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It is a month away from American Thanksgiving, wherein many are still, essentially, in their own lock-down. Near 50-years ago, here was Mr. BB King celebrating - giving something back to those in a real societal prison at Sing Sing, no matter the crimes or trumped up charges that had committed them.

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Before he died, Leonard Cohen recorded an album, singing and recording most of the songs without music, just his voice, and to the beat and tune from his creativity, his imagination.
His son, along with a group of loyal friends, put his last songs to music, this is one of those last songs.
The album is titled “You Want it Darker”


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Best anti-war piece ever
Beautiful - evokes very evocative memories for me of the 60's when I was swept up in the controversy, protest and draft of Vietnam.

Hitting #1 on US charts and #3 in the UK was Barry McGuire's extremely unpolished Eve of Destruction. Recorded in one take, the song was said to be partially responsible for the 26th Amendment to the US Constitution.
top-tier Los Angeles session players: P. F. Sloan on guitar, Hal Blaine (of Phil Spector's Wrecking Crew) on drums, and Larry Knechtel on bass guitar. The vocal track was thrown on as a rough mix and was not intended to be the final version, but a copy of the recording "leaked" out to a disc jockey, who began playing it.[5]The song was an instant hit, and as a result, the more polished vocal track that was at first envisioned was never recorded.

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