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Tomek :/

Maybe you could tell us a story and talk a bit about your interview instead of the recording :halo:

As Maat I'm very curious now. Does he know SOTT, Laura and the work which is done around here ? I'd like to have piece of your memory about this day. I think you're lucky to have met such an intersting man.


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Well, if you're interested, I might be able to find the first drafts of the interview and share it here, with some context regarding the questions I asked


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Tomek said:
Well, if you're interested, I might be able to find the first drafts of the interview and share it here, with some context regarding the questions I asked

That could be interesting.


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Sorry for the delay. Here's an zip file containing a pre-edited version of the interview :


It's only mp3 files, no executable files with nasties. It's all in french, of course. I've re-arranged the order of the files to fit with what I had in mind two years ago. The titles of the files gives some elements of context about what we were talking about. The sound is not as bad as I though, it's just that we were sitting in those big leather chairs and they were constantly cracking.

I don't currently have the time to write a retranscription, maybe next week. Meanwhile, I hope you'll enjoy this interview !
Hello Tomek,

Thank you so much ! It works well. I do not have any difficulties hearing his voice. The cracking noise behind is not really disturbing. Great listening session within sight.
Tomek said:
I don't currently have the time to write a retranscription, maybe next week. Meanwhile, I hope you'll enjoy this interview !

Hello Tomek,

Would you like me to do it ? I'm currently on vacation and would gladly lend a hand.


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Tomek said:

Sorry for the delay. Here's an zip file containing a pre-edited version of the interview :


It's only mp3 files, no executable files with nasties. It's all in french, of course. I've re-arranged the order of the files to fit with what I had in mind two years ago. The titles of the files gives some elements of context about what we were talking about. The sound is not as bad as I though, it's just that we were sitting in those big leather chairs and they were constantly cracking.

I don't currently have the time to write a retranscription, maybe next week. Meanwhile, I hope you'll enjoy this interview !

Thanks a lot Tomek, it was great ! The sound is not bad at all, perfectly understable. It's cool that you asked questions that are rarely asked to him. And I loved his answer for "SOTT" in green language, so spot on !

Thanks again for having taking time to offer this to us.

Thanks Elohir for the new interview too. It can be complementary for those who discover him.
Here is the translation.

1. Self presentation

I’m Patrick Burensteinas. I’m an operative alchemist, which is not common. I consider alchemy a way to discover universe. It is atypically because by studying the topic i’ve realized that it is what enables me to have the widest vision. Be it vegetal, mineral, human, celestial, sidereal… It is an extremely interesting field of investigation. Second, it is based on a culture, a symbolism and stories that are a bit ours. I’m not advocating nationalism. I’m saying that we often tend to run toward world’s end to find chamans, indians, tibetans and others. But I thought, and much liked, the idea that our stories, fairy tales, legends… were full of teachings. Thus, I’ve started digging in it and found that it was interesting. It is not a retrospective world view. Through this symbolic and operative vision, we get our hands dirty, we do things… it leads to practical things. For instance « is there any hidden meaning in corporate communication ? ». If we use symbols, we find out that it does works. For instance, we design a « logo » when we create a business card, and « logo » proceeds from greek word « logos », that means « word ». This is not random at all. If we follow the symbolic keys, we find out that it does works. First, it was an intellectual overview. Then, a practical overview. I’ve got my hands dirty. I’ve carried out experiments. Things that I couldn’t fathom happened. Gradually, a new universe has appeared to me and I’m living in it today with unhidden joy.

2. Knowledge and culture

There is only one knowledge, wrapped in different cultures. I always take the example of the bubble. We live in a bubble. What is inside the bubble is matter. It is wrapped in a skin, or an obstacle. Outside the bubble is what we call « light ». We realize that when we are in a bubble, wherever we drill the skin, we reach the same light. So, drilling the skin at a precise point or another does not matter. What matters is to find what is on the other side. Of course, we always think that grass is greener elsewhere. When we take a look at indians, tibetans or others, we only see their mystical part. But we do not see their daily life at all. For us, it is the opposite, we spend our life focusing on the normal part of it and there are very few mystical parts. Consequently, we tend to look somewhere else and believe that the small mystical part we see is what they are always doing. This is not true. It is not what they are always doing, not more than we do, but we can say that it is what we see.

With the preceding in mind, the aim is to find this mystical, metaphysical, hidden view here because it is under our feet, and for the good reason that it is part of our culture. It is much more simple. I’ll never be as good as a Hindu at writing sanskrit. We have been brought up in the symbolism that is right there. We are living in it. In nursery rythms, fairy tales, cathedrals… It is right there. I have no reasons to run to the world’s end to reintegrate a culture that is not mine while i’m already living in a very rich one. Why not using it ? For most of all, our mistake is to think that it is ancient, dusty, pointless, out-of-date, no longer existing… Of course it still exists ! It is a part of our daily life, it is not something from the past. We just have to unearth it and work from it. There, we achieve things that are extraordinary.

It does not mean that when we meet someone from another culture, we cannot understand each other. We can understand each other because we are heading to the same place but with different words and symbols. Ultimately, this does not really matter. That’s why I distrust syncretism. When we say that a symbol has the same meaning in another culture, it is rarely true. It is shortcuts, intellectual shortcuts because the meanings in each cultures are often unrelated. We make connections because we like understanding. We western people like causes and effects. We need causes, effects and reasons to act, whereas eastern people do not need it at all. They accept causeless effects. So, how can we understand causeless effects while we need causes and effects ? We have to find out explainations to phenomenons that do not have any. We’ll find all kinds of answers because we need them, even though they are wrong. What matters for us is satisfactory answer, be it true or not. From there, it was much easier for me to work with fairy tales that I had been hearing since childhood, to go to Notre Dame because I had been there 2000 times before and this time I stopped… Because it is easy. This is the leitmotiv of the quest : what we are looking for is simple.

