2020 US Election - Let The Games Begin!


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Try to imagine the depths of dishonesty and hatred that so effectively unpersoned a woman as intelligent, accomplished, and elegant as Melania during the entire duration of the presidency. The same media that fell over itself drooling about how beautiful and smart Michelle Obama was, had nothing but horrible things to say about a woman that is her clear superior in every conceivable way.

If it's any consolation, I think that some of the positive regard given to Michelle Obama borders on virtue signalling in the current climate while that given to Melania is authentic respect.

I want to make up a new word here in the style of Lobaczewski- paravirtuism. Kind of like when some are hooked in by paramoralisms, they engage in paravirtuisms.


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If it's any consolation, I think that some of the positive regard given to Michelle Obama borders on virtue signalling in the current climate while that given to Melania is authentic respect.

I want to make up a new word here in the style of Lobaczewski- paravirtuism. Kind of like when some are hooked in by paramoralisms, they engage in paravirtuisms.

I don't really think "virtue signaling" is an accurate characterization of the left's behavior. When do you actually hear them ever speak of virtue? The word has practically been expunged from the lexicon. Instead, they refer to "values" ... in particular, the nebulous, never-defined formulation "our values".

This doesn't seem accidental. The virtues are character traits that can be - indeed must be - inculcated via careful moral education. Virtues are something one has, something innate, which internally guide behavior.

By contrast, values are something one subscribes to, vague principles that one pays lip service to but which require nothing more than that.

The origins of the words are revealing, too. Virtue is born of the battlefield; value of the marketplace. Ultimately, values are a property of an object that determines how much it is worth; virtues are beyond any calculation of worth.

One who possesses the virtues is difficult to corrupt. One who merely has values, implicitly communicates that he is open to corruption - for one thing of value can be exchanged for another of greater value.

The substitution of value for virtue in the common lexicon may be the greatest paravirtuism of all.


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I dont think this link was given yet, it's the summary S. Powell made on foreign "interferences" in the US election:
And the direct link to the summary, a 22 pages PDF :

What is/remains possible is that based on this, and linked to the law (or executive order, i dont recall the exact terms) that Trump activated 2 years before (again, if i well recall, and it's maybe what is detailed in the first paragraphs of the summary PDF), this could trigger the cancelation of the investiture because of these foreign countries implication in the election process, and that the army is taking the hand on this as it's their duty to do so and as a specific law was specially set for such case of figure.
We'll soon know what anyway.


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In today's main event Yellen is expected to speak before the Senate Finance Committee at 10 a.m. - a speech for which we won't collect $200,000/hour from Citadel - in a discussion likely to cover topics including President-elect Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion Covid-19 relief plan. She will tell lawmakers that low borrowing costs mean it’s time to “act big,” according to her prepared remarks because apparently doubling the Fed's balance sheet to $7+ trillion in a few months is not "big enough."

“Yellen is a positive,” said Mohit Kumar, strategist at Jefferies International. “We should have greater co-operation between the Fed and the Treasury, with both the monetary and fiscal policy working together and supportive. This is a good backdrop for risk sentiment.”

Ye Olde Yellow Cabaret IV - There Be Pirates!



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Melania Trump gives farewell address to the American people

Donald Trump won the state of Georgia in 2016 by 6 percentage points and over 200,000 votes.

President Trump is the most popular Republican in US history.
In 2020 he won over 74 million votes that we know of. We also now have evidence that Dominion voting machines were switching votes from President Trump to Joe Biden.

The 2020 election was entrenched in fraud.
The liberal media wants you to believe that Georgia flipped to Democrat during the Trump years.
As we have reported numerous times now the election numbers in Georgia are suspect, fraudulent, and impossible.

We even HAVE VIDEO of Democrats at work stealing votes from the people of Georgia.

TRENDING: Mike Lindell Responds To Letter from Dominion Lawyer: “I want Dominion to put up their lawsuit because we have 100% evidence that China and other countries used their machines to steal the election”

But Governor Kemp and Secretary of State Raffensperger don’t care.

Has anyone questioned Ruby Freeman or her daughter?

On Monday night Attorney Lin Wood tweeted out that Georgia Governor Kemp and Secretary of State “will soon be going to jail.”

President Trump retweeted
Lin Wood this morning.

IT WAS SYSTEMIC-PURPOSEFUL FRAUD: Clark County Nevada Dominion Machines ALSO Kicked out “About 70% of Ballots” – It Was in the Settings!

Jack Keane sounds off on Dem who called for vetting Nat'l Guard troops
Jan 19, 2021
Fox News senior strategic analyst Gen. Jack Keane (ret.) reacts to Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Tenn., suggesting White, Trump-supporting National Guard members could 'do something' to Biden.



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"All indications are that despite the overwhelming evidence of massive fraud, and more evidence available inside the government, and other legal options available, the President is taking no action to protect the Republic. People around him are limiting his information and lying to him about his legal options. The Biden administration will be consolidating power day one and the fascist corporations are already limiting speech and firing freedom lovers. Just look at the military in DC now. Trump did not call them in. And all that for a virtual inauguration that no one will attend?! It's all about power and global/communist money. You can see and smell the corruption in DC. It's gone from a swamp to a pure cesspool. There were and have been a lot more people illegally elected than just Biden and Harris."
-- Sidney Powell on Telegram (3:11 on 1-16-21)
"There are powers still available to the President and more information from within our government and other governments that he can access, and other witnesses—simple steps that can be taken to get the Truth out now. And it does NOT require 'martial law'.”
-- Sidney Powell on Telegram (4:55 on 1-16-21)


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President Trump is signing one EO after another?

This EO among all he signed is particularly interresting and relevant :

Think twice about ... for which reason could it be ? If i well understood, it's a paper to ensure the protection of judges, attorneys, agents ... this EO can be thrown by Biden (correct me if i'm wrong) at any time, so why launching this 2 days before the transition date ? To me, and again correct me if you conclude something else, this clearly demonstrates that Trump did not resign, that kinda a certitude, and, more debatable, that it's a kind of warranty, or promise of legal protection, to all the ones who will dare to follow Trump in the future.
Now, question is : is thi for the long/medium future, or for a very near future ? I don't know, but trying to remain logical : if Biden can cancel this EO at any time, then this EO only targets the "very near future", which could logically be concluded that there's something on the legal side which is in preparation for the coming days, and this EO is there to avoid honest (representative) people to flee or to fall under blackmails or threats of all kind by reasuring them with this EO.

Edit for fun, for RPG lovers, this can be seen as "Trump gave a "+5 armor +10 moral" plate to his followers among judges/attorneys/policeman/etc ..." :lol:

As said already, we'll soon be fixed
(bonus, french traduction of this EO is here)
I would say that : almost immediate slide into totalitarianism in relation to USA has the potential to happen in one week, one month or 3 months from the inauguration.

A: Good question. He is almost damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. One thing is certain, the Biden presidency represents an almost immediate slide into totalitarianism.

But what does that really mean ? What will happen exactly ? They already probably stole the elections, forbade working to many people. Maybe forced vaccination ?


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Twitter is loaded with comments about expected revolt or insurrection. Both sides continue to be primed.

The Right have been prepared by alternative media to believe that this will be the majority standing up against tyranny.

The Left have been prepared by mainstream media to believe that white supremacists and Trumper domestic terrorists will be attacking good, legitimate establishment.

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