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By Brandon Smith

This past year in numerous countries the public is being bombarded with lessons in power and control that have been forgotten for generations. I think the majority of westerners in particular have long believed themselves “safe” from totalitarian government, from collectivist micro-management and from communistic cultism. They thought we had moved beyond the nightmares of the 20th century. They thought that the “new world” was going to be more Utopian, and that freedom would grace us naturally along with technological progress.

Sure, in the back of everyone’s subconscious there is the fear that the good times are an illusion and that dystopia is just behind a thin veneer of economic stability and false optimism, but most people do not really think such catastrophes will happen in their lifetime. We are now in the midst of a deliberately over-hyped pandemic, strict national lockdowns, civil unrest, riots, aggressive tech censorship, intrusive government censorship, unprecedented corporate and treasury debt, stagflationary central bank stimulus and the collapse of massive financial bubbles. Yet, I still don’t get the impression that many in the public really grasp the extent of the danger; they still believe that the situation is going to heal itself without any effort or much sacrifice on their part.

This is the first lesson of power: Entire societies can be easily influenced when they suffer from delusions that the bad times will be fleeting, and that governments will keep them safe no matter what.

It is a historically proven pattern that governments tend to CREATE problems instead of solving them, and this is because the power dynamic of government never changes. The politicians we “vote” for are not in control, rather, the elites who fund their campaigns and who permeate their cabinets are in control. Political representatives come and go, but the establishment elites never leave. Therefore, the problems our society faces will remain; they are a direct result of the subversive and perpetual power structure that serves the interest of a select minority rather than the public. The decline of our society into tyranny will not stop until this power structure and the people behind it are erased.

This would actually be a simple thing to achieve if enough people were to accept the truth and take action. The elites, the globalists, the establishment, the “new world order”, whatever you want to call this organization of power mongers, is but a collection of mostly weak and feeble psychopaths and parasites. They are completely out in the open; they proudly proclaim their affiliations and intentions on a regular basis through their host institutions, from the Council on Foreign Relations to Tavistock to Bilderberg to the World Economic Forum, the IMF, the Bank for International Settlements, the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Open Society Foundation, etc. There is very little that is hidden about these people anymore.

But, it is also a sad reality that most people have to hit rock bottom before they embrace the idea that they cannot rely on the corrupt system to save them from harm. And as long as they continue to have blind faith that the system will self correct, they will never act. The elites operate in the open with impunity because they know that human beings are more likely to seek out help from the system than they are to fix a problem for themselves. If someone was to switch off that single mass fantasy, the elites would be gone tomorrow.

The second lesson of power is that perception of consent creates legitimate consent. To put it another way – When people believe that their peers and neighbors have accepted a certain level of tyranny, they too will often accept it so that they don’t stand out or draw attention to themselves as “aberrant”. People seeking power only need to create the illusion of mass consent. Even when the majority of people are against them, the perception of compliance can sometimes overwhelm logic.

Control is usually achieved passively without force. Sometimes you don’t even need the threat of force; sometimes you only need to inspire a fear of standing out among the crowd.

For example, the pandemic has been used the past six months as a tool for creating such a narrative. Mask wearing “rules” are particularly insidious as they conjure illusions of compliance and submission. “Everyone” is wearing a mask, therefore everyone must support medical tyranny. Mask wearing is a complete farce when it comes to the actual science of virology and viral spread. The CDC still does not recommend cloth masks to their own employees and only allows them to use N95 filtered masks. A recent and censored Danish study confirms the reality that masks are mostly useless.

Strictly enforced cloth mask rules have done nothing to stop renewed spikes in infections in multiple countries and US states. The fact that in many places masks are required OUTDOORS despite endless scientific evidence showing that UV light and open air kills microorganisms including viruses shows that the lockdown response has nothing to do with science or saving lives. It is about control.

We can take all logical factors into account, but, for a lot of people, if they see others wearing masks they too will wear a mask simply because they are afraid to be judged by what they perceive to be the majority. The reality is that a majority of people are wearing the masks grudgingly, and they would take them off tomorrow if they knew other people would do the same.

This is why the mainstream media pushes mask wearing propaganda everyday, 24/7. News journalists stand on street corners or in open air parks and wear masks on camera. Politicians wear masks even when on camera in their own homes. Celebrities and companies try to sell the idea that mask wearing is “cool”. Hey, if you don’t wear a mask you could be putting hundreds or thousands of other people at risk and killing their grandmas, right?

The masks do nothing. They achieve nothing in terms of stopping the virus spread or saving lives. This is a fact made obvious by the very infection numbers the establishment holds up as a rationale for the masks. But if the establishment elites through propaganda can convince you to wear a mask everyday, then this opens the door to them dictating many other aspects of your life. The masks are just a gateway into more destructive mandates.

