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More spoookiness to report:

I got up this morning about 6.30am and was just checking the forum, looking at a few news sites, the general thing. My thoughts wandered onto my aunt who asked me to be a godparent, and then onto her as a person and what I consider to be her peculiar personality traits. Fact is, it seems that most if not all of the family members on my father's side of the family are genetically predisposed to nervous disorders, some are even institutionalized with schizophrenia. Suffice it to say that the day I learned of this, it wasn't a comforting thought and hearing some of the tales were more than creepy. However, it all did make me wonder about how this plays into the apparent hero archetype which seems to be unfolding right now. I've read a few opening chapters of Mircea Eliade's Shamanism book, and I couldn't help noticing that I "fit the profile"; got all of the traits excepting epileptic seizures and vertigo. I was also wondering about the current times, and if they are truly the last few years until some great cataclysm, the end of a cycle, that puts me at the last generation of this family line. I suppose I'm still shocked and coming to terms with how it all just seems to fit more or less precisely into a neat little box.

Anyway, because of this "disbelief" I wanted to read over my earlier summarizing post where I came to put it all into perspective after reading Joseph Campbell. I'd also come across the "Signs of Ascension" article while searching for Eliade's remarks posted by Laura on the site, and I noticed the following comments:

The scene where the family attempt to communicate with the aliens is also interesting. The little boy has in his hand the walkie-talkie which is a baby monitor. This is intentional. This is symbolic of spiritual growth. Many of us who are attempting to ascend the staircase often recall dreams of babies, sometimes sickly as we try to build the magnetic centre.
Well add me to the list; I can't recall just how many dreams I had last year of giving birth to a baby! Not physically of course, but just happening to find myself as a parent - feeling incredible responsibility - with a child. What was interesting is that one of these dreams, I was asking it questions and it was responding. This was all during the 111-number period were I found myself in some pretty negative experiences with my sister and something during that time, was "born" in my psyche. It wasn't some hooey-vague thing, but quite concrete and noticeable; a tiny point of "light" or "purity" of a completely different orientation - oriented towards truth and all things good - than my false personality.

About an hour later, my mother was here, and two books that I ordered for her just happened to arrive: Jean Ritchie's, "Abducted" and one on the topic of the supernatural by the same author. I read a few pages of Abducted, and put it down and was watching a bit of television. My mother was sat in the kitchen, checking out the other paperback. I began to think about these recent experiences again, and about my overall impression that it was all an attack to generate fear, for whatever reason. I recalled reading something from the Wave series earlier, in my already-posted summary:

Unfortunately, many people who have these encounters with the "herald," believe that it is the "god," and do not understand that the role of the alien encounters is initiatory in a real sense. Those who are taken in by them and believe the lies have already failed the first test of the hero. They do not realize that the "alien drama" will "disappear" from their lives once they have "adjusted" the alignment of forces within their soul and have become consciously aware of the precise nature of the drama.
That seemed to be precisely the case with me; as soon as I began to look at it in that context and to understand the dynamic, it all appeared to come to an end. Well, talk about speaking too soon, because at that precise moment when I had cognized all of this while sitting there, my mother walks in from the kitchen and stands in front of me with her mouth open. She said: "Craig... did you just say something to me?" I told her I hadn't and asked why. She replied: "I was just sat there, and I heard somebody say 'Shhh! He's here...' I thought it was you messing around, hiding behind the door so I called you a 'Weirdo!'"

I didn't hear anything and this was barely three meters away. Well, that was an odd thing to hear spoken and it seems - assuming it came from in the house - this 'somebody' was referring to me. In any event, it was synchronistic to my thoughts at that precise moment, because it sure gave me the shivers.

About five maybe ten minutes later, I sighted the number 111 and then a few moments later, the time 11:11am. And it is now 1:11pm!

So, a very odd series of events!

Update: Recently, I bought a copy of Linda Moulton-Howe's Glimses of Other Realities (Vol. 1) and was scanning through the plates when I came across the following image. It is very close to the "lizard-being dream" I had a few months back; I've included an edited version that is more accurate to what I saw:

Original version Edited version

...even down to the razor-sharp teeth...