We are searching for unity. Unity is one and one is simple. Problem is we are complex, and I think that the whole quest is about learning to be simple. Is there any way to learn to be simple other than going into nature, walking in the mountain, picking up a stone… this is simple. Gradually, a dialogue will start between us and matter. We’ll begin to literally understand. « Understanding » is not intellectual, it means « putting inside us », « being one and the same with things ». We are not trying to discriminate them, to explain why we are different or better. This is not the issue. In this case, there will be a fusion that is not a confusion. We’ll receive a teaching from nature. It has always existed. All we have created has been seen in nature first. It has been seen from a mechanical point of view. For example, a bird flies, a fish swims, a leaf falls. We try to reproduce it without any metaphysical ideas in mind.

The difference that I really love in alchemy is that it is « laboratory », both « labor » and « oratory ». A part is in spirit and another part is in matter. It is not only foolishly mechanical. For us, there is an underlying spirit, a spiritus. Then, everyone is free to understand it as he wants. It does not mean it is a belief, a church, a cult. It means that everyone is free to understand it as he wants. Alchemy is a way to freedom, to absolute freedom. There are no masters. A master implies submission. There is really someone who has achieved the journey before us and who seeds things which we collect to do something, or not. There is no obligation of result. No one can say « I am the one who knows so you have to do as i say ». It is a way of freedom.

3. Transmission chain

There are always 3 things. Our quest is not that of a specific place but rather that of the backstage/background/behind the scene. We are in a bubble that we have to drill and find the light that is on the outside. Light is everywhere so we do not have to look for it, but stop preventing it from coming in. This is one thing.
Why do I tell it to you ? It is not about transmission, is it ? Yes it is ! Real ways are the ones that lead to an open door between our world and light. Either the door is already open, or the 1st guy has to open it. He has to drill the bubble. When he drills it, the light that is outside comes in and lights up a path. The new path that has just been lit up is called a tradition. What is a tradition ? It consists in taking random benchmarks on this newly lit up path. What is common is that they are illuminated, but I can pick up random stones and connect them with a story that I tell, be it true or not. It does not matter. The story I tell is called tradition. The goal of this tradition is the path that leads to light. It is not a fraud because this path leads to the door.

We’ll have to take people to this path, tell them that they have to walk it. The one who transmits this path is transmission. See, there are 3 things :
- Source, the hole drilled in the bubble.
- Tradition, the path that has just been lit up.
- Transmission, the one who takes people to the path

We can say that at the beginning, the person who finds does all the work. He’s drilled the bubble, lit up the path and guided people. We can imagine that he’ll have disciples, he’ll teach someone the tradition, enable him to see the illuminated rocks. Now that someone else knows about this tradition, there are 2 people. One of them keeps the door open and the other one maintains the tradition. The latter also transmits tradition and one day, he finds someone else to whom he teaches tradition. There are now 3 people. One keeps the door open, one maintain the path, and one guides through the path. There, this tradition starts to be living. The guide may find a disciple and there something happens : the one who was keeping the door open passes through it ; the one who was maintaining tradition goes to the door ; the one who transmitted comes to the path ; and the new one begins transmitting. This is how it progresses. We can have several people who maintain the tradition, transmit… it is a domino effect : when a person passes the door, everyone else move and come closer to the door.

It can disappears because of transmission default if everything works well but one day, no one transmits any longer. Tradition still exists, door still exists, but no one wanders the path any longer. If nothing happens, those who maintain tradition will disappear and the last person who was holding the door stops holding. It gets closed and tradition disappears. We can interrupt this disappearance process. Tradition still exists, door still exists, and someone rediscovers the tradition. He speaks about it and starts transmitting again. This way, he revives this tradition.

The worst thing that can happen is that tradition still exists but there is no more source. It is a path that leads no where. We’ll be lead astray. It is not the right path. There are people who transmit things that lead to a wall. Normally, it should not be possible because the 3 things are necessary : the door, mastering tradition to transmit it… nowadays, we can read a book, be a master 3 days later and transmit. It is not how it works. We can only transmit what we have received. « Transmit » means « through oneself ». It is not « oneself ». Transmitting means « lighting up », not « shining ». Lighting up does not depend on us. It is something that goes through us. We are speaking of transmission. To keep a tradition live, someone has to keep the door open, someone has to light the path and someone else has to guide other people on the path, permanently.

4. Definition of alchemy

Alchemy starts from the metaphysical principal that unity comes first. Well, first… there is no time but only unity. An eternal present moment, a kind of soup… these are descriptions of something that does not exist so we do not know what it is. For some reason, something in the immobile starts moving. Where there is bustle, there is difference. Where there is difference, there is motion and time, space and matter appear. We can say that creation is agitation of the immobile. Let’s take the example of the bubble again : for some reason, a bubble appears. This bubble is what we call matter. We can no longer call it unity because there are 2 different things : light outside and matter inside.

The goal of the alchemist is simple : he wants to drill the bubble so that the light that is outside comes in and makes it disappear. In a word : finding unity. Roughly, matter is a shadow for the alchemist. It is like an obstacle had come up. In hebrew, « Shatan » means « obstacle ». When there is an obstacle, light hits it and casts a shadow. Shadow is the matter.

We are in a bubble. All the matter around us is shadows. The only solution we have in this world is to make them disappear. Listen to the word : we appear in this world and disappear when we die. We never ARE. Maybe the quest is that of being, but the being is hidden by matter. So, the aim of the alchemist is to make this matter vanish. We’ll have to make it volatil. Achieving it is not complicated. We’ll drill holes in it and pierce it. To pierce it we need nails, and the nail is philosopher’s stone. It is something that enables us to pierce matter to let light go through. If I drill enough holes, there is no more matter.