The solution to this type of tyranny is to stop caring what other people think, especially when the facts are on your side. In the town where I live, the vast majority of people have said no to the mask restrictions. If someone wants to wear a mask because they believe it will protect them, that’s fine. But, no one is going to tell us we have to wear them “for our own good”. That said, even if I was the ONLY person not wearing a mask around town, I would not care if it bothered others. Your credo has to be “try and force me to wear a mask, and watch what happens…”

The third lesson of power is that force only leads to control if you respond with submission. A group of people can beat you or even kill you, but they can’t force you to comply if you do not fear for your own life.

I find that the use of force by tyrants is predicated on the assumption that the people they are seeking to control will not fight back effectively. As soon as people do fight back effectively, the tyrant is shocked. Most tyrants rise to power, not because they have won multiple battles and subdued their opponents, but because they never had to fight in the first place. Or, they win a handful of easy battles, often staged to look more victorious than they really were, and then use those mediocre wins as a means to terrify all future opposition into not fighting. The tyrants start to believe their own lies and presume their own invincibility.

Predators do not seek out hard targets, they seek out weak targets. The solution to tyrants is for the hard targets to seek them out and strike them in the midst of their confidence. When predators get hit back they have a habit of running away.

But, this requires people who do not live in fear of what might happen when they fight back. The concept of sacrificing comfort (or much worse) can’t be an issue. Fear fades away when a person fights for something more than himself. It’s not always about personal survival, sometimes it’s about the survival of future generations, or the survival of a set of principles. As that fear disappears, so does the illusion of control that tyrants rely on.

The fourth lesson of power is that ideals either stem from human conscience, or they do not. And if they do not, then they are not ideals worth adopting or fighting over. The conscience of the average person is not as ambiguous and changeable as the establishment would like you to believe. A lion’s share of human beings operate on a certain set of inherent morals and principles that are universally shared; they do not need to be taught these principles, they are born knowing them. If these rules were not ingrained into our psyches our species would have self destructed thousands of years ago.

Establishment elites would like you to believe that all ideals are a product of environment, and that those who control the environment control the morals of the people by extension. This is a lie. Values such as freedom exist even in the most oppressive environments, and people seek it out even when the risk is overwhelming. Empathy is also inherent for most of us, but a certain percentage of people are born without the capacity for it. The REAL fight in the middle of any power struggle is the fight between those who are born with conscience, values and empathy, and those who are born without these grounding characteristics.

Psychopathic tyrants desperately want to prove that all other people are just as devoid of humanity and soul as they are. They want to prove that the voice of conscience that guides us is a mask we wear to pretend that we are not evil at our core. Control comes from the fallacy that we are dependent on our environments to tell us who we are as individuals. Control comes from the notion that morals are relative, and that principles are social constructs.

Conscience is inherent, but it is also a choice. You have the free will to listen to it, or ignore it. If a tyrant can convince you to ignore the voice of your own conscience then the only other guide in life is your environment. And, if that tyrant dominates every aspect of your environment, then he now has the power to rewrite your moral code, at least temporarily. You can be made to do terrible things you would not otherwise do, or support destructive causes and ideologies you would not otherwise support.

The ultimate totalitarian power is the power to make people forget their own inner voice. The ultimate tool against evil is to listen to that voice and to not be afraid of the supposed consequences.

The question of the facade of power is about to become the defining question of our epoch as the elitist establishment accelerates their agenda for greater centralized control of our lives. The truth they do not want you to understand is that they have no power. They have nothing. We could defy their mandates anytime we wish. We could do away with them tomorrow if we wanted. They are of no use to humanity, they serve no valuable purpose. They only seek to feed like vampires on the masses and fulfill their deranged fantasies of conquest. Sooner or later they will have to be dealt with – The sooner the better.
I’m sorry, but I don't think that is how YouTube works. Those servers run on synchronized Quantum processor-powered servers that are all calibrated to a central clock. The same way all our cellphones would be. They don’t ever just glitch out. If they did, not only would it be unprecedented, but every single other video on YouTube would have experienced the same anomaly. A particular video on its own is not going to show the wrong time and date stamp on YouTube. Not going to happen. Just like all those entries on Google that were found relating to Sandie Huk days and even weeks before the shooting. Articles and memorial fund raisers about the shooting that were found all over the Google registry with time stamps that could not have been “errors”, as Google’s search engine doesn’t just “glitch out” like that as Tim Ochs II said. The same line of reasoning can be applied to YouTube. This was not a “server error”. THAT DOESN’T/WOULDN’T/COULDN’T HAPPEN.

