What is coming, Cascadia quake …

He mentions the USGS at this point, and their announcement last month that the area around Kettleman City down to Bakersfield is severely subsiding

FWIW I believe this is the lecture that Dutchsinse is referring to regarding the above. The lecture is on land subsidence with focus on the San Joaquin Valley. In the Q&A at the end of the video the lecturer specifically mentions severe subsidence from Kettleman City to Bakersfield:

A progressive timeline of the last major earthquake series in California.A progressive timeline of the last major earthquake series in California.

Good morning all, today I plan on profiling the last earthquake sequence that happened in July in the desert areas above Los Angeles California.

I have two files attached. The first is a PDF of the daily earthquakes, up to today. The first fifteen pages show daily earthquakes quantity and locations. On the last page is the month of June and a graph showing number of earthquakes over the month. The second file is a down loaded CSV file from the USGA that has more details that I have imported into an excel file. That is for those who need to see more of the data.

Of note: I wanted to point out the number of quakes for the first 3 days of July were the same. Was this a fluke of the system, an error that may have not been caught, or was it an indication to look here a little closer.

What I am implying here is that the earthquake sequence, in this case, was abrupt in the beginning, terrifying during the larger quakes, and is still persisting to this day. These events are not just one shake and then we are done, today they are still feeling the quakes, all day long. You get hypersensitive during events of this nature, like you want to be ready to duck and cover or run if needed.

In general, a building is certified to withstand a 5.0 magnitude earthquake for five seconds. Any longer duration of the quake overrides this certification. One thing I learned in Norther Japan, any quake lasting longer than five seconds is a signal to get out of the building. Taught to each and everyone in my squadron. We needed it on one occasion when a sizeable quake lasted almost 30 seconds. The exit doors exploded with people trying to get out of the building.

On a serious side, if you are here in California, you will experience a sequence like this one. It will not be short and sweet, it will be hectic and unnerving. It will not be over quickly for any event.

I myself, am looking at one close event and several other events nearby that I will be feeling not only the large event but many smaller events around them. It will be a real rocking and rolling time in this Ol’ reality. Hope to continue to report as this unfolds. Haiku …


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Earthquakes quantity 30 day - 2.5 magnitude or greater, January 01 through 31 by year

2019 2034

2018 2932

2017 1834

2016 2293

2015 2218

2014 2424

2013 1729

2012 1469

2011 1762

2010 1431

2009 1577

2008 2327

2007 2705

2006 2205

2005 3264

2004 2095

2003 1811

2002 1780

2001 1618

2000 1234

1999 1461

1998 1654

1997 1172

1996 2035

1995 1382

1994 2065

1993 1114

1992 1011

1991 1115

1990 831

1989 971

1988 995

1987 771

1986 989

1985 742

1984 691

1983 1073

1982 687

1981 589

1980 672

The current image states that we are seeing an increase in earthquakes activity, worldwide. Since this is a truncated search for larger (feelable) quakes, I would expect to see ten times this activity in lesser quakes that we are not hearing about, the lesser quakes below 2.5 magnitude. In all, there is an abundant activity outside of the noted areas in California, USA. This is probably bad as it means that the build-up will continue.

As for the first location in the list, Hollister, activity has been increasing in the surrounding area, not specifically in Hollister. Below is a 13 month of all activity in Hollister. It shows an abundant amount of activity on opposing sides of both San Andres and Calaveras fault lines. I have stated this before that this is concerning to me. Areas in between close fault lines, like Hollister, could end up on a crushing like event (pure speculation, I know).


Where does this leave us? I would state that earthquakes have increased for the first month of this year. Daily, I saw an increase of ten to fifty earthquakes per day on the listing, shocking me every time I looked at the listing. My link if you are interested. Latest Earthquakes

Of note: knowing that this site is run by US funding and a .GOV website, means that there is some amount of false information here. I have seen this site redefine what was shown on the general maps more than one time, from visiting this website over the years. And technology has improved constantly resulting in more data to invalidate. I would give a 60-70% accuracy rating in the data that they present.

Solar minimum’s produce more earthquakes, that is known. The numbers speak for themselves, it is highly likely that we are in the beginning of the sequence that the C’s talked about. And we may be seeing the beginning of a greater solar minimum than normal, from the numbers gathered so far. Give another update after the end of February.

As for me, I feel like the dude sitting out on a surfboard waiting for the big wave to come so I can say I rode the big kahuna, right before I do the greatest wipeout in history. As there is no riding of this wave, Haiku …

BTW: 3075 quakes on the map for today.
Alternate triggers to activate an earthquake sequence.