It sounds very metaphysical, doesn’t it ? Imagining that everything that surrounds us is shadows is weird. Texts state that « he separated light from shadows ». Shadows are manifold while light is one. We imagine this bubble with light outside and many shadows inside that are matter. You’ll notice that I am shadow and I act on what is around me because it is shadow too. A shadow that acts on shadow is solid. Solidity is only a question of calibration. In our world we cannot make anything disappear, we can only displace things. For instance if I want your recorder to vanish, I can try to burn it, crush it… but its compounds are still there. The recorder will no longer exist but its compounds will be at other places. It does not vanish. According to the theory I’ve just explained, if there is a recorder right there, it is because there is an obstacle somewhere that projects the shadow of a recorder. The work of the alchemist is not to work on the shadow but on the obstacle. If I drill a hole in the obstacle, the shadow disappears and the recorder is no longer here.

Of course, it is also a work on the self. Therefore, the goal of the alchemist is to disappear too. As long as he’s working, he’s like a pilgrim. The pilgrim is the one who peels himself, who removes of his skin. Imagine a bulkhead. Light is outside and you are inside. If you scratch, it will become visible. In an ultimate operation, you’ll drill a hole and light will come in. Here is the idea : we scratch matter so that it vanishes. It is not about making gold, nor about immortality.

If we regard metal as cast shadows, for alchemists, the heaviest metal contains 7 shadows. Purifying a metal means removing one of its shadows. The more I remove shadows, the more the metal changes. Seven shadows are lead. Six shadows are tin. Five shadows are iron, and so on. If I let only one shadow, it is gold. Gold is the metal that has as few shadows as possible, which is why it is precious. The last work is to remove the last shadow so that this metal itself vanishes. The layman imagines that we are transforming lead into gold. We are not transforming but transmuting. « Transforming » means making a shape from a previous shape. « Transmuting » means taking a shape and making it vanish. Thus, I remove shadows and only gold remains. But I’ll also remove the last shadow from gold and gold will transmute into light. The aim is to transmute lead into light, not transmuting lead into gold.

5. Transmutation of the alchemist him/herself

We’ve always been light. We are glued into shadows, and we want to take them off. An image I like is this one : imagine that instead of one bubble, there are 7 ones. Why not ? Rainbows have 7 colors. It may be because there are 7 different monochromatic spheres, and true light travels through them. Each time it goes through a one, it takes its colors. From here we see the colors of the 7 spheres. It also means that between each sphere there is a layer of tar. All of it is symbolic. Let’s imagine there are 7 layers of tar. When a drop of light comes from the outside, it goes through the 1st layer and is wrapped in tar. Same thing happens with the 2nd layer, and so on. When it arrives here, it is wrapped in dirt. Consequently, when the alchemist works on his metal or on the Great Work, he’s removing his own layers. This will have effects. The more he removes layers, the more light will pass through him. He’ll become more and more enlightened and more and more enlightening. If he keeps ego, that is skin, he’ll shine. To shine, he needs the eyes of others to flatter him. But if he becomes transparent, he lets true light pass through him.

There are consequences for him : the more he’s transparent, the less he’s subject to matter, and the more he’s enlightening, so he can transmit. Of course, he can say that he’s the one who has done it. If he does, his ego is back and he becomes thicker. Instead of enlightening, he shines once again. Finally, there is really the idea that the alchemist himself will vanish. He’ll become more and more transparent. Being transparent means crossing appearances and no longer needing your parents. (Untranslatable pun here : celui qui devient transparent n’a plus besoin de ses parents / séparant). Finally, we speak of vanishing, but it is of the vanishing of matter. We speak a lot of death in alchemy, but it is an apparent death. We have to understand the « death of appearences ». We are not interested in appearances. We are interested in what underlies them.
It is like in long abandonned houses, we put fabric sheets on furniture. These are appearances. We see sheets on furniture, with dust. We want to remove them to see what is below. What is great is that there is nothing below. Sheets have shapes only because of the beliefs we have but in truth, when we remove them, there is no shape.

6. The weave (medical book by Burensteinas)

We have the illusion to think that we exist by ourselves. Morality : we are the folds on a tablecloth. The only thing that exists is the tablecloth. If the tablecloth is manufactured with a single thread, the only thing that exists is this thread that weaves universe. We can imagine a thread that does a canvas, the chain of the carpet, the weave. Then we sew things on it. These are houses, trees, dogs… everything. There is still a unique thread. The difference between the thread and the manifestation, what has been done with the hand, is motion. If I stop the motion, I’m back to unity. This is interesting. Consider the most raging sea, globally it is immobile. If there are 10 meter high waves, there are also 10 meter deep holes. If I take the waves and put them in the holes, it is immobile. An immobile energy is always present in universe but it is not well allocated. Maybe the work of the alchemist is to allocate everything correctly. We can call it immobilization.

7. Information theorie part 1

It is a construction game with bricks that are all the same. We are speaking of exactly the same thing, but we call this information field « light ». It is just a matter of vocabulary, but we are speaking of the same thing. Texts state that « light is non-shape », so everything that has a shape is not light. It is light that has densified, clotted, organized, but original bricks are always the same.

8. Information theorie part 2, effects.

What is interesting is that « information » is not « inform » (shapeless). We shape information. To understand information, we need a beginning and an end, that is to sa a time frame, a chronology, a time logic. Shapelessness is outside time frame. No time, no space, no matter, which is what characterizes our world. Our world is time, space and matter. If we are able to overtake it all, we’ll realize it. We can even realize it here. When you live a moment of happiness for example, you are no longer in time, space or matter. It is like we created an extraterritoriality and we were in each things and each things were in us. At the very moment you try to understand why you feel good, you no longer feel good because you come back to chronology. We really have these two notions : in the bubble, time is running ; outside the bubble no time is running excepted in surface. When we are in the bubble we are in causes and effects ; when we are outside there are neither causes nor effects. When we are at the door of the bubble, we are in the causeless effect.

