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Cascadia update: July 23, 2022 …

Here is the latest on the trigger area of this event, Hollister. I have a picture of all earthquakes in the local area for the last year of time. As you can see this area looks like it is primed for release. But if you notice the major fault line, San Andreas fault, kind of stopped it activity north of the area in question. The Hayward and Calaveras fault lines seems to be taking all of the displacement energy from Hollister and north of it. This is putting undue stress on the San Andreas fault line. The good news, if that could actually be used here, there has not been too many larger quakes, that being more than 4.0.

This I would consider is an increase of earthquakes since the first of the year, as suggested by the C’s. This could be exponentially more in the future, that we will have to wait and see.


Hollister, Fair activity. Palo Alto, minimal activity. Imperial, large amount of activity around this area + a mud volcano to the south. Ukiah, scattered activity (nothing larger than 3.0). Eureka, way past the point of being ready (this area is ready to blow). Point Mendocino, very minimal activity. Monterrey, activity out in ocean/minimal activity. Offshore San Luis Obispo, very low activity. Capistrano, large amount of activity north of area/nothing larger than 4.0. Carmel: almost nothing for activity.

Areas of large concern in the last month starts with the Los Angeles/San Bernardino area and goes south and south-east over to the Salton Sea. Next is the area north of LA where it has been shaking still since their main event years ago. Then the large group around Mono Lake which is always seeing aggressive shaking (Caldera making noise). And more local to me is the geysers in Sonoma County where they are feeding underground steam fields with treated sewage water to keep them steaming. (Of note: Mt. Konocti, a mud volcano north of the steam fields, is seeing land sinking several homes in the area just south-east of the mountain. Old lava tubes are possibly collapsing? The mountain is not showing any other signs of abnormal activity.)

In conclusion, I expect that the activity that I am seeing is more than normal but obviously not enough to trigger this event. We are still in a holding pattern as I expect that this current earthquake activity will exponentially increase from where we are today. Still watching and waiting, Haiku …


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Good Day to all of the woken believers out there. Just giving an earthquake update. I have one year of earthquakes shown on all of the images. As you can see things are getting more active this year with many groups of quakes rattling the areas. This one is of the central valley, I placed an ‘X’ at Hollister because you cannot see it very well from all the activity. There are still gaps showing in San Mateo and by Santa Cruz, build up points or just slow fault movements, I am not too sure.
This next one is of my local area, it has seen an increase in quakes and many of these local ones I felt. Now in this image you can see the group below Clear Lake, again this is because of geyser activity of man pumping treated waste water down on top of a hot plate below the ground. Personally I think that this is foolish as sooner or later it is going to hit a nerve down there and who knows what it will give back, I’m still awaiting the earths response.
This one is my favorite. Look at the gap between LA and the northern valleys. I see this a lot here, why, I couldn’t tell you. It is an area of heavy quake action when quakes hit. In 1983 Coalinga was hit with 6.2 and it just about leveled the town. Can’t imagine why. (Sarcasm)
Here is the greater LA basin. I have much concern and apprehension for this area as my wife has family members living in some of these worse quake areas.
This next one is the icing on the cake. It is the whole Cascadia area. I added an arrow to the image of where a sensor was lost a few years back. When they went to investigate they found the chain that was tied to it was now buried in a magma flow that cooled. Better hang on …
Remember, ‘In case of earthquake, run for cover before you Facebook about it. Haiku …


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“In 1983 Coalinga was hit with 6.2 and it just about leveled the town. Can’t imagine why. (Sarcasm)”

Truly hilarious on so many levels of dark and stanky humor.

…God tried and failed.

(That comment is only understandable if you have ever punched the accelerator up to 95mph on I-5, closed all the air vents and tried to hold your breath for the 7 or 8 minutes it takes to blast by at warp speed. You, see, there is a very sad but immense commercial feed lot there and the temperature goes above 100 in the summer producing the most intense and nauseating reek that is discernible a good mile and a half before you even get there.)

Add in the toxic waste dump in Kettleman City (nearby) and there’s another good reason for God to act.

To be fair, I did have to stop for gas once and ate at a taco truck that was only half bad. Iceberg lettuce on tacos adobado?


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Hope Ya'll are ok​

Lots of aftershocks, likely damage

6.4 magnitude earthquake 12 km from Ferndale, California, United States

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