19 Year Cycle Lunar Standstill Upcoming

hkoehli said:

1) Lance
2) Chalice
3) Lyre
4) Dancing Shoes
5) Portable Stonehenge
6) Magnetic Center

Hmm... Some of those might be hard to acquire in the next month. :)
Copy of Riverdance to get a basic idea of spear arm dancing perhaps? :P
mark said:
I am re-reading some stuff in SHoTW and Jessup indicates that maybe such nodal points are used as dimensional portals, which seems to imply a two-way street. So while on the one hand such an event as the upcoming one could be highly beneficial in an STO way provided the opportunity is used properly, it might also be highly beneficial for 4D STS. I thought of looking back to around 1987 (about 18 to 19 years ago) to see how much UFO flap there was. There might be some interesting concentrations of events.
This reminds me of people being 'food for the moon' and this:
Adventure Series ch 6 said:
When you read the collected information of Charles Fort, you see that the "alien reality" that is so widely reported today was just as active then as it is now. In fact, you see that it may be somewhat "cyclical." Just as we have cycles of food production, planting, growing and harvesting, so may hyperdimensional beings harvest us according to some "seasonal" rule.
And then there is the stuff Laura mentioned before in another post about August being 42 months since the start of the Iraq war. Talked about in this thread http://www.cassiopaea.org/forum/index.php?topic=2304
Joe said:
Laura said:
August will be 42 months after the beginning of the war on Iraq. Maybe I'm out in left field, but maybe the historical cycle does have some meaning.
Actually, September 19th will be exactly 42 months since the beginning of the Iraqi invasion, and with September 11th marking the six year anniversary of 9/11 - the defining event from which all else springs - who could ask for better timing to get "Armageddon" into full swing! Joe
Maybe all of the build-up over the past few years of tension, etc. was to season us up for a big emotional harvest.
The "spear-armed dancing "always remindes me of sufi-dancing where you spin
with your arms streched out,one palm up
the other palm down and your head leaning
to one side.As for the portable stonehenge
maybe some granit rocks will work or even
quartz cristals in a geometric arrangement
like a pentegram or a hexagram,or even
switched on mobil phones?
The music ,I feel ,could be sung by the dancers something in a pentatonic scale
like Amazing Grace or Danni Boy.
Another question I have is should people in
the southern hemishere spin clockwise or anticlockwise
rrraven, check out this topic for some info on spinning: http://www.cassiopaea.org/forum/index.php?topic=2916

The 3rd post down is where the discussion about spinning begins.
I think that all external devices here are quite useless uneless your inner preparedness have reached certain level. Reading materials like Secret History and other Kassiopeia stuff IMO helps to reach that level. Maybe more than anything else in this planet at this point of "time", beside actual life experinces "here and elsewhere".

So, when using crystals, hexagrams, tetrahedrons in whatever way and combination, we don't know what we are doing. Concerning these matters we have only fragments of an unknown science.

I can recommend only fasting and drinking a lot of PURE water. Maybe then, you can raise your sensitiveness to this subject.

After all, regarding this subject, can actions taken by individuals or groups be both - STO and STS?
Well except the date that seems quite clear, we obviously have to clarify the other parameters (only 14 days left ;) )

When ? 2006/09/02 at 22:41 (universal time)
Where ? Obviously no specific location if any member of the group is meant to participe
What equipment ? a lot of propositions : nothing at all, spears, swords, crystal,...
What preparation ? fasting ? drinking pure water ?
What activity ? dancing ? spinning ? celebrating ? listening to music ? community thinking ?

Listing the different ideas reminds me of the Cs explaining why they answered : "because you asked, you didn't beg and you didn't command".

Knowing the importance of free-will, it might be useful while celebrating to sincerely ask for "graduation".