9. Beginning with alchemy

We are western people. Our problem is that we want to act at once, before learning, before understanding. We have to act. This is not the point. We are speaking of philosopher’s stone, not technician’s stone. Alchemy is called great art, not great method. There is no method. Not only do we have to get our hands dirty, we also have to understand. What is the philosophy of the art, what is our relation to the world, how do I place myself in regard to the environment, to myself, to others ? The first work is to open the temple. This is called contemplation. What is contemplation ? It is sitting somewhere you like and do nothing. It is not meditation, or maybe it is but as I do not know anything about medidation I cannot compare. You let everything come in without expecting anything. There are noises, you hear them, there are smells, you smell them, skin sensations, you feel. It means the five senses are the entry doors of the being. They are our measuring tool. Are you able to stay without doing anything and not get bored ? How to let the aforementioned information come in without judging it, without expecting anything ?

If you focus on something, for example I tell you « listen to the sounds » and there are marvellous birds that pass, you will not see them because you have been told to listen to the sounds. There, I tell you nothing, you have to contemplate whatever comes in. There will only be surprises. This is the 1st work. We will capture things that we had never seen before because we had never looked at them. It will be both the beginning and the end of Great Work. There is a metaphysical idea that states that everything is nice and done correctly, but we are unaware of it. This is only a state of mind. For instance if I announce you a very bad news, when you go outside, everything will look ugly. Unsympathetic people, grey houses… And if I announce a good news, everything will look wonderful. The world has not changed at all. What has changed is how you see things. Consequently, what you have to change first is how you see the world. You have to let go of all prejudices. This is the first work.

We will build the laboratory of this work. Semi-labor, semi-oratory, because it would be good to be in a place that is a bit our home, where atmosphere is different and things may happen that do not happen outside. This will be the second work, that we call « non-causality bubbles ». You are in a space in which neither causes nor effects exist. You do not know what happens. Sometimes, this happens to you. You are in a train, the way is long, you get bored. You. Do not know how to pass the time. Something draws your attention on the seat right in front of you. It is a point. You look at it. At one time, your eyes will be in an elusive state and you have no more time awareness. Maybe you have already had this experience. If you have not, you can try. You will discover that when you see this point and your eyes are in an elusive state, after a while you no longer have landmarks, you feel fluffy, witness-like, like you were not there but slightly away from your own perceptions. Then when you wake up from this state, 2 hours or 5 minutes may have passed. We are no longer able to measure time. It means that we are able to alter our perceptions. This is interesting. We thought that it were tools, perfectly codified. We realize that it is not the case and we can alter one’s own perceptions. To me, these are the first works.

Then, there is studying alchemical texts. Alchemical texts are voluntarily ununderstandable. The aim of these texts is not to help you understand alchemy, it is to lead you to a particular state. If I read an alchemical text and do not understand anything but read about salt, sulphur, mercury, salamanders, dragons, wyverns, vitriol… even without understanding what it means, it is not a common language. This will put me in another state, in another kind of thinking. Maybe this is what we are looking for. This is the 3rd work, the bubble of causality. I’m going to create a bubble in which the impossible is possible, because we cannot create the philosopher’s stone here. We can only do it where it is possible. It will become possible because I will create kind of magic extraterritoriality in which everything becomes possible.

It is simple. At the beginning, there is nothing particular to do. Just contemplating, reading a few alchemical texts and then if we want to start working, it will be for instance the metallic way. How to work with metals ? We do not know. We imagine that we need a gas factory. No, we need a clamp, a melting pot, wood fire and metal. The first work is to melt metal. This simple experience will teach us that many incredible things happen. You have never done it, unless it is your job. Seeing melted metal is funny. It does not always obey. It depends on many factors that are not necessarily technical ones. In which state are you ? Aha ?! There may be a link between your state and the experience. It becomes interesting. It is no longer chemistry, it is something else. This is alchemy. It begins when the experimenter has a place in the experience and vice versa. If we work well with our metal, one day a star will appear on it, physically. On the surface of the metal, a star appears. This is the appetizer. We have not begun yet. It is not the work yet, but it sets us on the track.

10. Diet

That goes without saying. It is a set of things. We are not Albert Dugenou and suddenly wear an alchemist cap. It is a way. The way is an everyday work. You breath alchemy, you eat alchemy, you sleep alchemy, you live alchemy. It does not make us monomaniacal people, we do not always speak about it. It means that it has consequences in our daily life. We do not care, at least I do not care about idea such as « we must not eat animals because this is cruel ». It is true that battery reared animals is not good. Their life goal is to end up in our plates. But I mean that when a lion eats a gazelle, it does not have any metaphysical questions in mind. It is natural. When we think about it, we realize that it participates in everyone’s evolution. Eating something is not killing it, it is integrating it in our colony. In me, i’m sure that there is a piece of carrot here, beef, a slice of bread there… All I’ve eaten has disassembled and been used by my body. I’ve not destroyed anything. I’ve just removed the weave. This weave is another issue. The components, when I die and decay, nature will feed on what I’m made of. So good ! My body has never existed. I’m just temporarily managing a condominium. It is a group of autonomous animal that think that it is good to stay together. I’m just the spokesman. The risk is that I imagine I am the boss, which is not so. I’m just the spokesman.
It also means that if I work in the laboratory and feel good there, align and rectify myself, and also become silent because I do not want to speak ; it will reflect in my diet. I will feel like doing peaceful activities. For example, I will take time to eat. Furthermore, we know that we will feed on something else. You can stay 2 or 3 days in your laboratory without eating, drinking, going to the bathroom and you miss nothing. This is not asceticism, we do not do it on purpose. We are fed by something else. You can see it. In summer, you eat less than in winter and everyone finds it normal. But is it really ? Why do we eat less ? In summer, there is more energy so we need to transform less for our body. As my body works by strategy, it will think that it will not turn matter into energy because there is already plenty. It will gather energy from the outside and will need to eat less.