Man, how they love to shield themselves behind these "glitches". What's next? "A wizard did it"?


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Ha ha ha!

Oh boy. -In an effort to find out what was going on with the Sidney -theKraken- Powell filings, I was confused to note that none of my regular go-to outlets on YouTube were reporting anything. Maybe they're all eating Turkey?

Anyway, in hunting around, I found a news outlet I'd never heard of before which was weirdly clear in its signal. It would seem very biased to the far Left today, but it to me it just felt like "News" back from when I was a kid. Check it out:

Who is it? Who is "NTD News"?

Why, it's an American-based news network founded by...

The Fulan Gong! (If you believe Wikipedia.)

"New Tang Dynasty Television is a multilingual American television broadcaster, founded by Falun Gong practitioners, based in New York City. The station was founded in 2001 as a Chinese-language broadcaster, but has since expanded its language offerings. The company retains a focus on mainland China in its news broadcasts. It serves as a media arm of the Falun Gong.

Har har har! It's a cult outreach news site, but.., doing a good job? I guess persecution by the Chinese government makes for strange bed fellows.


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Who is Sidney Powell exactly?

In an effort to answer this question, I dug up this video from back in March of this year, (before she jumped into the current day circus), where she gave an hour-long address at Hillsdale College.

She talks about the General Flynn legal debacle and her involvement in his defense, as well as corruption at high levels in the American justice system. (Probably not coincidentally, the media and establishment democrats were smearing her back then, too.)

She's a good speaker; seems to have her act together.


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Hi all. This is a first post motivated by the sense that it’s important in the current situation to not become too focused on winners and losers, and/or to stress regarding possible outcomes.

It's a little off the current focus of this thread, but there’s a bigger picture in play...

A Trump win could well prove an important catalyst in triggering the deep change which is clearly needed if we’re to eventually (it won’t be for quite a while) transition to societies that are genuinely run for the greater good of all – this as a part of our stepping up to the next density reality.

He’s a very determined and capable man, one who while representing the interest of a power base seems to have an agenda that is considerably more people centred than the alternatives. It’s evident that he’s feared by the current regime.

The likelihood however is that the sort of society we all hope for will not be implemented by one or other of the power-based hierarchies currently jockeying for control – nor by extension by him.

They are all ‘old energy’.

The critical ingredient in achieving this seems instead to be the awakening of at least a critical mass of people - so that they come to look past the zero sum tunnel vision of self-interest which for millennia has seen us blank almost everything except matters relating to our staying clean within and/or progressing in those hierarchies we encounter.

Most see this game as the key to their future. Our intensity of focus is such that it blinds us to the bigger picture/the greater good – to our own longer term greatest good.

This self-interest driven tunnel vision means that the many issues which threaten the future of our societies, the planet and all life on it don’t in any meaningful sense even make it into the awareness of most – they rationalise that it’s for ‘them’ to think matters through and to initiate action.

The associated deeply conditioned and almost universal deference to power means that most organisations and institutions routinely implement the will of the self-interested. Their members and/or employees tacitly collude in this.

Few seem truly to recognise that hierarchy is an inherently sub optimal system of organisation – no matter what the intention of those at the top.

Despite this the reality is that co-operating networks of self responsible and service to other minded individuals are inherently far more effective, inclusive and efficient.

Trump by this measure is as above probably less a proponent of truths than a catalyst for change - he’s unlikely (even if he has the required vision) to deliver the sort of enlightened society we all hope for.

That will require the sort of bottom up awakening described above – which seems in fact to be well under way. This awakening is perhaps the joker in the pack - the hidden power which many of us sense may be behind current events.

Trump despite this likely limitation IS already proving to be an incredibly powerful catalyst for change.

There’s still quite some distance to go, and it could all fizzle out - but the events he has so far triggered have already dragged so much that is unsavoury into plain view. This given that he may tackle the forces and organisations that oppose his interest (big tech, mainstream and social media and the rest of the cabal) may only be the beginning.

He may even de-facto block the implementation of the IT controlled and highly dystopian future that so many of us feel is currently just over the horizon.

Progress in the short term seems likely to require that there are enough people in key positions throughout the society and its institutions that will act – for example some of the very brave people leading the charge on the current legal cases and so on.

This may lead to the cabal agenda and associated nastiness being forced into awareness in a manner which cannot be denied by Joe public..

The tipping point may well (?) be recognition by the system and by a critical mass within the population that there is a new show in town. This once achieved could well lead to a cascade of awakening and a ‘sea change’ in attitudes – a development which could finish the ‘ancien regime’.

