April Drop Dead Date


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Don‘t know if someone posted this already, but there might be some hints in this interview, of what the elites are trying to distract us from..
A lot of tip-toeing around and far too forgiving, IMO. How about this is what is going on without any hints:

(Warning! Rant Alert!)

We are witnessing a silent, bloodless coup / a worldwide takeover without a shot fired!
The fed is buying EVERYTHING - even garbage junk bonds and hedge funds now.
This is the New World Order coming out of the shadows.
The Fed is now the WORLD Central Bank!
The virus story has everybody willingly under house arrest.
There is no hyperinflation due to the "printing"(digital creation)
of trillions of $ out of thin air because there is ZERO money velocity since the whole system is shut down!
The Central Banks are not going to try to take the money and run (there is no where to run):
They are now the biggest most powerful institution on the planet.
They ARE the new world government. Why run from that? (which has been their goal all along)
They want the patient in a Corona Virus induced stupor until the handcuffs are on,
the droid restraining bolts are applied; and the IV is injected with a new digital monetary system;
draconian 5G surveillance control system; etc. etc.
You know, I don't think they even want the patient to ever wake up.


Boom - the sky IS falling, Sincerely, Chicken Little.

PS - I hope this analysis is flawed, wrong and mistaken and not nearly that bad.
PPS - I do not mean to say that there is no hope or that I am without faith or that higher forces won't intervene in various ways!
This is the terror of the current situation, in G-effian terms, according to how it appears to me. YMMV
Or, to paraphrase what WC Fields said:
There comes a time to take the bull by the tail and face the situation.


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Yes, I was thinking about this earlier today, how the stock market would basically be at 0 right now and the banks indefinitely shuttered if the Fed hadn't stepped in with its unlimited bazooka and claims of infinite money. There is no free market, it is only a short matter of time before the Fed owns everything and centrally plans all supply/demand curves, asset valuations, and price discovery. We basically now have an openly communist economic system where all resources will essentially be allocated from the Eccles building, except with private players, which I guess makes it fascist. Since they are buying basically everything, there's no reason the markets can't go to the moon, but how long will they be able to micromanage trillions of dollars worth of capital flows? I guess they can keep passing financial instruments around between themselves and the megabanks, bidding up the price a little bit with each transaction as long as the Fed prints enough money to cover the spread and they do not become too large, but it seems like all they have to do is make one decent misallocation, and supply shocks will cascade through the system. Apple at $20,000 a share, why not? Hey Tesla hasn't sold a car in 3 months, but Musk is a good guy and he's good for placating the masses, let's bid him up to $10,000 a share. What, we forgot to allocate sufficient funds to the agricultural supply channels and now they've slaughtered all the cows to avoid operating at a loss and now it costs a million dollars for a steak? Oops...well...they can eat bugs! At which point I believe confidence would be lost. All of that is probably part of the plan, to push these insane valuations while real things become unobtainable until no one can really believe in the system anymore and then save us with some kind of cryptocurrency tied to an implantable RFID chip.
(Aleana) I was thinking about paying off my car and taking the rest of it and investing it in the house and then if I get social security, great, but if not I can work. I'm not real sure about how to say that. I mean, is that a good plan?
A: Very good in fact because there will soon be no money. Notice that banks are already making gestures toward confiscating funds.
This was 6 years ago, so how soon is soon?


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If we're watching the old guard or NWO having a last attempt to keep control, how would that play out? Maybe a financial meltdown and social chaos that ensures. Using a massive false flag event like this to accelerate it?

This could also be used by others to flip things at the same time. I mean as a way to topple the old guard. Move away from the global to the multipolar world.

They'd need to be external markers to convince me of that.

One might be Assange being freed and exposing much more, such as Seth Rich leaking and not Russia hacking the DNC. Maybe another down the line might be nation state based independence, particularly from central banking control. Another might be worldwide debt forgiveness and exposure of how the private central bank held the world at hostage. Perhaps some early signs would be more of us seeing what's happening behind the veil. Bob Dylan's song about the conspiracy of JFK assassination is a good sign.