There exist people who feed on we do not know what but who stay 2, 3, 10 days, 10 years without eating and do not die. It shows that they are able to absorb the energy that runs their body another way. This is what may happen. We will have the ability to feed on something else and eventually modify our diet, but we will not name it.
It is not asceticism. There are no such things as « right ! from now on I’ll practice alchemy, eat 3 carrots, dress in white and burn incense ». This is not necessary. The better we are, the less we need accessories. A parable states « it is not what comes in the mouth of a man that is toxic, it is what gets out of it ». I think that we could eat anything if our metabolism were balanced. It does not care at all. It will generate energy from anything. To my understanding, in this way we are not compelled to be perfectly pure, to fast to do experiences. I’ve not found any improvement.

11. As above, so below – planet Earth

Absolutely ! What happens on a scale also happens on another scale. There is no reason to think that the Earth is not an aggregate, which is the case. There is no reason to think that there are no veins and arteries in the Earth, which is also the case. There are lines in which information flow more easily. We call it veins and arteries, networks. Celts name it « ley lines », very special lines. There is no reason to think that Earth is not an organism. In this organism, there may be parasites. Maybe we are. We have behaved like mould on the skin of an orange. We have spread on the surface of Earth. It is like a living being, like a dog that scratches if it has an itch. We should worry in such times.
Let’s consider awareness. Has Earth, as an organism, an awareness ? I do not know. Maybe it does, maybe it does not. I have as many arguments in favour of both ideas. It’s the same when we say « hey, look at how the world is well done ! ». Fish are in water, birds in the air... It proves that there is a god behind it all. The organisation is incredible. No ! Those for whom world was not well done are dead. Finally, there is a selection that implies that we are all survivors. It is normal to consider this world is well done for us, because we have adapted to it.

So, I cannot say if there is a hidden intent underlying it all. There are other examples. I recall things and see that my memory dates back to far away times, millions of years ago there was water on the Earth and there were beings who reproduced like crazy. They had wonderful life, the Earth was theirs. As they have multiplied, they polluted. They have created a lethal poison, a contaminant that we could even not create nowadays. This contaminant was so powerful that it ate everything, corroded everything. Stones, metals, and also beings. These beings managed to save their lives. How did they do it ? They hid at the bottom of water. It is not Atlantes, it is anaerobic bacteria. The terrible poison they have created is oxygen. Listen to it « oxy gen » (french green language) : the death maker. We have arrived afterwards and oxygen is great for us. We are children of pollution. Had they not polluted, we would not exist. What is good ? Maybe we are working on the rise of a race that lives in carbon dioxyde and radioactivity and finds it great.
We fear that extraterrestrials will come to invade us. Maybe intergalactic maps advise to avoid blue planets at all costs. There is a lethal gas on this planet with a bunch of weirdies who manage to live in this gas, but we do not stand a chance. So, do not go there !

See, there are always pros and cons, different world views. A romantic view like « this is Gaïa, the goddess Earth. We are evil guys because we have polluted. One day it will react and call us her children again ». Very romantic. When a volcano erupts and kill 10 000 species, it is the Earth. An asteroid fell 65 million years ago and killed dinosaurs and not only them, 90% of earth life.

(Man’s voice) : It is the 5th extinction.

Exactly. Furthermore, other extinctions have occured. There is the judeo-christian side : « we are bad guys, we pollute and it is bad. All the universe is nicer than us and we are bad guys. » I do not believe it. 2000 years of guilt are enough. From there, we all do what we can and we’ll se how we adapt to this environment.

12. Cyclical disasters, agitation part 1

There is such a thing in the sense that we think that everything arises from the agitation of something immobile. We talked about it at the beginning. Life has appeared on earth and on other places. Statistically there is no reason that life cannot be found anywhere else given the billions of billions of planets. It is highy unlikely that there is life only on Earth. Let me introduce an awareness here. When the Universe noticed that it was agitating, it thought « how do I calm down ? ». To calm down, like for cars, it need brake pads. What is a brake pad ? Something that transforms an energy into another energy. For instance, kynetic energy into heat. If kinetic energy is turned into heat, when heat dissipates, the car stops. We may imagine that life is a brake pad of Universe. This is how Universe dissipates bustle. Of course, we are always restless. It is normal, this is our function. We are brake pads.

There are energy cycles. A 25000 year cycle is alike to a drop of water falling in a glass. There is a wave that hits the edges and comes back. Waves travel universe cyclically. The sun has an 11 year cycle. It has sunspots and solar eruption. We cannot think that this energy disappears. If it hits our faces, we will have to dissipate this agitation.
There are only two ways to dissipate energy : thermal and dynamical. Either it heats up or it moves. Peoples are waging war, it is hideous. Would they still fight if they were in a fridge ? If they were in a really cold place, they would certainly not because they would keep their energy to maintain temperature. Ultimately, earthquakes are similar. We see if the Earth is more agitated. With global warming, disasters are increasing. It is normal. If oceans are warmer, they only have one way to dissipate their agitation. It is not thermal because they are warm, it is dynamical. The air above them will start to move. Disasters, tornados will occur on Earth to dissipate their energy. It is just a rebalancing. I have only spoken of a mechanical rebalancing. Is there any metaphysical rebalancing that underlies it ? The aim of Universe being to dissipate its bustle, if there is no more bustle, it is enlightenment. This also interests us. Through all events we live on Earth, various disasters, we may be heading towards enlightenment because it dissipates our agitation. In big disasters, people help each other. After wars, people help each other too. It is like all energy was dissipated and now everyone is similar. When we have plenty of energy, we can only dissipate it in difference.