All of this is of course speculation – we can’t truly know what is coming down the tracks. It’s ultimately a karmic affair, a situation where we may avoid the worst IF we awaken soon enough.

The transcripts have over the years suggested the possibility of a variety of unpleasant events – everything raging from meteor/bolide impacts, to plague, to massive earthquakes and volcanism, to famine to solar events.

It seem very likely that we’re headed for some pretty significant turbulence (especially economic and geophysical), but it may well be that we will with sufficient opening avoid the worst of these possibilities.

Knowledge does protect and promote growth, but there ultimately comes a point where we have to trust that no matters what happens it will be for the best. It may for example yet turn out that we in karmic terms collectively need stronger medicine to awaken.

It’s probably important too not to forget the power of mind, to recognise that we all play a part in imagining our futures into existence.

It’s consequently best to retain as much equanimity as we can and not put too much energy into/not become hung up regarding the (as we would see it) less than desirable possibilities.

We can’t know what's for the greatest good and don’t control events, so it’s unwise too to become too prescriptive/to become overly attached to what we consider as preferred outcomes.

We can however by remaining positive and doing the necessary work be very effective in bringing an awful lot of non-prescriptive healing and higher energy through – which by all accounts will find its way to where it’s needed…


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What troubles me is that they only at the last moment when a Trump win was certain they pulled the plug and start bringing in votes with a rate of 95%-100% for Biden.

Why didn't they spread it out right at the start. Why make it so obvious. Why give Biden 100% of the votes update after update.

They could have spread it out, make it subtle. Make it diffecult to spot, but no. I mean they couldn't have make it more obvious. But they did! And they must have their reasons for doing so.

Nothing feels right about this.
I think “they” want total destruction/chaos in the United States. psychologically if you take away something from somone they have a worst reaction than if they never had it in the first place.

“They” pushes Biden in and the people feel like they have Biden. Now if Biden is taken away OMG the anger will be worse than if Trump was just re-elected

So I believe the play to be internal conflict in the US this is the attack and play. In three short weeks we will find out.


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What I mean is that claiming Trump has 'reactivated NSAM-57', a National Security Memorandum drafted by JFK in 1963 to 'take back control of CIA Special Ops from the CIA' is extreme wishful thinking.

You could be right. The Dark Journalist seems to be one of the few sources of "disclosure" on reenactment of NASM-57.

I think it is wise not to rely on one sourse for information.

He mentions Ezra Cohen-Watnick in the video but there has not been any official announcement from the Secretary of Defense Releases that I could find.

I wonder if there may be at least a slight difference between STS wishful thinking and STO creative imagining of a better world.


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Who is it? Who is "NTD News"?

Why, it's an American-based news network founded by...

The Fulan Gong! (If you believe Wikipedia.)

"New Tang Dynasty Television is a multilingual American television broadcaster, founded by Falun Gong practitioners, based in New York City. The station was founded in 2001 as a Chinese-language broadcaster, but has since expanded its language offerings. The company retains a focus on mainland China in its news broadcasts. It serves as a media arm of the Falun Gong."

Har har har! It's a cult outreach news site, but.., doing a good job? I guess persecution by the Chinese government makes for strange bed fellows.

Yeah, I noticed NTD too that suddenly popped up all over my YouTube recommendations, along with some other conservative channels I have never heard of. They are covering Powell and the lawsuits all the time. However, they (and other channels as well) seem to be pushing kind of "us vs. the commies" narrative, calling the Coronavirus the "CCP virus", talking about evil Venezuela etc. A bit weird all that. In my more conspiracy-minded moments, I almost think something got "activated" by someone for some purpose. But as @SOTTREADER said, at this point we can speculate till the cows come home. So perhaps better to just share data points that come to our attention.


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You could be right. The Dark Journalist seems to be one of the few sources of "disclosure" on reenactment of NASM-57.

I think it is wise not to rely on one sourse for information.

He mentions Ezra Cohen-Watnick in the video but there has not been any official announcement from the Secretary of Defense Releases that I could find.

I wonder if there may be at least a slight difference between STS wishful thinking and STO creative imagining of a better world.
I'll try to give something of an explanation after listening to the video by DJ. He's making this claim from the announcement made by Defense Secretary Christopher Miller. NASM-57 isn't directly stated but what is happening does sound like it. Watnick gives a short talk where he speaks of Kennedy several times. DJ also said this action by Kennedy was approved at the time which eliminates the hassle of proposing something similar now. He references the article by John Solomon.

Acting SecDef reveals 'watershed' move: civilian special ops leadership to report directly to him​

New policy eliminates bureaucratic layers between the Pentagon chief and the head of Special Operations/Low Intensity Conflict.

