Another Hit For the Cs: Californian Exodus

Welp, as I consider myself a lifer here in the Golden State. It is only going to get worst as the leftist policies drive up cost of living, crime rates, soft on crime, homelessness/drug use, going green, mental health, taxes on personal and business, abortion laws, education brainwashing, and on and on: as they all feed off each other. The exodus has been mainly the destroyed and thinning middle class, and tax paying businesses. Even the fact that we lose so much tax revenue from the exodus itself. All the spending on social welfare is no wonder we are/were the 5th largest economy in the world, cannot support all the shenanigans without the working class base that is leaving. I know I said a bunch right there, I found this pewtube channel that does fairly good investigate work, where the rubber meets the road so to speak.

Siyamak Khorrami is a standup guy, as far as I can tell, did a documentary for Epoch Times. He is also the interviewer for the channel: California Insider, as linked above. Here is the trailer for the doc, it is still behind the Epoch TV paywall, but should be released soon, the other videos Siyamak's does covers in more detail everything discussed in the doc.

Great resource, as I can verify much of what they say about the happenings on the street level and what residents go through. I believe California is as much a model for the rest of the United States, as it is for the world economic forum's test site. Might as well through in New York into the mix.
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