13. Cyclical disaster, agitation part 2

Nowadays it is too late because we are too numerous. When there were tribes of less than 10 individuals, it worked really well. There were no wars. Two groups saw each other, stayed away, said hi and the territory was wide enough for everyone. There are wars because there is not enough space for everyone, be it from an ideological point of view, not only from a mechanical point of view. When there is too much energy and not enough space, it has to dissipate. There is no other option, it is almost mechanical.

When there are agitated people in the suburbs or during wars, we displace people. It means that we take them and bring them elsewhere. In the countryside for instance. Then we notice that their agitation is dissipated into something else. I would love to say « it would be great if there were no wars, to find methods… » but to my understanding, there is no chance. I am convinced that we cannot change this world but we can change oneself in this world. It is an individual work. If someone irradiates, he may affect other people. A few bubbles of light can contaminate oceans of chaos. But I do not think that, at least globally speaking, we can stop what is happening. Epidemics, wars, diseases… Why can’t we prevent diseases ? Becauses diseases are also life. If I get a virus, it’s maybe Moses virus leading chosen people in promised land and they are very happy. Milk and wine flow with them doing nothing. They feed on everything. It is a real pleasure, it is paradise. Once again, what is right ? I do not know. A disease is also a beast trying to live, to survive, that adapts to its environment. Some are not diseases. It is symbiosis. Other destroy their environment, like us. We are maybe a disease for Earth. We have no clues. It is always very difficult to figure it out. It is not manichean, good guys and bad guys. This is not true. It depends on circumstances. Will it stop one day ? Maybe because of lack of warriors. If humankind is removed, there will be no more human wars. I do not think that there is a method. It would be well known after all this time. We say « never again » and same thing happens 10 years later.

14. Psychopathy

I get the method but the cause may be necessary. It does not solve the problem. The worm is in the fruit. The germ of humankind may also be the germ of its self-destruction, of its self-regulation. Are both not born with each other ? I think so and they may not be separable. We can find many reasons but the underlying problem will remain. How could we isolate these people, and if we were able to eliminate them, maybe something else would turn up. This new thing may be even more pathogenic. Wars are not good. They may be valves, necessary phenomenon that alleviate humankind. I would hate to think that it is the case but…

15. Parallel between alchemy and 4th way

Obviously, we are speaking of the same thing. Besides, it is not intended at all. Same causes produce same effects, we reach same conclusions. When we really try to transmit, it is the difference between a guru and a master : a guru speaks about himself and a master speaks about the way. We would love to see happy people, following their paths, being free… which is why we transmit. We do not transmit to make alchemist, nor to be recognized, we do not care about it at all. If we are able seed something and, it sounds pretentious but in it, we will « save » a few people. It is not what we are looking for. If people think for 5 – 10 minutes « I’ve had a good time, I’ve understood something »… this is our salary. We do not have the save-the-world syndrom.

16. The philosopher’s stone

It is a tender red crystal that can be scratched with a nail. Its particularity is to contain real light, and that’s why it is sometimes equated with Graal. Besides, the root of « graal » is « gal », which means « stone », « al » means « above », so it means « what is above the stone ». Graal itself, for christians, was a stone before being a cup. In early christianity, when we mention Graal, we mean a stone. It is certainly Chrétien de Troyes who brought much later the fact that it is a cup. When we mention Christ, Christ is crystal and crystal is crystos, he who lets light go through without resistance. There is always this concept of stone that contains light and can communicate it. When the alchemist has this stone, he swallows it. We can say that the last shadow will melt and that light will be liberated in him. If it is liberated in him, it is a silent explosion, it rectifies him or not. If he is rectifiable, everything is fine ; if he is not, he bursts. It is pieces that are rectified.

It is very close to Graal quest. When this stone is in contact with vegetals for instance, they overgrow. It will have flowers and fruits to grow in winter because we bring this kind of light that is from the outside. It transmutes minerals. All these factors are consequences. When we have the stone, the first thing we do is to test it. To check wether it is a real one, we transmute something. It is the only one that has this transmutation power. Well, the only one… a hen can transmute. It is the graal of the alchemist. It is the end of his path here. It does not mean that it is the complete end. Maybe it is an entrance ticket to the club. Maybe all those who have found this stone do something else afterwards. This is more concretely what philosopher’s stone is.

17. The royal way

When we practice alchemy, there are 3 ways : dry, moist and royal way. The principles of alchemy, we have already discussed it, are about purifying a body and make it pure enough that it lets light pass. To purify it, there are 3 methods. The first one is to clean it with water, the moist way. When we say « water », we mean something liquid. The second is with fire, the dry way, how to purify matter with fire. The third one is without using external matter : the experimenter does it inside his body. With his own body, he will achieve the Great Work.

Great Work is simple. There are 3 principles : salt, sulphur and mercury. Salt is matter, sulphur is agitation and mercury is information or spirit. I am salt, my body, I have agitation and spirit. How do I connect my spirit with my emotions to make it kind of dye ? Once it is done, I will make it flow in my body. This flow will purify it. It is the same thing as with a melting pot but instead of using a melting pot, I use my body. These technics are the way of prophets. It is not an easy way. These are more far eastern than western technics. Far eastern people call it the 3 fields of cinabre. It is mentioned in martial arts. Why are they able to do it ? Because they are aligned with emptyness, while we western people are aligned with fullness. They can be immobile, devoid of emotions. We cannot do it at all. I do not know if you have already tried to meditate, it will last only 4 seconds. Thoughts come at once. But for the mit is different. It is like the 4 peoples we were, were aligned with 4 different elements. Depending on the element, we can or cannot do different things.

