What's the weather where you are?


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In Alaska, it is about 28°F. We are getting enough daylight to cause daytime melting - night time freezing. It sure feels warm though when the sun shines.
The snowfall is consistent with a inch or two every few days. It seems to come down at night, because I never see it come down.
Thinking about last summer, it has been a continuous pattern of precipitation - frequent but small amounts with lots of sun and warmth in between.

I saw a weather video that showed satellite imagery of the northern hemisphere, and there were two warm air jets: one was at the Bering Strait, between Alaska and Russia, and the other on the opposite side of the globe - probably near Sweden where XPan lives - and of course, they were going northward. So, the jets are splitting the cold arctic air mass, forming a mass of its own, pushing the cold air southward.
It's just interesting to see it without the weather terminology.


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In south west Wales today it was a sunny and very warm 12C. I got up early (thank you melatonin), had breakfast then went on a 3 mile walk, just to clear the cobwebs from the brain. I actually overdressed and was too warm on the walk. We've been suffering frozen conditions and heavy rain this last week, so today was a welcome respite, and I'm glad I took advantage of it and went for an early walk! We suffer damp conditions round here so it's always a bonus to have a sunny day. I had a funny serene moment wen I was looking at a waterfall on my rural walk, and the sunlight on the tumbling water seemed almost electric. Just dancing geometric squiggles, hypnotic to apprehend. I stood and smoked a cig, taking this little display in. Ordinary life can be amazing at times in its small, subtle way.

Outlook is fairly good for the coming week so maybe a few more walks are in order. I always try and find a positive outlook whatever the weather's doing, seems to help me stay stabilised. With our homeless in mind however, I always hope that temps are on the mild side. I suffered tough times when I was younger, but was never made homeless. I really feel for those people round winter time. I saw some kids out playing earlier too, and they were in shorts and t-shirts. In mid Feb! Cold weather adaptation it was not, this felt like an early spring.


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Warm spring weather on the fourth consecutive day of beautiful sunshine in Hungary, East EU. On Tuesday in full sunshine - between noon and 3pm - I did a 120+ minutes fasted sprinting athletic exercise. If March remains this warm, there is a chance that we had only one 4 inch snow and an earlier fast-melting 1 inch snow during the whole winter.


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The Netherlands piles up a string of heat records.

Heat record: Earliest ever "spring" week in NL


Sunny winter day in Amsterdam winner55 DepositPhotos Deposit Photos

Thursday, February 25, 2021 - 09:41

Heat record: Earliest ever "spring" week in NL

Wednesday marked the fourth consecutive day-heat record broken at the national weather station in De Bilt, when temperatures climbed to 16.9 degrees at 12:30 p.m. And with that, two more records were broken. This is the first ever winter with five days of maximums above 15 degrees in the Netherlands. And the high temperatures mean that this week will get the "spring" label - the earliest one ever measured in the country, Weerplaza reported.

The previous heat record for February 24, since temperature measurements started in 1901, was 16.7 degrees in 1990. The first heat record of this streak was broken on Sunday, with a maximum of 16.9 degrees Celsius in De Bilt. Monday was the second broken record at 16.2, and Tuesday the third at 17.8.

The previous record for number of "mild days", with maximums above 15 degrees, dated from 2019 with four days. In the previous century, there were never more than three mild days in the winter.

This is also the earliest spring week ever recorded. "On average, the first spring week starts around 29 March. In the previous climate period this was 3 days later, in the middle of the last century around 10 April, and at the beginning of the last century the average was around 13 April," Wilfred Janssen of Weerplaza said.

From Thursday, Weerplaza expects lower maximums and no further day heat records broken for the time being. The 2021 counter for heat records will therefore remain at four for the time being.

Last year, 13 heat records were set in De Bilt, and one single cold record. "The fact that more heat records than cold records are being broken is due to global warming. Without warming, the ratio between heat records and cold records would be virtually the same," Weerplaza meteorologist Raymond Klaassen said.


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All time High Temperature Record for February in Sweden


It is not every day when we get a new national record in temperatures. This time it is the highest ever measured temperature during any February in history, with 17.0°C (62.6°F) at Kalmar airport. I should add, that the number is still of preliminary nature (*) and our Swedish Weather Institute SMHI, will have to check it manually for final approval.

The earlier February record is of fresh date; 16.7°C (62°F) in Karlshamn on 26 feb 2019 in southern Sweden. And before that, it was 16.5°C (61.7°F) measured in Ölvingstorp on 18 Feb 1961. All previous records (even at other stations) are from feb 1961 & feb 2019.

What's the outlook for Stockholm ?