Another question : do you think we all should perform the same thing ? Maybe the non customazible features are the state of mind (graduation, community, celebration) and the date. The rest (music, dance, location...) depends on the specificitie of each one ?
I wonder how this relates to the 3.5 year cycle that suggests "something wicked this way comes" for August/September timeframe (3.5 yrs since iraq war started)? Interesting that the likes of Alex Jones are screaming that something bad will happen in next couple of weeks/months. Knowing that he's disinfo, some have suggested that he's being set up for a big flop and to pull the "911 truth movement" with him. But if his screaming is a setup/flop, why does it coincide with the 3.5 yr cycle that Laura/others have noticed a long time ago and thus entertained the possibility for an "event" in this timeframe as well? So I think that there will be an event, but not necessarily what Jones/disinfo predict.

What if this "big event" IS the flop of Jones and a hit to the 911 truth movement as a result when his predictions for a big event do not pan out? So the irony is that the "big event" might be the LACK of any "big event", but because the disinfo guys in the right places were screaming about it, people don't want to listen to them and by "association" decide that 911 truth movement is all just nonsense too, and THAT could be the "event" in and of itself.

I see 2 likely scenarios in our very near future (but I also know how cunning/unpredictable the PTB can be so I wouldn't really bet on them either):

I think the most likely scenario is that Bush and his cabinet are being set up for a big fall, very soon. His ratings are abysmal and falling, and if the curbing of the freedoms of Americans continues, it has to be done by a government that America does not collectively hate - otherwise there is a good risk that America just refuses to take it any more and the whole "Curbing of freedoms" thing might suffer a blow, and we know PTB can't have that! So I think a highly likely plan is that Bush is replaced by a puppet that is NOT (currently) collectively despised by a majority of Americans, and so they will be more inclined to accept irrational/draconian measures when coming from that new guy than they would accept them from Bush. This way they can continue the war on terror and maybe step it up a few notches in the homeland to prepare for the upcoming cometary surprise. I know that Americans have accepted draconian measures and lies from Bush so far, but their dissatisfaction with him is growing and this makes it more and more difficult for him to get away with it. He is on a very fragile ground, and so it might benefit the PTB to put some in office who is not on fragile ground, at least for a while.

But another way this may go is a bloody revolution where instead of replacing Bush with a new guy and then stepping up the "herding of the population to a finer order of control" a few notches inside US, the whole country is engulfed in bloody war and taken out of the picture entirely. One reason for that might be because the world is collectively sick of America, and so it might be kinda difficult to now use America as the bringer of the NWO. In other words, it might have worn out its usefulness to the PTB, and maybe it was never intended to fully bring upon NWO but to be a major player to help it along the way and then be replaced. I suspect that the world, being already fed up almost to the limit with US, might have a serious problem if US tries to cross any more lines. However, if this was done by a country that most people do not yet hate, the world might be more tolerant of "line crossing" for a while longer.

And I guess the point is to continue the "herding of the population to a finer order of control" but at the same time to constantly manage people's perspective of what's happening. So when one guy does it for too long, it is bad, because people steadily grow sick of that guy and so it becomes more and more difficult for that guy to escape public scrutiny. But if he is replaced with a new guy, then the new guy can just take the torch and continue since his "image" is not yet bad. And by the time HIS image is also bad, he can be replaced with another guy who just continues on, and so on. So I guess it's all about maintaining an "impression" or an "image".

This reminds me of how some people work. They would interview for a job, seem to fit and so get the job, and by the time their bosses figure out that they're incompetent and don't really know what's going on, they would've received a few months' paychecks. Then they move on to the next job, also being there just long enough and faking it till they are fired, and moving on to the next, and so on. In the end, they can end up working in a field and receiving a decent paycheck without being competent - because the process of evaluation/training of new employees can be long enough for them to receive those few paychecks that they came there for. So it's one way that a system that cannot sustain itself can be kept going for longer than it otherwise would, osit.

