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Pink Floyd/Johnny Cash / Wish You Were Here - C. Spanos​

IF Johnny Cash played this song it might have sounded something like this. BELOW is a link to a LIVE version with the band Dirty Water.

Four Sticks, by Page and Plant in 1994. Lovely eastern vibes.

Friends, by the same duo The work they did with the Egyptian orchestra has aged well.

And the Olde English classic Gallows Pole.

I finish with the dark classic, No Quarter.

British DnB duo Lamb are an underrated band. I share a few of their claustrophobic-sounding musical pieces. Apparently they are awesome live. They're up there with Portishead and Massive Attack as important 1990s British bands. They took music forwards into uncharted territory, and there's a complete lack of musical cliche despite echoing past ages in the analogue sounds. Worth a listen if you have the time.:cool2:

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