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Ah, that's good to know. Compared with the cartoonish, cliched gray images in the media, this one looks more plausible, and also more creepy.
On a related note, someone recently leaked some emails from 2001 between some of the NIDS guys (Kit Green, Puthoff, Davis, Kelleher (co-author of the Skinwalker book), Bigelow, etc.). It's basically Kit Green's ("ex"-CIA) take on the film. He was convinced it was legitimate at the time (saying he'd seen images of the same autopsy in the 80s during a briefing), but now says he was taken in by a hoax (see his responses to Rich Dolan's questions here: [Members] The Leaked Alien Autopsy Emails - Richard Dolan Members). Funnily enough, he gave multiple reasons for believing it was real, but now doesn't give any good reasons for believing it's a hoax. CYA? Here's the doc:
Here's one page summarizing some of what Green had to say at the time:

Interesting that he concluded one of the people was definitely a surgeon (though not a forensic pathologist), but the guy who claims he hoaxed the film says the two people in the film were him and his girlfriend, which I don't find very believable...


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Anybody who wants to do such mystification had to do a lot of work in order to show it like that on the video. I don't say that it is a dead "alien," however I would not be surprised if it would be the real body, whoever laying on the table.

Q: (L) Now, switching gears: while watching the alien autopsy film, we saw a massive organ that occupies the whole center of the abdominal cavity. What was that?

A: Heart/liver.

Q: (L) A combination of both in one?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) They also carefully removed a solid or hard object which they then put in a small container. What was this object?

A: Crystal transceiver.

Q: (L) What was all the loose matter?

A: Organic tissue. Not important.

Q: (L) Was it a female or a male?

A: Both and neither.

Q: (L) Was it a being that could reproduce sexually?

A: No.

Q: (L) What kind of nourishment was required by that being?

A: Saline gelatin globules.

Q: (L) Did it eat as we do, through the mouth?

A: Cordates.

Q: (L) What? What is that?

A: Applications using biological microforms to metastasize through primary glandular channels. [See note at end.]

Q: (L) Did that being use oxygen as in breathing?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Where were the lungs?

A: Side of dorsal cavity.
Session 2 December 1995


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Thinking about this video all day has got me wondering. I think that video catches the real deal. They may not all look like that, but that's a genuine piece of footage I reckon. 4th density manipulation has also been on my mind 'cos I've been reading the Adventures with Cassiopaea articles. And I enthused plenty about High Strangeness on another thread, awesome book!

Hard to believe these pathetic looking bastards can manipulate our minds if we let them? The whole 4d STS subject is really engaging me at the moment, I'm engrossed in the subject. Got The Threat by David Jacobs just waiting to be read too. I've listened to many Jacobs interviews/lectures, and he's an honest researcher who just lacks C's level intellectual precision. What a godsend the C's info is, even though we still ought to research it fully.
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