This is an offshoot for what might activate this earthquake sequence. I accept that there might be any number of ways to start this sequence of earthquakes. Typically, I would state that a standard ramp up would be similar to what happened last year, north of Los Angeles CA. It was a cluster that grew over a large area of desert, affecting all areas around it. Several large shakers hit in the area and continue today. This was not identified as a ‘Big Seismic Event’ as it was not hanging on a major fault line.

But the character of the seismic event was similar to one in France, 2003-2004 event. Here are a couple of images of that event. Another good grouping, specific to a large area. Really similar in structure in both events.
Now this is what is happening in Hollister, it is not the same. We have clusters outward of this area and little matching activity in between the fault lines.
When I looked at a longer period of time here, done previous, I got more of the same results.

Speculation states that this center area with less activity is binding to these outside pressures. To me this is like a spring trap, just waiting for the spring to become too tight. Eventually the tightness of the spring releases in one huge event.

Is that the only way for this to happen? No, there are other ways for this sequence to trigger. Something, external would need to happen. Someone setting off a few tones of TNT might do it. In Hollister there are not too many mining needs and expansion is mostly in lower cost housing.

Devine will could come into play. Like a large rock falling close landing close enough and with enough force to jolt the whole area. Yes, I am talking about some kind of meteor here, or a large piece of space debris.

Now I state this as I just had this dream two nights ago. My dreams are nothing normal. Sometimes they are not me in this or an alternate reality. It is like I step into another’s memory imprint of an event. This was one …

First thought ‘was sitting in a non-reclining chair in a TV room, well after nightfall. There was a brown colored bottle on the handrail of the chair, a beer of some brand. I was disturbed by a flash outside the window to my left. I stood up and exited the house. On the opposing side of the house was a light rail service, trollies takings people back and forth to the city. In front of the house was a field of trees, some kind of nut, was just below the rise that the house resided upon. It was difficult to make out all that was there as it was nighttime. But a couple of low-lying fields of some crop were just past the grove of trees. Then beyond that, a quarter of a mile away, was some buildings, maybe twenty feet or so tall and of some undefinable length. It was illuminated by lights in the area, an industrial area, I thought. Then from above the buildings a ball of material, flaming and making a great noise like that of a huge locomotive coming at me. A small portion of it broke off and shot to the left, but my thoughts were on the large mass coming right at me. I stood there stunned from the view.

It was falling, looking like it was going to impact in front of me. And I was right as it hit on the far side of the buildings creating a large splash of material up into the air and literally over my head. A second or two latter and some lighter debris started falling from the sky, hitting the ground around me. Then the lights in the house behind me went dark and the sky closed in. I could not see anymore, too dark but the sounds around me were of ominous crashing heavy debris striking the ground. I woke up, another death ending.’ I have had quite a few dreams that end this way.

The whole dream event lasted only a minute or so. I consider this a memory dream that has happened, is happening or of a future event that might happen. It could also be a memory from an alternate reality, that I am associated with.

But this one left me with some really good visuals of the area. I follow this area quite a bit and I wondered if this dream might have been centered/associated around this same area. I started my investigation.

First was to find all railroad tracks in the area. This was easy and I found out that, yes there was a lite rail service from Gilroy down to Hollister. It only goes to the center of Hollister and stops. Using google earth I located the railroad line and inspected areas around it for some long building like I saw in the memory. What I found was that Northeast of the rail line was the locale airport. It housed an assortment of buildings, all of a similar height, lined up beside each other. They could, in the limited light, look like one continuous building. I was finding similar elements of the memory now, I continued.

Now I put the rail behind me and the airport in front of me and started looking for a house situated on a small knoll. Yep, there it was, with an orchard below it and some low-lying fields just past them. Here is a picture of Hollister and the airport.

Here is the close up of the airport and the suspected house. The X is the house in the lower corner, and I circled the possible impact zone.
Now I could just be superimposing this memory over the imprints of this area. I am sure that I could do this to any small town, but these coincidences found here look pretty close to me. The resultant view from the house indicated would be very close to what I was seeing.

