting song: 'wendy' - Lucian x Jade Alice. I found it when I searched for that meme song 'minty kisses' by the same artist:


Music released by a label run by the Children of God cult in the 80s, which I didn't know anything about until just now... Obviously the 666 mark of the beast microchip NWO stuff has been around for a long time, but still...what a weird world...
This group was the favorite of my mother in law that was paralysed from the head to the toes with MS. But she was, before her illness, a very good dancer and my husband remember her and his father dancing in the middle of the living room just for fun!

Every song we listen has a human story behind it, you know.


This remarkable plant can lose about 75 percent of its water content during a typical dry period and possibly up to 97 percent in an extreme drought. During this time, it shrivels up to a grayish brown clump of leaves. When it is exposed to water again, it will “come back to life” and look green and healthy. The plant gets its name from this supposed “resurrection,” but it never actually dies during the process.
The resurrection fern is a type of epiphytic fern, which means it grows on top of other plants or structures and reproduces by spores, not seeds. The spores are housed in structures called sori on the underside of fronds. Although resurrection ferns grow on top of other plants, they do not steal nutrients or water from their host plant.
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