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I just want to report something unusual to do with "missing time" occurring yesterday and this morning. Firstly, I have been waiting for delivery of Budd Hopkins's Missing Time for the past four weeks and I emailed the Amazon Marketplace seller, enquiring about it yesterday, but no response so far.

I found myself sleeping in quite late yesterday morning - only getting up around eleven. I set the alarm clock for ten, it went off and I set it forward an hour. I climbed back into bed, but I don't remember my head even hitting the pillow and my alarm clock was going off - the digital time read 11:00. I was very confused, but I must've slept because I had an image of a dream in my mind. Of all things, I was standing next to a scientist in a white room, looking at human body parts suspended in vats of liquid. He was examining an arm, and applying some sort of gel to a wound, I think to seal it up.

I was thinking how it only seemed as if I'd blinked, and an hour had passed. It has happened only once before to my recollection, about four or five years ago. But I suppose it's entirely possible to go to sleep immediately like that.

I'd pretty much forgot about it... However, a few times yesterday I saw the number 111 a few times and have seen several spiders in the past three days. Those two synchronicities together have happened enough times for me to start paying attention to the events that follow.

Now onto this morning - just an hour ago -- Last night, I set my alarm clock for 07:10 and I definitely went to sleep at the correct time because I watched a bit of the news and the time was the same. I awoke naturally at around 06:15, but I was confused. I actually got out of bed as if it was time for me to get up, even though the clock wasn't reading seven. I had to stare at the time for a few moments, and I realised I had another hour. I heard a van outside, and because I am waiting for a book delivery, I thought I might as well get up now, even though they don't deliver so early.

I went downstairs, and it was actually 07:32! So, it's as if my bedroom clock has been turned back an hour and a few minutes, but I never touched the thing! Or it stopped for an hour and a few minutes - it's certainly never done that before. It was definitely reading the correct time when I went to sleep, otherwise I would have noticed; I was aware of what the hour was according to at least two other clocks in the house. It's not as if I accidentally jumped the hour forward, because it was behind! That means I would've had to go through a whole twenty-four hours of button clicking.

Suffice to say, I'm quite confused. There could be a completely normal explanation for it...but I stumped to come up with one. These two consecutive events are quite interesting just around the time when I expect a copy of Missing Time to arrive. Now what possible emotional effects are usually elicited from me by such weirdness? Fear. Perhaps it just reaffirms my working idea that all of this high strangeness was "designed" for that very reason.

* * *

Update on 17th January 2007: I happened to be browsing YouTube and decided to see if there were any videos from my neck of the woods, and there is one - though I'm not going to post a link for privacy - of a so-called unidentified flying object about three or four miles away from my house on September 29th. Apparently, though there is little information about it, a couple of people noticed it behaving somewhat strangely and certainly not as an airplane or helicopter would. So more interesting "timing".


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Reading the_rabbit's thread jolted me to update this with some interesting things my mother told me about a week ago. In fact, it was a very enriching conversation that covered a lot of ground, and the information she told me - not just about matters of high strangeness - allowed me to look at relationship dynamics with my parents more closely and come closer to a better understanding of why certain things have happened the way they have.

Anyway, she started off talking about how pretty much every single night for years, she would lie in bed absolutely terrified. She had an obsession about everything in the house being locked and secured; always fearful about somebody getting in and getting her. This was also my experience and as you can probably imagine, Christmas Eve was NOT a very pleasant time at all. I remember vividly lying there, always in the fetal position, sweating profusely and terrified. In fact, that happened regularly if I didn't manage to make it through the whole night asleep. My mother said there were times when she'd be equally frightened and would get her father to keep calling out the time: "one o'clock... ten minutes past one... fourteen minutes past..."