The end result: The clusters in this quake grouping are concerning to me. The spring winding effect is evident to me in the Hollister area between these major faults. It is just awaiting the trigger, either by accretion or by some external source. And I could be totally wrong on these associations. Would not be the first time, Haiku …


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Many thanks, Haiku for this analysis. I live just east of Seattle and have been keeping a weather eye on Mount Rainier since I read the C's prognosis that Seattle would be buried by a huge eruption. If Rainier does blow, this whole area is likely to be covered by a massive lahar flow. There has been an increase in mild earthquakes inside the mountain, which we are told is nothing to worry about, a good sign of stress release. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. There have also been several earthquakes off the coast of Washington and Oregon in the last several months. I grew up in New Zealand, where there are lots of active volcanoes. Most of them blew off steam and the occasional rain of ash or cinders. To some extent this was comforting, if annoying when stuff fell on you while you were skiing, because it was a visible sign of stress release. Before Christchurch, earthquakes in New Zealand happened frequently but most were so mild they just made pictures hanging on the wall cockeyed.

For some months now I have been getting the urge to grab a backpack of necessities and head southeast as far as I can walk...and then keep on walking. I was once told by an horological astrologer that if I go east, I will die. I don't know how much stock to put in that. The odds seem worse if I stay here.

I'm married and my adult children live in the area. My husband thinks this is nothing but fear-mongering, and would you want to survive to face a post-apocalyptic world. He thinks it's silly to even store a lot of food and water. I don't know. I don't seem to be able to convince anyone I know or care about that this might not be the best place to be. There's a feeling of precariousness about the area.

I'm just an ordinary person and have never done anything of any great moment. Who am I that I should receive a warning to leave my family to face a disaster?
Many thanks, Haiku for this analysis

Having read your comments Cassandane, I have many of the same doubts and feelings. Just a load of jumbled thoughts continually floating around. As my family, all grown up now, but with grandchildren to think about as well, I continually feel I should be doing something. The C's have said stocking up on supplies is 3D thinking. None of my family are open to talking about the future and certainly not about what we have been discussing here on the forum.

It was Andromeda who said in one of the sessions that we, can't remember the exact phrase, operate in a vacuum if we don't interact and this is where I find myself a lot of the time. How to plan and forward think without going overboard and not be neurotic about it. Knowing something is coming , but not what or when, is the crux of the matter. The knowledge which Laura has given us about the future has a two-fold effect on me. On one side it really is terrifying and on the other an chance to learn. Attempting to find a balance between both is a daily effort. Having a husband or member of the family to share this with would make a big difference to me. This, however, is not the case so I'm continually trying to not think in a vacuum

Where we are and what we see seems to have some importance so we will soldier on and grow hopefully.
Knowing something is coming , but not what or when, is the crux of the matter. The knowledge which Laura has given us about the future has a two-fold effect on me. On one side it really is terrifying and on the other an chance to learn. Attempting to find a balance between both is a daily effort. Having a husband or member of the family to share this with would make a big difference to me. This, however, is not the case so I'm continually trying to not think in a vacuum.

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Session 28 December 2019

A: Now, we would like to say something of to all: Soon things in your realm will become very chaotic and strange. It will give chills to many. Be not alarmed! It will pass and there will be a new reality to explore. Cosmic forces will be displayed and there will be many searching for answers. Be prepared to give the help that is needed. Be together in love and peace. Goodbye.

I’ve had numerous dreams of tsunamis, and a recent curiosity. Years ago, I had a dream, I lived alone (always alone in the tsunami dreams) and I was looking out the window and saw the tsunami coming fast. Any kind of escape was impossible. I wasn’t fearful just took a strait back chair, turned it away from the window and the oncoming tsunami, sat myself in it and took in all the beauty of the house and garden thinking how lucky I had been to be there, then blam, blank, wake up. That was may be 20 years ago, and a world away.

btw: this particular tsumami was not of water but dirt rock and boulders, more like a pyroclastic blast.

A few weeks ago, it dawned on me how the house I live in now, resembles the tsunami dream house, down to the straight back chairs in the kitchen next to the window. And I live about as close as one can to the Cascadia subduction zone, North Bend Oregon. And its pretty easy for me to think I’ve had an “insight” or whatever.

Having said that, I have been given (in dreams) geological coordinates, names, numbers, dates, etc. and NEVER been able to find any practical use of them in this waking world. I haven’t given up, but I don’t get excited anymore.

I have no intention of leaving the area, I am where I am, and there is no safe place on the earth. If you’re on the planet earth, you’re in danger, nuff said.

When I first came here the local authorities where running the sirens every week about mid-day to remind everyone of the dangers of a possible tsunami. One person spoke on public tv and said essentially, “hey knock it off, I’m trying to raise my family here!” The sirens have stopped.

