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I didn't find any sort of cleaning or housework threads in a search, so I guess this cleaning question fits here:

I plan to do some cleaning soon in spaces that I know have a lot of dust bunnies. We've also had mice problems so that's a concern. Although we cleaned out a room in 2021 and I recall dust in the air to the point where I coughed and felt a little ill for maybe half a day, I'd want to wear a mask or something at least this time.

My main concern is that since the pandemic, it's come out that the microfibers in masks have titanium particles and other bad stuff in them. Were they always like that? I mean, in the "old times" people would wear a mask when cutting the grass and stuff like that. What do you cover your face with when cleaning? I have an air purifier that I haven't used yet and that might help too.

If there's a more appropriate thread, perhaps someone can let us know and we can move it.

Anyway, part of the concern with mask wearing was the length of time that people would be wearing them - the bacteria and viruses that would grow in the mask, the rebreathing of CO2, lack of oxygen, and so on - and for 8+ hours a day, every day, for months and more, but it doesn't sound like you'll be wearing them for any length of time that should be of any concern. When doing particular kinds of work - construction, deep cleaning - many of us will wear masks appropriate to the job.

I'm guessing the majority of masks recommended will suffice for what you're talking about. If you were to be doing it for a long term job, then perhaps you could look into the pros/cons of particular masks.

Having worked in an old hangar where mice had been living and that was also particularly dusty I would recommend some type of face covering because their detritus seems to become more easily air borne.

I came across one of the sessions the other day and the ensuing discussion made a lot of sense, it was basically about heavy metal toxicity and cleaning products, and my takeaway was that for some of our needs and activities, we're going to be exposed to toxicities of various kinds, and one of the best actions we can take is to also support our bodies ability to detox.

That doesn't necessarily mean going on a serious detox regime because one has done a few days worth of cleaning, it could just mean adding a bit of milk thistle and vitamin C supplementation to your routine, or whatever seems appropriate to the activity done. For cleaning and masks, i imagine that something general would be sufficient. There are threads in the health section that will cover those questions.
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