19 Year Cycle Lunar Standstill Upcoming

Definitely planning a celebration and spin at my house in NC. But remember, NO ANTICIPATION! Here's a link to something interesting for those in Massachusetts: Forestdance
Lol Axel, we're not going anywhere yet. Too much to do before we leave.

I think i'll have a barbeque. 5:41 on a friday evening seems perfect timing for that.

See how many people i can get spinning on my logs (i have a small group about 12 logs, cut to about 2.5ft, about jumping distance apart, they make great standing meditation thingies).
Cyre said:
I think i'll have a barbeque. 5:41 on a friday evening seems perfect timing for that.
If you're trying to have the bbq on the day of the lunar standstill, you might want to move it to Saturday the 2nd. ;)

Also, since it's daylight saving time still - it will be 6:41 EST, I believe. MST is GMT -6 hours during Daylight Savings time, so that would be 4:41 pm - thus, EST would be 6:41 pm.
Axel_Dunor said:
* and the silliest question to finish. Well if this graduation happens (and we are not existing anymore as we were before), Did you plan some testimonies, donations or similar things ? Did you plan things for the ones you loves ?
Like 4th density postcards? Anyone know the currency exchange rate from 4th density to $USD? :D

It probably would not be so simple to just interfere with the lives of 3rd density when you're on 4th (assuming you're STO), considering free will, lessons, and all that. That and I don't think we're "there" yet by September :P
Wow, im full of little errors. Looked at my calender and somehow saw the 2nd as a friday.

Okay, so saturday... 2nd of sept.... 6:41pm est? I'm close right?

Laura said:
Based on my handy American Ephemeris for the 21st Century, it looks like it'll be 22:41 (few seconds either way) UT (GMT).
Cyre2067 said:
Wow, im full of little errors. Looked at my calender and somehow saw the 2nd as a friday.

Okay, so saturday... 2nd of sept.... 6:41pm est? I'm close right?
Too much confusion! Use this: http://www.timezoneconverter.com/cgi-bin/tzc.tzc :D

22:41:00 Saturday September 2, 2006 in GMT converts to
18:41:00 Saturday September 2, 2006 in US/Eastern


10:41:00 p.m. Saturday September 2, 2006 in GMT converts to
06:41:00 p.m. Saturday September 2, 2006 in US/Eastern
Let's be observant though. Don't get carried away in a moment of frenzied spinning and frollicking about, then a dimentional portal suddenly appears and 'spring heeled fred' pops through.
From March 16th, 1244 to September 2nd, 2006 there are (roughly) 278490,5 days [170 days from March 16th to September 2nd, and 762 X 365,25 = 278320,5 days from 1244 to 2006].

If you divide those 278490,5 days by 41 (40 + 1) cycles you get 6792,45 days that is 18.6 years i.e. the duration for the alignment of the 4 dominant nutation cycles

Would there be a similarity between what happened to the last 200 cathars who sang together during their last minutes and what might happen on September 2nd 2006 ?

The nutation cycle timing could explain the following : (translation from http://www.cathares.org/chronologie.html)

cathares.org said:
Started in May 1243, the siege of "Satan's synagogue" according to the catholics ended 10 month later.

Negociations started on the 1st of March 1244, but Montsegur castle totally surrended only 15 days later.

Perhaps that this delay allowed the Cathars to perform a manichean celebration that happened during the spring equinoxe.

Montsegur heretics will be burnt alive on March 16, 1244 in a gigantic fire installed at the bottom of the Montsegur moutain (the "Prat dels Cremats", or the field of the burnt ones).
Laura said:
I think it is most important for everyone who wants to try something to have read Secret History so as to have all the clues I was able to gather about this event.

What strikes me as most significant is the "Dancing God" and music and the "celebratory" nature of the interaction.

So, ya'll do read up on it and then pool observations and suggestions.

The Whirling Dervishes - Excerpts from the book by Ira Friedlander

'Mevlana was aware of the movement and sound in all of the planets. The sema, or whirling dance, of the dervishes is an expression of the cosmic joy experienced by the simultaneous effect of annihilation and glorification.

"It is the witnessing of the state of perceiving the mysteries of God through the heavens of divinity. Sema is to fight with one's self, to flutter, struggle desperately like a half-slaughtered bird, bloodstained and covered with dust and dirt. It is to be aware of Jacob's grief and know its remedy; to know the vibration of meeting Joseph and the smell of his shirt. [...] Sema is a secret. The Prophet Muhammad said, 'I have a time with God and during this time neither angel nor prophet can intrude.' Sema is to attain that place where even an angel cannot go."'

