1. mugatea

    The collapse of Apple & Google dream

    Vague dream last night where I was looking down on what was the Apple corp skyscraper and the top snapped off and fell. The building seemed very hard but brittle. Then next to it, the top of the Google skyscraper broke off and fell. I can't remember but one of the buildings had a giant...
  2. XPan

    Most bizarre "Dream" experiences during the age of 6

    I have always wanted to write this down - and yet always felt reluctant to do so. 6-7 years of age It is about an episode in my life between the age of around 6-7 years old, when I lived with my mother in the outskirts of West Berlin, in Rudow near the wall. She was already divorced from my...
  3. W

    Psychic Attack

    Hi everyone, hope you are all remaining strong during these bizarre times. I have a good friend of mine who had a terrifying experience last night that she was able to share with me. It reminded me of one I had read in 'High Strangeness: Hyperdimensions and the Process of Alien Abduction'. I...
  4. Benjamin

    Dream: "Ask for what you need"

    Years ago (1998-ish? I don't really remember) I had a dream where I was climbing up a spiral staircase. The stairs and walls were made of stone. There were no windows nor any light-source at all that I was aware of, but the ambient light was well-lit and warm. As I continued, having no idea how...
  5. Benjamin

    Dream: The Ships

    Dream- The Ships (c.1995) I had this dream shortly after graduating from high school. After doing a search on the Forum, I see that spaceships (and invasion) in dreams are not uncommon. My dream opened with me and a good high school friend walking down a street in a town in which I lived...
  6. Benjamin

    2 Dreams- "The Satanic image"

    -"The Satanic Image" (c. 2005-2009) The dream opened with me standing at the top of the stairs looking down (7 stairs) into the basement of our house. There was a lot of stuff down there, but what was more important was the little, bright red dot that shone exactly on whatever I was looking at...
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