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Howdy cowboys n' cowgirls 🤠
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One More, for the trail...🐎

Back in 1980, Westerns weren't popular; so when Long Riders came out, I was jazzed. Another plus was the soundtrack by Ry Cooder. The movie chronicles the misadventures and demise of the James-Younger gang, 19th-century outlaws who tore through Missouri on a crime spree. Also a plus was that 4 sets of actual brothers played the parts...explained in trailer below. It is now on Netflix.

Let's dance, let's move this body, lets pray and thank that we are alive. Let's smile and be in love with life no matter what!

I love this song. I fell in love with it seeing the movie "The Deer Hunter", a movie about friendship and the Vietnam War. Here is the scene when I hear this song for the first time:


The Silkroad Ensemble: "Ascending Bird"​

The Silkroad Ensemble with Yo-Yo Ma performed this piece in Sanders Theatre at Harvard University.

Santur player Siamak Aghaei and violinist Colin Jacobsen arranged a traditional folk melody that was inspired by mythology. "Ascending Bird" tells the popular legend of a bird attempting to fly to the sun. After two failed attempts, the bird finally makes contact with the sun, losing its physical body in fire, and in this way achieving a metaphorical spiritual transcendence.
I'm having a Zep night, so I share this one too. A long travelogue featuring long solos. Taken from one of their lesser known records, very underrated in my opinion.


Rural Africans love American country music… Say what…​

If you’ve spent time in rural sub Saharan Africa one thing that might shock you is the popularity of American country music to the point where you can’t go to a bar, party, or wedding without avoiding it
And to the converse Africans have added in their own styles and instruments to covers of American country music. So if you ever find yourself in rural Africa don’t be surprised by how popular Johnny Cash and Hank Williams are !

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