So anyway, either way I see the US government almost certainly being replaced. Either it will be replaced to alter the people's image of the government and continue the draconian path, or replaced violently to cause revolution while Israel rapes what's left of America's resources/weapons/money, kinda like running around the battlefield and extracting the gold fillings from dead bodies. But if this is the case, who would take up the torch of leading the NWO if not the US? I mean technically US never "led" it since it is controlled by Israel, but it was like the really strong henchman - where will Israel find another really strong henchman if it kills this one off?

Also, in martial law there prolly cannot be an internet for "security reasons" so this MIGHT mean that access to this site and this forum *may* be coming to an end in the next few months. It just seems like whenever the air is as it is now, there is always this risk of the internet being targeted and taken out, so it might benefit to print things out and have them available offline, or just save them as files etc. Not to mention that the e-books might be here just in time too, since that's a perfect way (not to mention cheap!) to have these resources on our computer's offline.

But I wonder what this "trigger" might be that could set off this chain reaction of events? I remember Laura saying maybe a comet. But that would make me wonder, could this be the "few drops" before the downpour? Hmm..
maybe this excerpt from the Chapter 26 of Adventures can help...

Adventures said:
And this brings us to a further revelation of Diodorus regarding the Hyperboreans:

And there is also on the island both a magnificent sacred precinct of Apollo and a notable temple which is adorned with many votive offerings and is spherical in shape. Furthermore, a city is there which is sacred to this god, and the majority of its inhabitants are players on the cithara; and these continually play on this instrument in the temple and sing hymns of praise to the god, glorifying his deeds...

They say also that the moon, as viewed from this island, appears to be but a little distance from the earth and to have upon it prominences, like those of the earth, which are visible to the eye. The account is also given that the god visits the island every nineteen years, the period in which the return of the stars to the same place in the heavens is accomplished, and for this reason the nineteen year period is called by the Greeks the "year of Meton."

At the time of this appearance of the god he both plays on the cithara and dances continuously the night through from the vernal equinox until the rising of the Pleiades, expressing in this manner his delight in his successes. And the kings of this city and the supervisors of the sacred precinct are called Boreades, since they are descendants of Boreas, and the succession to these positions is always kept in their family.[Ibid.]
Axel_Dunor said:
Another question : do you think we all should perform the same thing ? Maybe the non customazible features are the state of mind (graduation, community, celebration) and the date. The rest (music, dance, location...) depends on the specificitie of each one ?
I think we should all do a group spin or at least include one.
Say! Seems you have already demonstrated through your avatar just
how to spin! AWESOME!!! :D
For those wondering, on the east coast (GMT - 5), the time 22:41 translates to 17:41 which is 5:41pm on the 2nd of Sept.

Edited cuz i messed up my GMT->EST Translation, Thanks Kris!
For those wondering, on the west coast (GMT - 8), the time 22:41 translates to 14:41 which is 3:41pm on the 2nd of Sept.
eh, I think you made a type-o, wouldn't it be 2:41?

Incidently I changed my avatar a few days ago to commemorate this since the sun is on the verge of starting a new cycle of its own - It's now both the sun and the moon, fused together using one of my i-ching based mandalas. I'm not sure if I like it though ... but there is only so much one can do with 100 by 100 pixels ...
Cyre2067 said:
For those wondering, on the east coast (GMT - 4), the time 22:41 translates to 18:41 which is 6:41pm on the 2nd of Sept.
Actually, I believe that east coast is (GMT - 5)

I have three questions about this event :

* About timing. When (how many minutes before 10.41 UT) and how long would you dance on the 2nd of September ? The Cs recommend 3X33 spins. Would you wait between each set ? How long ? would you do more than three sets ? ...

* About what might happen. Actually I feel very naive and very vain to believe something might happen. I mean graduating to 4D STO is the greatest dream a man could ever achieve. I feel very naive and vain to believe it might happen to me. Did you experience those thoughts ?

* and the silliest question to finish. Well if this graduation happens (and we are not existing anymore as we were before), Did you plan some testimonies, donations or similar things ? Did you plan things for the ones you loves ?
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