April Drop Dead Date

‘Drop dead date’

Well @Faina posted this in the Truckers for Freedom thread, translation from the Russian astrologer Svetlana Dragan speaking about the movement:
But this would be tied to a specific April of a specific year. I tend to think that the Cs are more open about the possibility in any April ahead, they just see the April option as fairly closed because of some potential seasonal trigger that escapes us now, but may give us clues.
I guess I missed something. I understand the significance of April 30 but what’s the significance of April 27th? I’m sorry if this is noise I haven’t been keeping up with the news as much as I usually do.

Freedom Canadian trucker convoy lasting 3 months (end of April)? Maybe what was started by the truckers might be morphed into what is soon to be termed "Freedom Convoy" around the world, l hope that's the case. There are some truckers that have already decided to pack it in now that many provinces have caved with their mandates.

I thought what Javi laid out was quite interesting, it gave me pause as l was just going over all the details on early seed starting for the garden this year. Setting up everything is a lot of work and if it turns out to be an exercise of futility, well it won't be my first that's for sure.
The following has been circulating around some Telegram groups the last couple of weeks. I found the second last paragraph (in bold) rather interesting considering the C's April Drop Dead Date.

False flags and covid phase 2 incoming ?

Is it possible the global trucker convoy movement and restrictions ending everywhere at once is a setup for phase 2 of the pandemic?

Imagine what happens when the media announces because of the lowering of restrictions a new deadly strain spread, imagine how that could usher in a total fear of freedom in a big way.

All of the deep state puppets are randomly lowering restrictions all at once, it won’t be this easy.

Now imagine if the media broadcasts “food supply chains broken” when this happens. There will be a giant run on the groceries which would collapse the supply chains which are already compromised.

The truckers strikes are blocking key shipping lanes. Many people have noticed that none of the truckers strikes groups were getting deleted on Facebook, the media was promoting it, bots were promoting it on telegram.

So the new deadly Pi strain would get blamed on freedom and the collapse of supply chains would get blamed on protests.

This would be the perfect excuse to deploy full control, military on the street etc.

Geophysics models which previously predicted mass deaths predict a wave of deaths end of March 2022 during the equinox, when our earth is in a geomagnetically unstable condition which has never before been seen.

Pandemics are a cycle linked to the sunspot cycle.
Okay, so it's not April. But the end of March is very close.
From what is happening now in europe the very fact that eu relations with Russia are broken pretty much now the price of everything will soon go up because Russia is a huge both resource and capital provider globally. Sanctioning Russia the west leaders are shooting themselves in the foot unless they do it knowingly so they can push their Evergreen agenda without Russian economical intervention. Any solution the Eu will come up will be costly in any way due to transportation of energy and the cost will be made up by ordinary people if everything continues in this fashion. It will affect US economy aswell because Russia hold some assets in USD. My 2 cents .
Maybe it has already been mentioned, I haven't read the whole thread.

I went to the simplest, as I saw, April is the month associated with spring and the goddess Aphrodite.

In that sense, it is the beginning of something.

If April drop dead, it sounds like something is born premature or born dead.
Apparently April 1st is the start of Russia accepting Rubles and possibly gold for resources. This could be a nuclear bomb for the US dollar and with the situation in Ukraine I would not be surprised to see some sort of major false flag in Ukraine or related to the war there to shift as much focus on Russia as the reason for the mayhem.

If this does occur it would be the biggest “April fools” surprise any of us have ever seen. I can’t help but think “April fools day” has a bigger meaning than it ever did in the past. Possibly some cosmic time foolery in that we “celebrated” this day in the past for an event that would happen in the future.

Don’t be fooled!!
The global economy based on the petrodollar is possibly one of the candidates for an "April drop dead"

Russia’s gas supply to Europe at risk as ruble deadline nears​

Russia said it would work out practical arrangements by Thursday for foreign companies to pay for its gas in rubles, raising the probability of supply disruptions as Western nations have so far rejected Moscow’s demand for a currency switch.
President Vladimir Putin’s order last week to charge “unfriendly” nations in rubles for Russian gas has boosted the currency after it fell to all-time lows when the West imposed sweeping sanctions against Moscow over its invasion of Ukraine.
The global economy based on the petrodollar is possibly one of the candidates for an "April drop dead"

The more one looks into what Russia is doing and the ramifications they might have the more this seems quite possible. Here's a few SOTT articles that I think bring the point home:

Medvedev says 'new world financial order' is coming - plus ruble for gas updates

Russia sets fixed gold price as it restarts official bullion purchases

#GotGoldorRubles? Russia just broke the back of the West
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