This virus for me is really more of the mind-virus. That's the dangerous part. Perhaps signs of that infecting us is all loss of all hope. Having hope is hard to distinguish from wishful thinking. Perhaps it's more like faith thats the cure for this mind virus going around. Faith in terms of this line in Bible that is:

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen"


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One more log on the fire regarding April Drop Dead Date: while it could refer to literal death - it could also be a deadline. Like the Lizardos know of an impending Cosmic event they can't alter or timeline their way around and so they have to act (and have their proxy earthlings act) and will come out of the shadows as the C's alluded to. (whether by design or accident).

I also favor the notion that are are at least 2 factions wrestling with each other behind the scenes - both dark side - that will contribute to the chaos. I would like to think their hubris will be their downfall. It all LOOKS like it is choreographed and there is a unified front, which is depressing, but they may not have it together as they think. After all, this IS planet earth. (where things almost never go as planned!)


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I must say - the Revelations based "resist the beast" type Christian web sites are having a field day of late. Here is a provocative video on the idea that the USA is now under Fema rule. Especially about the 1 minute mark through about 5:45. Trump acts very odd and says things that seem to support the thesis. At least an 8.5 on the Creepy Scale. Thoughts? Debunk?


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I must say - the Revelations based "resist the beast" type Christian web sites are having a field day of late. Here is a provocative video on the idea that the USA is now under Fema rule. Especially about the 1 minute mark through about 5:45. Trump acts very odd and says things that seem to support the thesis. At least an 8.5 on the Creepy Scale. Thoughts? Debunk?
The idea of Fema rule could be that General Terrence O'Shaughnessy has had a huge influence on the Potus in regards to Continuity of Government, and has said some really weird off the wall comments to the news press reporters.


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I wonder if "April Drop Dead Date" has a simpler more literal meaning and that it is simply a 'marker' (like Laura suggests their predictions are) for an 'event horizon' that signals a the beginning of a chain of events where the conclusion is unavoidable. For example, if one googles what 'drop dead date means':

"A drop-dead date is a provision in a contract that sets out a finite deadline that, if not met, will automatically trigger adverse consequences. The drop-dead date is the last possible date on which something must be completed and, in most circumstances, an extension is not possible.

Time-critical contracts usually contain a drop-dead date. For example, a contract for construction of an industrial facility or infrastructure project will stipulate a definite date for the commissioning of the former and completion of the latter. If this deadline is not met, the project contractor may automatically be liable for such damages and penalties as are set out in the project contract." - Why Drop-Dead Dates Matter

So when I think about that definition in investment terms the first thing that comes to mind (because my parents are on the cusp of retirement) is what happens if everyone pulls out their retirement money all at once and begin collecting social security in a big rush on top of the trillions that were just printed in the latest stimulus package? I mean if I were on the cusp of retirement now and I saw that the economy was on the cusp of failing I know that I would immediately retire and collect as much as I could (and spend it all if I could!). Does collecting retirement count as a 'drop dead request' in economic terms? And because I am not even close to being retired, in fact, I have never had much money and don't really understand how these things work this perspective is admittedly quite naive. It is just what I think intuitively. Why? Well, I think that before people start literally dropping dead out of the blue because the latest comet glittered us with a brand new virus from the far reaches of the solar system or FEMA suddenly taking total control with death squad intent or they use 5g towers to fry the few effective free thinkers left or whatever... that the economy will likely fail first. Or what if the Federal Reserve cuts the US government off from any more loans?

Well, that's my speculative two cents for what it is worth.


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Key question: How do I know if I am unnecessarily jumping to conclusions? Nothing wrong with jumping to a conclusion if it is the right true one.
Hi BHelmet,

I hope I’m not interrupting the flow of conversation here too much, but as I was catching up with the thread, I saw this and I wanted to add something quickly if I may.

I think the easiest way to address the question you posit is via networking, like the C’s said, to never be afraid of false information if one is seeking for the truth. So even if you jump into a conclusion, or anyone, but the goal is truth, sharing that conclusion openly will allow feedback and more information be added so that your conclusion is fluid and adaptable. And if it’s wrong, then it was just an earlier state of the right one, a stage on the path to the right conclusion if you will.

Just my two cents here.
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