I did a search of the Cascadia “issue” and found if you look up “Cascadia earthquake”, is give the dates of the incidents, the shortest period of time is 320 years (that’s where we are today, 320 years from the last occurrence) the longest period in between is 900 years and the average somewhere in the 500 year range. So, it appears to me that the groups that come around often are using the earliest possible numbers to say its ready to go off now. And maybe it is, and maybe not.
I feel much comforted by what you've all said. I realize I was indulging in some short-term, 3D thinking, which is easy to do when you feel like you're all alone. Far better, I think now, to accept what comes...and if my last act can be one of kindness, helping someone else, that is all one can wish for.

Adobe, your tsunami dream reminded me of one I had many years ago, only I was in a room at the top of a high-rise hotel on a beautiful beach. I was watching the wave approach. The top of it appeared to be higher than the hotel. I realized there was nowhere to go that would be safe from something that enormous, so I just stood there at the window watching it knowing everything was about to change drastically. Then I woke up, rather surprised to be alive. It had seemed so real.
Adobe, your tsunami dream reminded me of one I had many years ago,
Me too, back in the late 90s. Visions or dreams of the ocean's reclaiming the land on long the coast, with massive wall's of water slowly moving inland and rising high above sea level.

February 26, 2020

Nov 8, 2019
Shaking from further away could be more violent for Seattle and it’s suborns than closer in during a magnitude 9 earthquake from the Cascadia Subduction Zone

Cascadia: The Earthquake that will Destroy Westcoast America
Jul 14, 2020 / 24:50
Cascadia fault zone, rough statistics …

It is 620 mi long and 300 mi wide at widest point. That comes to about a 2000 mi perimeter and covering 110,000 square miles. Now the depth varies from 300-10,000 feet, I will use about half of this depth of approximately 1 mile deep as an average.

Here is an image that I recently came across of the coastline of north-western USA. Shows more of those rivers that are now underwater, but that’s another story.


1 cu mi = 1,100,000,000,000 gallons of water with the Cascadia fault zone possible of producing 121,000,000,000,000,000 gallons of water in a surge.

If it were to collapse in one quick motion, there would be a wave buildup of a mile high stretching from Vancouver Island in Canada to Eureka in Norther California. Ouch! I expect that this is very unlikely to happen in one quick motion. It will probably happen in two or three stages with the first being the greatest possibility of producing a wave of one half a mile high. Now this wave would not produce this height as it will quickly flow outwards. So, let’s take this wave down another degree, maybe half this height or less. Let’s round this down to a 1 thousand foot tall wave. Still twice the height of the wave stated by the C’s. And it could be more, much much more.

We will be lucky if it is only 500 feet tall. I expect that it will most likely be somewhere in between these numbers.

My intent here is not to create fear or a panic situation, although I find anxiety in myself just producing this information. As most of you now know, I live in an affected zone of this event. I am at about 790-800 feet of elevation. If I live through the quakes to reach the time of the Cascadia wave, I am only protected by local hills for a wave of 1000 feet, that includes any splash factor.

I have at the request of individuals, briefed them on this situation. Yea their jaws dropped. But one requester did not want to know. But instead asked me ‘If I know this information, why am I staying in this path of destruction and not getting out of here?’

It is a good question.

I believe that it all comes down to a few facts.

First, I understand that only the body dies, not the mind or your sprit, your soul.

Lessons to be learned. Some of the greatest lessons are done during extreme catastrophes. If not our own lesson, we need to guide others with their lessons during this time.

Observation … of everything. I am emphatically stuck watching this reality as I am sure you are too. Trying to pick out the bits of knowledge in this enormous smoke screen. It has been more enjoyable since we have the C’s pieces to pick apart.

This is all why I am not leaving quite yet. I am here for the show and I got a balcony seat. I have an alternate path for being here.

Enough of that.

Update on Hollister …

I expect that there are a few out there closely watching to see if next year, is the year for this major event. As for the rest of you, here is the current earthquake picture. It is actually looking better for a natural event to happen here. Good shaking all around the area.


The image is of all earthquakes for the last 3 months, size 0.0 and above (363 Earthquakes shown). This new image is due to an upgrade to the USGS software so it can load larger data sets. I like it as I can load years of data at a time.

As for where I am, it has been shaking quite good lately. Nothing over a 4.0 so far but I expect that to change anytime soon.

Do not let the little things bother you now, big items are on the horizon. Going to make all those political, environmental, social troubles look like a baby’s dilemma. Hold Fast, Haiku …
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