Then the recurring dreams started: lying in bed and being surrounded by about twelve black hooded figures with no faces. That was it, except for the chorus of a song by the Carpenters looping through her mind, which she doesn't understand. We agreed though, that the lyrics were interesting (quite cosmic):

On the day that you were born the angels got together,
And decided to create a dream come true,
So they sprinkled moondust in your hair
And golden starlight in your eyes of blue...
I then asked her what else she remembers being scared of, and she talked about an inexplicable fear of her dressing table. Huh? Well, she went on to explain that it was one of those old fancy ones - like you'd find in a children's doll house - and it had coloured lights around the rim. That's why it scared her apparently. Very interesting! Then she talked about the heating tank in the bathroom a few metres away; she said the humming sound it made terrified her. In fact, it still affects her today when she goes to use the bathroom at her parents house. I noticed she talked about this tank as if it was alive in some way.

So, we have a persistent dream of dark hooded figures around her bed and fears associated with objects that were lit around the edge and made a humming sound.

Then she mentioned the constant nose-bleeds. I mean, huge nose-bleeds to the extent that she was taken to hospital a few times because of the amount of blood. She'd wake up, have breakfast, and then it was as if a dam had been opened. She also showed me a patch of darkened skin on her belly that she said just started to bleed one day through her white shirt. But apparently, it wasn't just any old cut that did it, but a perfectly circular pattern of pin-prick dots.

I then asked her, "Well, have you ever seen a UFO?"

"Oh yeah, there was this one time... I was walking home one evening and just approaching the house, when I felt compelled to look up." She described seeing a large orange ball of light - slightly bigger than the moon appears - just hovering there in the sky. Suddenly - as if it was aware of her looking at it - it shot off to the side and disappeared from view.

We were both pretty flabberghasted at this point, because placing all of these incidents together like that certainly conjured up the realisation that indeed, alien abduction was a possibility. She'd said it in the past, but it all seemed to me very "intellectual". This time though, she did seem to acknowledge it more seriously. The conversation pretty much came to a close, and we talked about her mother's few paranormal experiences and how she seems to be in a "religious denial" so to speak, not necessarily conscious - it only manifests by an avoidance to talk about these subjects - but the programming, or attitudes behind it.

About a week passed, and much to my annoyance, on two consecutive nights, I had dreams about seeing lights in the sky outside my window... and one of waking up in a dream - it was dark - and seeing that my door was open. This aroused a very intense fear of insecurity, as it probably would do in anybody. I then awoke, it was still very early, and I had this dream image in my mind. Obviously, I was thinking "aliens", and suddenly in my imagination, a glowing white chalky face materialised into the image. It had the expression of the Scream mask (the movie), but more circular, and this head was poking around the door staring at me, with this gaping mouth.

Got up the next day, and my mother was complaining about her sinuses, saying she felt something was up her nose and that during the night, she had the impression that she "wasn't there" and had been somewhere else. I haven't dreamt about anything to do with ufos or aliens for a while - thank god - and I just thought it was a strange thing for her to say. I hadn't mentioned anything about that dream/image.

Well, there it is... some similar strangeness running in the family.


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Oh boy, do I have something big to add to this thread. I can say almost definitely now that those goons have not only been lurking around, but have been caught with their hand in the cookie jar! Three words: alien love bite. I'm going to write about that at a later date, but I'm in need of some time for careful thought on how to deal with it. It's become quite clear to me now that a situation between a newly found friend and I has been manipulated; the clues were there all along and for anybody who has read Eve Lorgen's Alien Love Bite (I haven't yet, having only discovered it this afternoon) I can say that it has followed her "Characteristics, Signs and Symptoms of a Bonding Set Up" almost precisely - outlined on her website.

I just cannot keep from shaking my head in absolute SHOCK! I mean, I was suspicious all along, but seeing it written down on paper by somebody who has seen it happening time and time again - who writes it as it has happened to me - has once again served as a huge slap in the face.

Has anybody had anything like this happen to them? I suppose right now I'm struggling with how to extricate myself without hurting the other person, who is it seems somewhat going through an "unrequited love". Okay, I'll leave it there for now... I feel numb so, gonna see what the next few days brings.


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Okay, this is getting to absolutely ridiculous proportions! I went downstairs earlier to make a sandwich, and the telephone rings - it's my sister: "Craig, Craig, I've just seen a UFO! Me and [her daughter] were coming out of the shop and [daughter] was pointing upwards saying: 'Moon! Moon! Moving!' So I looked up and there was this black ball in the sky with an orange light underneath it. There were some boys near us and they looked up too and were shouting and saying 'Oh sh*t!' or something."