It is the alchemical way, the way of transmuting the being through its own body. It looks easy. You could think « good ! I do not need accessories, nor laboratory, nor anything at all ». In truth, it is the most difficult because it does not happen in the outside, it happens in the inside. Releasing the sulphur point, that is located in the throat, is not easy because all our emotions will be released, we will have rashes, inflammation, burns. It will not be pleasant. When you do it in a melting pot, metal acts, not yourself, so that’s fine. If it is in your body, it is not easy at all. It is the way that requires the fewest accessories but it is the toughest.

What I share on facebook are only premises. I do not claim to give to everyone Royal Way, thanks to which you will all become great alchemist and turn into light. I wanted to give simple, easy and not dangerous exercises so that people feel that things happen. In any case, it will improve their metabolism and health. It is good for sure. It is easy, free, and does not lead astray. There is always a notion of benevolence, altruism, gift… it is very important too. We have received, we give. We respect the universal law of balance. It is the easiest to transmit. Facebook is not the best place to transmit but you know that nowadays people no longer watch TV. Everything happens on the internet, 90%. Of course, people do watch movies but information flow on the internet. If middle-age alchemists had had access to the internet, they would have used it. It is not because we wear middle-age garments that it will work. Resorting to media and modern technics to transmit something is completely fine with me. Some people are impacted. Even though 10000 people do not care about it but only 1 or 2 are affected, we have achieved something.

18. Data encryption, alchemists burnt at the stake

The ancients have encrypted data but not that much. Problem is we read these books with modern eyes. We are the children of psychoanalysis. It means that everytime an alchemist says something, it has to mean something, but sometimes it does not mean anything at all. It is taken literally. We’re seeking the explaination that gives the explaination that gives the explaination and so on. Sometimes they give excessively simple things. For instance, they speak of the water of metals. « I put metal in XXX and dew got out ». It is really water that got out, nothing else. A transparent liquid got out of the metal. That’s it ! Question is not « what does he mean with water ? » No. He has described what he has seen. This is the first thing.

Second, at that time you could be burnt at the stake. So they had reasons to hide what they had found. And even this was not sufficient to save them. If you hid something, it was because you had something to hide, so you deserve pyre. This was not pledge of safety.

You have to know that alchemy is not a technic. It is a mindset. Searching, deciphering, examinating the inside is part of this mindset. We are now coming to the present explaination of alchemy. Is it still necessary to encrypt data nowadays ? I think so, for the same reasons. First of all : no, pyres have not disappeared. Read articles that criticize someone or another. It is not physical pyres but media ones. We put pressure on someone, subject him to a tax audit. Pyres have not disappeared at all, nor have dogma, nor inquisition, be it political, cultural or scientifc. Dogma still exist. Alchemist still need to be careful today.

As far as transmitting is concerned, he who seeks effortlessly will never find. Not for the reason that we have to make efforts, but because we have to transform, to change. If I tell you everything : you have to do it and it and it, it becomes tasteless. If I showed you a philosopher’s stone and put it right under your nose, you would say « well, is that just this ? » because for you it has no significance. You will gain this significance through research. It is the personal will to change of point of view. In order to change of point of view, encryption is a good school.

19. Royal Way part 2, solitary work

There is no school of alchemy. It does not exist. We cannot say that there are alchemists who are working together. It does not exist. I can sometimes practice Royal Way with a group. I take a group and have people work on it. Yes, it does create a group dynamics, but it is not people imitating their neighbours. There is a dynamics because when everyone is breathing with each other, it is stronger. It is not triggered by comparison. This is the first thing.

Then, you have to know that alchemy and all initiatic ways are solitary ways. The path must be walked alone. We come to world alone and die alone. It does not mean that we do not have a master, nor that we do not meet sometimes to discuss. At the end, everyone goes back home and the work is solitary. It is nothing such as « let’s have a melting pot party ! Let’s practice Royal Way all together ». No. The melting pot is like a target. You’ll have to concentrate something on a very precise point. To do it, it will depend on the experimenter. First dans foremost, being able to do it by yourself is not easy. And with several people… reaching immobility with many people is much more difficult than alone. It is difficult to work together but you can give work to someone so that he does it by hisself. When he has achieved it, you give him what comes next, and so on. You can help him sometimes, look over his shoulder once or twice, but not always. It remains an absolutely solitary work.

20. Royal Way part 3, solitary work

Your personal will is not the same as your neighbour’s one. Couples have told me « we want to practice alchemy together ». I have always advised against it. Then it is up to you. As Sufi say « do not listen to any advices, even to this one ». You are free to do as you like, but it will be very difficult. To my knowledge, throughout history, it has never happened. Modern people have tried and it has failed. Reason is we do not progress at same pace. A person can understand something but not the other. We do not especially feel like doing the same thing at the same time. We do not have the same energy to display at the same time. Everything would have to be coordinated at the same time. No chance ! Very difficult.

21. SOTT in green language part 1

SOTT (spelling the word). « S » is motion in every directions. « O » is body and spirit, and « T » is the Earth. So, it is something that fidgets its body in all directions, body and spirit everywhere in the Earth. Not bad ! The bad aspect is that it follows all directions, the good aspect is that it has people to work for something practical because the double « T » is something very terrestrial. It means that we are going to seek everywhere, dig everywhere, and you will experiment things in your body and spirit for a practical reason. It will lead to something solid. You will have to build something. It is not a place where only metaphysics is discussed. It would not work. Each time you broach a weird topic, there has to be a concretisation of it, or a mechanical consequence. The good aspect of it is to connect spirit with matter. You experience things, believe in what you want. It is not sufficient to tell us things, you have to bring proofs and practical achievements.