22:41 Saturday September 2, 2006 in UTC
00:41 Sunday September 3, 2006 in Poland
Thank you Bell. Yes, that is one of the clues... here are a couple others:

(L) Okay, guys,
let's connect our brain cells here!
A: No need to connect "brain cells," using your chakras will
Q: (L) Don't connect your brain cells, connect your chakras.
How do we connect our chakras. (T) I didn't
know that you could connect them? (S) They are all
connected always. (L) But I mean how do we connect them
with each other? (S) Think it, I guess.
A: Discover.
Q: (L) Can you give us a clue on this? (T) Meditation?
A: You are missing the point, don't search, just let it
happen when it is ready.
Q: (L) We've been discussing the crop circles, and would like
to know if you have any input on that subject? Input on what
we've discussed, what we think to this point, and just
basically any info?
A: Must begin with specific questions.
Q: (L) Ok, do the multiple perimeters represent multiple
A: Partly.
Q: (L) Are the crop circles themselves like antennae, or like
homing devices for energy or thought patterns?
A: No.
Q: (L) Is the chronology of their appearance important? A:
Q: (L) Is their location on the planet, in terms of longitude
and latitude, significant?
A: Yes and no.
Q: (L) In what way yes?
A: Location, not latitude and longitude... Those are merely
measure markers.
Q: (L) If the location is signigficant, what is it about the
location that is significant?
A: Magnetic generators of bonding frequency.
Q: (L) Are you saying that magnetic generators of bonding
frequency are located at those places, are in those places?
A: Port through them.
Q: (L) OK, location and chronology...
A: Why have you not brought up Stonehenge?
Q: (L) Well, we talked about Stonehenge before, that it was
an energy transducer, so to speak. So, was Stonehenge put
there because of the location, or did Stonehenge create...
(T) Why don't you just ask what it is about Stonehenge? (L)
Okay, what is it about Stonehenge?
A: Location attracted those spirit types on the proper
frequency, who in turn, placed stones in proper location to
receive the coded communications in code telepathically, in
order not to have to chase around the countryside reading
encoded pictographs.
Q: (L) What was the technique used within the circle to
receive the information telepathically? [Planchette spiralled
in, and spiralled out.]
A: Transcendent focused thought wave separation.
Q: (L) OK, so that you're saying that moving in a spiral...
A: The spiral serves to translate message by slowing down the
wave and focusing thought wave transference energy. Utilizes
/transduces electromagnetic waves, the conduit, by breaking
down signal from universal language of intent into language
of phonetic profile. This is for mutiple user necessity.
Q: (L) Mutiple user necessity implies that a number of people
must do the spiral. Is that correct?
A: No. Must hear and feel and understand precisely the same
thing. The molecular structure of the rock, when properly
sculpted sing to you.
Q: What was the connection between the Hyperboreans, including the Celts of Britain, I believe, and the people of Delos?
A: Northern peoples were responsible for civilising the Meditteranean/Adriatic peoples with the encoded secrets contained within their superior extra-terrestrially based genetic arrangement. Practice of which you speak was multi-trans-generational habit.
Q: Is it the case that some of them communicated with higher density beings via Stonehenge, and that these communications they received...
A: Stonehenge used to resonate with tonal rill, teaching the other wise unteachable with wisdoms entered psychically through crown chakra transceiving system....

Q: The legend was that the god, Phoebus Apollo, danced at Stonehenge every nineteen years. What does this relate to ?
A: Symbolic. Tides, moon eclipses, that sort of thing. Think of Wiccans entubed on the information superhighway!
For people living in France, 10:41 GMT = 00:41 (because during summer, France time is GMT + 2)

In terms of what we should be doing I think that if there is an opportunity at this point in time to "interact" in some way with a plane from which things down here are "made manifest", we should be focusing on something bigger than ourselves. Of course, given that we are more than a little limited in our understanding of exactly how and what to do in terms of "working" with that reality, the best we can do is remove any possiblity of limited 3d thinking messing things up. So any activity should be determined by "intent". Just have an intent.

We had thought that we might do something for the Palestinians Iraqis and Middle Eastern Arabs in general, they that are currently under the hateful eye of the "Zionist overlords" of this world. In general however, the idea is simply to hold an intent for the manifestation of a more balanced world, where the "beautiful names of god" are allowed their space. In this way, we can perhaps hope to increase the chances for people to wake up and choose another way of being. A better future, (or a future at all!) that's the goal.

Some little practical hints we have had included spinning (as some have mentioned) to be done whatever way feels right to the individual, although I think as a general rule the left hand is held palm upward and the right down. Spinning left or right is up to you, 33 times at a go seems to be the advice. When spinning, in order to avoid getting over dizzy, you can keep an eye on your raised left hand as a fixed point. Other than that, if you can have a fire of some description, no matter how small, (or even the representation of a fire) it is always good as a symbolic thing, and you could burn some little things as a symbol of your intent, or not.

Oh yeah, apparently being over water (preferably running) in some way is a good idea too. I suppose your indoor or outdoor plumbing is fine.

It would be cool if a few hundred of us could all be doing something like this at more or less the same time.

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