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Talking Old Soldiers​

(Elton John)

Had this experience of listening to soldiers often when as a little kid, as many other did too. Grew up near a veterans hospital - men's bodies and minds shattered in so many ways. PTSD a constant. In or out of the hospital, veterans of many nations after these bloody wars had concluded, were all over in general community life. In families - fathers and grandfathers. The next door neighbor. Some silent, some with many stories to tell. So, became used to listening to them talking, from their days both in WWI and WWII. D-Day, Germans talking about taking out White Russians, while the reverse to the Germans. Storming some rock, river or field. Night becoming day. The rain of iron from the sky's and ships sinking. Gas in the trenches and friends who never came home. A relative captured in Japan forced to march - 78 lbs. soaking wet when retuned - endless.

"No one seems to want to know."

They are now mostly all gone to a person. Just memories of their faces, voices and words.


I learned new words from this song and his pronunciation is clear.

Like phat, devour, exploit, kibgpin, etc.

Another thing if you except that Diesel Power it is = Cosmic Power. It is like to let this flow of Universe Diesel Power to flow through you.
You are just a transistor. Speculation...
“This is one of those songs that feels like the musicians captured a melody that has been bouncing around the universe since beginningless time and channeled it through a guitar, bass and drum set. Instantly ear-perking and catchy.”


"Mourning Dove" — Seamus Egan and Moira Smiley​

"Co-written by collaborators and partners Egan & Moira Smiley, Mourning Dove chronicles intimate struggle of love, loss, and growth across two winters of isolation in rural Vermont. This single's music video shows Egan & Smiley's layered connection to each other, and to the evocative calls of the mourning doves outside their window."
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