The average NWO footsoldier will not last 7 years, because many of them are junkies. But it does make them more dangerous over the years.
I encountered one of them while out walking around 4 years ago. I did not realize how truly dangerous they were at the time.
We were having a nice conversation about the ocean and laughing and all seemed well at first until he started talking about Trump and started going down the list of what Trump was doing wrong. I made a slight correction to something he said that was not true at all. It was as if a light switch had been flipped. His expression went to rage in a flash and he balled up his hand into a fist and pulled back his arm as if he was going to hit me until he noticed there were people around watching us. So he began jumping up and down and screaming "get away from me, don't touch me, get away, and flapping his arms and just acting crazy. I backed slowly away and went on with my walk. That is when I knew these people were going to be a big problem.

Not long after that as I was walking a man road by on his bike and looked me and started screaming, " Are you going to take the blue pill or the red pill?"Then he shouted "Kill all white people" The thing is is that he was white himself. Yes, they are crazy dangerous. I changed my walking route and make a point of steering clear of them as much as possible now. I also carry my personal protection crystal when I leave the house and stopped walking alone.

And they are at it again. Here is a short video from Bret Weinstein and his wife discussing their latest antics.



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