I asked what happened next and she said it was just gone; she's about a mile away. "What do you mean, just gone? You mean, it just faded away, shot off, you blinked... what?" She replied: "I don't know... I must have blinked, but it was just gone."

I was really tempted to try and break into an explanation that this couldn't come at a strange time, but it's pointless. I mean, what am I to think about this? It's one thing after another, and what are the chances that my sister just happened to see something at that moment!! Anyway, you know like, whatever! Could've been one of those "fire balloons" that seem to be gaining in popularity. Something else occurred last night:

There was the article on the Signs forum about the UFOs over London, and the way they appeared in the sky reminded me very much of a bunch of sightings somewhat near to me in Halewood (apparently "proven" to have been those balloons). I was thinking how I hadn't read about any sightings in the UK for a while, and the reality of it keeps hitting home because it's close to home; it's not somewhere over in America in the Nevada Desert on a cattle ranch. At that moment, I looked up to the address bar and saw this:

I'd seen that number before recently. I hope she doesn't mind me mentioning it, but a member here named Shar wrote a blog entry about a couple of odd dreams, and I had a few synchronicities while reading it. Well, here's my comment:

Hey Shar,

Okay, something funny just happened. About five minutes ago I was reading some old posts of mine to casschat about my own high strangeness - particularly my weird dreams - but I got creeped out and went onto myspace, where I saw your picture.

I remember about the sleep test you had and how I haven't checked your blog in a while because I've switched computers and lost my bookmarks. So while I'm heading over to here, Madonna's "Frozen" is playing in Winamp and bang, there's the title.

So I'm reading and the song changes to Evanescence's "Imaginary" and just at the moment I read about the sky turning purple, the lyrics "I watch my purple sky fly over me" play into my ear!

And now I just notice in the hyperlink your "blogid" which is: 10011127. Darn that number 111, it's always cropping up with high strangeness activity!! (and the additional numbers 27+1= my house no.) O_O
Yesterday, I was searching an internet forum because I was unsure of a program that was running in my task manager. I clicked onto a thread, and at the top was a post by somebody with the number 111 in their username, and the next post down, somebody had a gray alien head as their avatar.

The now very annoying strangeness continues...


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Some interesting observations (via Arcane Radio) from Tim Swartz on High Strangeness and other tidbit's.
With much, covered by the book.

Lon Strickler Published on Jul 20, 2019 / 1:03:47 /Starts @ 5:05/
Join me as I welcome author, photojournalist and radio host Tim Swartz to Arcane Radio.

Tim is an Indiana native and Emmy-Award winning television producer/videographer, and is the author of a number of popular books including 'The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla', 'America's Strange and Supernatural History', 'UFO Repeaters', 'Time Travel: Fact Not Fiction!', 'Men of Mystery: Nikola Tesla and Otis T. Carr', 'Admiral Byrd's Secret Journey Beyond the Poles'. His latest book is 'Gef the Talking Mongoose: The Eighth Wonder of the World.'

As a photojournalist, Tim Swartz has traveled extensively and investigated paranormal phenomena and other unusual mysteries from such diverse locations as the Great Pyramid in Egypt to the Great Wall in China.

He has worked with television networks such as PBS, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, ESPN, Thames-TV and the BBC. He has also appeared on the History Channels programs "Ancient Aliens"; "Evidence"; "Ancient Aliens: Declassified"; and the History Channel Latin America series "Contacto Extraterrestre." His articles have been published in magazines such as Mysteries, FATE, Strange, Atlantis Rising, UFO Universe, Flying Saucer Review, Renaissance, and Unsolved UFO Reports. Currently,
Tim writes a column about high-strangeness in Indiana for the magazine "Daydrifter."

As well, Tim Swartz is the writer and editor of the online newsletter Conspiracy Journal; a free, weekly e-mail newsletter, considered essential reading by paranormal researchers worldwide. Tim is also the host of the webcast "Exploring the Bizarre" along with Timothy Green Beckley, -
His website is:
Alien Disclosure: Experiencers Expose Reality -
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