Where to move.. Europe Ice-Age - Poland

I actually moved, that's why I weren't here over a month.
I moved to my hometown, I was living couple of years on the coast.
It happened somehow it's self. I don't know how to explain, an opportunity occured and we packed our bags in few days and came home. Maybe something like that will happen in your case :). I just wanted to say that I've missed the Forum, I feel really happy when I'm here and you are reminding me to stay aware. Tnx, bye
Not only Nostradamus - two third of Polish prophets say that soon there will raise bananas! ;)

Ale to już naczytasz się tutaj... :)
It is true, that many od them have same timeline and direction. It only means that human species just mised all warnings and we are going to hit our unpleasant destiny, as whole. Some units will do better, saddly, some. So stay in Poland and enjoy show.
Man adapts in Lapland, Finland :cool2:


Published on Dec 2, 2016
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