The sun has been very shy in the past 7 days - not much was seen of her. In general the mild weather will continue, on the verge of springtime temperatures until 3 of March - but then comes the big drop (for some days). Nevertheless, with a sun in march standing higher above the horizon - being much stronger - even in a cold airmass, the temperatures will be able to go above freezing during daytime (in Stockholm). March in Scandinavia is a month in which springtime makes its first attempts to tango with father Frost... Most often, but not always, it is father Frost who rows home the victory.


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Wintry Stockholm
11 Mar 2021

Today, it looks and feels very wintry in Stockholm - the unpleasant kind of weather where you barely want to stick your nose outside. What makes it feel so "urrk", are the strong wind gusts today. It is more dramatic to the naked eye, but much less so in a photo (because it isn't as easy to photograph). I believe the wind gusts are locally enhanced through the buildings. My trees in front of my balcony (on the other side of the photo), bend pretty hard at times.

Otherwise, there is nothing usual about having winter in mid March in Stockholm. Temperatures hover around freezing point, and the amount of snow / precipitation is nothing to write home about. Tomorrow we will get +6°C (43°F) - the snow will quickly go mush again.


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Going out
11 March 2021

I decided to follow my husband out into the swirl of snow and winds - and boy it was so fun. It is said "There is no bad weather - only bad clothes". The snow was of the kind that is perfect for making snow men - which the kids from the neighboring school already had created. The snow depth has increased to 10 cm.

2021-03-11_02.jpg 2021-03-11_05.jpg


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It’s not stopped raining here on the Mid North Coast, NSW over the past 24 hours, with some roads closed due to flooding. More severe weather is forecast with severe rain, wind and flood warnings for the weekend, temperatures ranging between 18-22*C.



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Stockholm: +15°C (59°F) • 23 March 2021



While larger parts of Europe have pretty chilly weather

especially the area around Sicily, where it is cold with snow at higher elevations. Where Nicolosi in Sicily, the "Portal to Etna" at 750 meter, reports snowflakes this morning. And Catania at he Sea only +10°C (50°F) as well Athens in Greece - which is a temperature that you normally can get in January in winter.

Snow in Sicily

Also the center of Sicily is reporting snowfall (Caltanissetta). Even on top of the Stromboli Volcano north of Sicily, a light dusting of snow has been reported this morning.

Anti cyclone over Central Europe

makes the earlier cold air "rest" within it's realm, which means, the airmass comes to rest. This creates pretty low temperatures at night and early mornings. While then gradually warming up over the upcoming days. On its west and north flank, mild air is transported to Scandinavia - only temporarily - creating this funny bubble of sudden springtime like temperatures - in which Gladhammar in SE Sweden reports 15.9°C. (60.6°F)

Is it unusual ? Not really.

Springtime is a very dynamic weather period, in which you encounter both cold "break-ins", as well unseasonably warm air flowing into a region. Again, in March - the Northern Hemisphere is still a vast place of very cold air readily available - and therefore still can create winter conditions in any area of Europe.

An example: Sicily is often colder than Northern Italy in spring. (Except when warm scirocco winds come directly from the south). The cold-ish sea around Sicily, keeps the temperatures a bit lower, too, while warm air masses via Spain and France, more easily penetrate northern Italy, compared to Sicily.

Perks & Patterns

So, every landscape area have their perks and patterns, mingling with seasonal weather patterns and variations, different air masses and their respective characteristics, and of course dependent on where cyclones and anti-cyclones develop, as well geographical influences like mountains, lakes and oceans having a strong impact, dependent on the season you are in.

Another example: An anti-cyclone over Central Europe during late spring/early summer, can occasionally bring high temperatures (> 30°C / 86°F) to Sweden and in Sicily or Lisbon 20°C (68°F) in Portugal !

Stockholm. Today

Once thing is absolutely wonderful: THE LIGHT !!!!!!!!!! It's so much more now - you can feel it among the people, and in your body, and I notice it in my plants at the window, which have grown considerably as of lately.

Dark winter... is over.


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It's currently snowing (wet snow) in the Netherlands! In the southwest region at least. In northern and eastern parts of the country it snowed during Easter. It hasn't snowed during Easter since 2013. Here's a collection of clips:



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I can´t believe that we were sunbathing at +27 degrees just one week ago, here in NRW / West Germany!!!
We´ve spend 30.-31.3. by the Rhein river, kids running trough the water, sandy shores filled with families barbequing like it´s middle of the summer.
And now we´re at 5 degrees. This morning we had a strong wind mixed with rain that turns to ice/snow. Prognosis for today and tomorrow is snow and then a week of rain....
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