22. SOTT in green language part 2

You experiment in all directions. You try everything. You try everything with a curious mind but you keep grounded. It is interesting because it prevents from being misled and with people who study bizarre things without any basis. Here, you want to have basis and reach something concret.

23. Parallel between alchemy and other ways

I often work with a cabalist friend. He’s a cabalist, I’m an alchemist and do not know anything or almost nothing about cabal. There are interesting and intersecting things. On the other hand, when a way fills us, we do not have any tendencies. I do not mean that I am not interested in it. My own way fills me so much, gives me answers to all my questions. I have no reasons to seek somewhere else. New Age and shamanism get me bored. There exist real shamans. I have met real ones in Canada. They are not for tourists. I am not interested in 3 days of ayahuasca. It is not people who are following a path, they are following effects. We produce effects, get out of our life and the get back to it. We have only produced effects.

I like the ways that we can follow. A way is a life’s work. It is not « I’m going to do 12 millions things ». We can try, at the beginning, to discover which one affects us. But once we are affected by a way, we follow it. I am still convinced today that it goes further. We are chosen by a way. We do not decide anything. Someday it falls on your head and if you try to do something else, everything takes you back there. Why is it so ? It may be a range of probabilities or a consciousness. I do not have an answer to this question.

24. The choice of alchemy

It is correlations. When I was in middle-school (13 or 14 yo) I did a presentation about alchemy, while it was not my favorite topic. It was always in background, and then I forgot about it. Sometimes there were booster shots, a painting that showed up, a book that showed up… and one day I came across the book The matter’s soul by Jollivet Castelot. It is an old book written in 1894. It dealt with practical alchemy. What is this weird thing ? For the first time, I was informed that there were things to do, so I wanted to try. I did try especially to prove that it does not work because it seemed too weird. But things did happen. I have begun with practice. I did things. It has hit my mind because I saw things that do not exist. What do I do now ? Shall I stop because it is dangerous, or shall go on ? I went on. Then, you cannot escape it because at each second, something brings something that brings something new. It becomes a way to live, to see, to feel. It comes to you. You do not make any efforts, this is interesting. I did not wake up one day and thought « from now on, I wanna be an alchemist and will do as much as I can ». No. It fell into place by itself, almost unwillingly. I will not say that I am an alchemist. I will say that I have become an alchemist. I have found myself to be an alchemist. I was said that I was an alchemist. People around me said « what you are doing is alchemy ». I did not realize it. I gradually moved forward on a path and people told me « this is what you are doing », but I had no idea. I have casually followed a path and it has lead me there. This was not premeditated. Some people have a vocation. Since they are 2 yo, they want to be painters or something. In my case, not at all. I was put inside it. It was a second nature. Today, I’m living in this middle, not through learning but naturally. I feel perfectly fine there. It is natural to me. I do not have any reasons to do something else. I am doing it.

25. Scholarship part 1

By necessity we study texts to understand them. You go back in History. One of the parts is knowledge, which is not information. We say things we have no idea how we know about. This happens thanks to questions. When I go somewhere and have to tackle an issue, I have a thread and know what I am going to say, broadly speaking, even though there is a random aspect. But there is a dimension that is not rational. Something happens. Someone asks a question and a phenomenon occurs. It is like I were listening to what I say. Like I were in a room and heard an echo, slightly remote and I hear myself answering. It does not arise from thinking. I have not prepared my reply. Something happens and I reply. I know I have hit the nail. Sometimes I listen to radio programs and say « have I really said that ? ». Then I take notes and think « well, this is interesting ».

This may not be due to scholarship but to knowledge. Sometimes I give answers on topics that I absolutely ignore. I am even not conscious that I ignore them because I answer faster than I reflect. That’s why if the timing is not correct, it may be difficult to answer. For instance, if someone asks me another question on the same topic 10 minutes later, I have just put the book away. In this case, I will have to ponder. It is like we had access to a great library and when someone asks a question, we grab the book and say « this is what it means », but we have not integrated the information contained in the book. It is temporary memory. It is not stored information.

26. Scholarship part 2

We have access to a great library. It is not mass storage ability, it is rather that we are looking for what is scattered. We let ourselves go. I was doing interpretation of green language on Radio Ici & Maintenant, and someone called from Africa. That person gave me a first name. I did not even know if it was a male or female name. When I interpreted it, I used the letters as usual and there was a silence. The person said « this is what it means in Malian language ». I had no idea. I do not speak Malian. We were all blown out. Each time I interpret something and hit the nail, I am surprised too. To me, this is no certainty. I ride something and when people say « that’s exactly what it is », I am surprised too. It is no certainty to me.


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Hey Thank you Elohir for putting this in my awareness, it's very interesting and Patrick brought an interesting part in The Work that I notice about my reactions reading the books on the forum : on my point of view, all the books have very good informations and knowledge on many subjects, but they lack this quality which put yourself in this "seeking light/truth/love effect". For myself, looking just an alchemist drawing reveal a strong drive for discovering the truth. And as I progress in my understanding of me and the world, the most vivid realisations are always in the form of abstract sceneries.

Look for the profound meaning that this bring in yourself :)

The books presented on the forum, are not written by some alchemists who have had done the great work, and the books are not mean to be written this way, otherwise there would be not understandable and even less Objective. But I think I will try to put myself in this state reading the books. I had some success with 9/11 on the part with Lobaczewski because it interest me a lot and I had this great joy to read and make useful and vivid connection with my life and other concepts I knew.

I saw another interview of Patrick Burensteinas here :


He talks about a Dolmen and this theory of flying stone and hints in History and Geology in france =P, and about the government and military bases around what he calls "World Lines". It's a great pleasure to hear him talk about Giant and Gnome stories !

Thank you Tomek and Shinzenbi for this great work, I will listen carefully.
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