In a major change to one component of the civilian command structure at the Pentagon, acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller announced Wednesday that the civilian leadership of U.S. special operations forces will report directly to him.
"I have directed the special operations civilian leadership to report directly to me instead of through the current bureaucratic channels," Miller said. "This historic step ... will put Special Operations Command on par with the military services for the first time."
Miller, a former Green Beret who took part in a secret mission in Afghanistan immediately following the 9/11 attacks, announced the new policy while at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, the historic home of Army Special Forces.
The new policy eliminates bureaucratic layers that have existed between the Pentagon chief and the head of Special Operations/Low Intensity Conflict. It also gives Special Operations Command, which is based in Tampa, Florida, a more direct line to the defense secretary.
The move is a "watershed reform," said Miller, who described U.S. Special Operations Command as "a national treasure unparalleled in the world."
The new move likely is pegged to the coming drawdown of U.S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, a Pentagon official told Just the News. It also hints at current bureaucratic logjams within the Department of Defense.
"This gives Miller a direct line of sight on what's going with the drawdown, and with the people he served with," the official said.
Miller, 55, served in Afghanistan alongside Green Berets, many of them riding horses, who went deep into Taliban territory in 2001 to seek and destroy the enemy.

At 1:28 he says " Now under the leadership of President Trump, we are fully realizing Pres. Kennedy's pressing view of special operations.


1. For the purpose of this study, a paramilitary operation is
considered to be one which by its tactics and its requirements in
military-type personnel, equipment and training approximates a con-
ventional military operation. It may be undertaken in support of an
existing government friendly to the U.S. or in support of a rebel group
seeking to overthrow a government hostile to us. The U.S. may render
assistance to such operations overtly, covertly or by a combination of
both methods. In size these operations may vary from the infiltration
of a squad of guerillas to a military operation such as the Cuban invasion.
The small operations will often fall completely within the normal capa-
bility of one agency; the large ones may affect State, Defense, CIA, USIA
and possibly other departments and agencies.
2. In order to conduct paramilitary operations with maximum effec-
tiveness and flexibility within the context of the Cold War, it is recommended
that current directives and procedures be modified to effect the following:

  • a. Any proposed paramilitary operation in the concept state
    will be presented to the Strategic Resources Group for initial con-
    sidertation and for approval as necessary by the President. There-
    after, the SRG will assign primary responsibility for planning, for
    interdepartment coordination and for execution to the Task Force,
    department or individual best qualified to carry forward the operation
    to success, and will indicate supporting responsibilities.
    this principle, the Department of Defense will normally receive
    responsibility for overt paramilitary operations. Where such an
    operation is to be wholly covert or disavowable, it may be assigned
    to CIA, provided that it is within the normal capabilities of the
    agency. Any large paramilitary operation wholly or partly covert
    which requires significant numbers of military trained personnel,
    amounts to military equipment which exceed normal CIA-controlled
    stocks and/or military experience of a kind and level peculiar to the
    Armed services is properly the primary responsibility of the
    Department of Defense with the CIA in a supporting role.


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Trump Goes OFF On Fake News Reporter: “You’re Just A Lightweight. Don’t Talk To Me That Way. I’m The President Of The United States!”​

President Trump went off on fake news reporter Jeff Mason calling him a “lightweight” and telling him, “Don’t ever talk to the president that way.”

Mason had questioned President Trump on whether he would concede the election if the Electoral College votes for Joe Biden, to which the president responded,

“Well if they do, they made a mistake, because this election was a fraud.”

“Just so you understand, this election was a fraud,” I mean, they have Biden beating Obama. And Obama’s vote, in areas that mattered in terms of the election, in swing states. And yet, he’s losing to Obama all over the place, but he’s Obama in swing states, which are the states that mattered for purposes of the election.”
“So no, I can’t say that at all. I think it’s a possibility… they’re trying to, look, between you people…”
Trump continued to rip the correspondent.

“Don’t talk to me that way,” the president fired back. “You’re just a lightweight. Don’t talk to me that way. Don’t talk to… I’m the President of the United States! Don’t ever talk to the president that way. Alright, I’m going to go with another question.”

I can't believe how rude these American reporters are to the President!

So rude


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However, they (and other channels as well) seem to be pushing kind of "us vs. the commies" narrative, calling the Coronavirus the "CCP virus", talking about evil Venezuela etc. A bit weird all that.

It seems that the "traditional US empire" people (faction B) want a war with China and possibly Venezuela in order to preserve the US empire.

If Trump is re-elected and the election fraud can be tied to China (whether true or not), then that is a powerful casus belli to push for a war.
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