Are Dogs Smarter Than Cats?


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Très cher Dredger, je vous remercie pour votre réponse, je n'ai pas oublié votre aide et vous en suis toujours infiniment reconnaissante...
Si un petit animal venait à se trouver sur mon chemin, je lui ouvrirais ma porte et il trouverait réconfort, chaleur, nourriture, tout plein de caresses et beaucoup d'amour et oui, j'adore les animaux... Merci de penser que je suis un candidat STO, ça m'a étonné de le lire car moi même je me sens tellement loin d'un candidat STO, c'est dans mes prières chaque jour au Divin Esprit Cosmique : "Donne moi la force, la volonté et le courage d'être digne d'un Candidat STO"... LOVE

Dearest Dredger, I thank you for your answer, I have not forgotten your help and I am always very grateful to you...
If a small animal should come my way, I would open my door and it would find comfort, warmth, food, lots of caresses and lots of love and yes, I love animals... Thank you for thinking that I am a STO candidate, I was surprised to read it because I myself feel so far from a STO candidate, it is in my prayers every day to the Divine Cosmic Spirit: "Give me the strength, the will and the courage to be worthy of a STO candidate"... LOVE

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I understand what you mean, I have a cat and she is my little love, before, i would never have considered possible to draw such a strong relation with an animal. But i was speaking generally. Even if it exists some cats ready to defend a human, for a dog, this is common to see dogs sacrifying their live for their master (or ready to), and other kind of examples which demonstrate (still generally of course) that dogs tend to give more in the way good (STO) people act.
I don't think 2D creatures on this planet can be said to be on an STS or STO path. The choice is just barely becoming clear to us on 3D, so it would be too much to ask from our little friends to even begin to have a tendency one way or another.

Having said that, in Darkness Over Tibet, T. Illion said that some animals were on an 'ascending' (creative) path of evolution and other on the 'descending' (enthropic) path. If I remember correctly, animals on the descending path included pests like mosquitoes, rats or snakes. Animals on the ascending path included mammals like dogs, bears or lions (lions are felines).

Personally, I grew up with dogs and nobody in my family was a cat person. It was only later in life that I realized how amazing creatures they were, when I lived and bonded with them. Now I think they get totally undeserved bad press. The truth is they are very smart and do love their humans - it's just that they have different personalities and language from dogs. Dogs are more social because in the wild they live in packs, so we tend to understand and identify with them better. They have the 'hierachy software' as well, so naturally we are 'higher up' and they give us their attention and obedience. People tend to interpret that as love and loyalty, which on their level it actually is, but we also need to understand that much of it is really 'need'. The Cs even commented on 2D love being equal to need.

That doesn't mean cats are alien to being very social as well. But there's not so much of the 'human is alpha' thing going, because they're nature is to be more independent. Some people misinterpret that as cats being obnoxious or mean, which I think is unfair and a complete misunderstanding.

As for the intelligence, I totally agree with Laura that they are intelligent but in different was than dogs. For example, a dog is probably better at figuring out what we want, since they are more social. But then cats in my experience have a curiosity for cetain things that is almost 'scientific', that I haven't quite seen in dogs. I had a cat who was almost obsessed with the mechanism of doors opening and closing, as if he was trying to understand how such a thing was possible. And the one I live with currently was in complete awe with falling water. When he was younger, if he heard us opening the faucet or turning on a little electric pump for drinking water, he would come running just to check it out! He seems to have gotten over that now, though he still likes to drink directly from the faucet. :lol:

Now, back to the issue of cats possibly being more STS than dogs. I think we tend to hear more heoric acts of dogs partly because they are stronger than cats. A dog might possibly rescue someone from drowning if it's large enough, but there's no way a cat would have the strength to do that, assuming it can and is willing to swim. Lets also not forget that in nature, a cat would be way more likely to be a prey than a dog - they could even be preys of dogs - so obviously they need to have a more defensive and cautious attitude in general than dogs. And in spite of that, they do like hanging out with us humans. That counts for something!

Actually, cats can be heroic too! Check out these videos of kitties defending and taking care of human children:

Edit: The above video appears as age restricted, so here's the link: https: // EEa6jZv-Khc (remove the spaces)

Anyway, I love cats as you probably can tell! I think they're awesome, even if often misunderstood. And I love dogs too!

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Having said that, in Darkness Over Tibet, T. Illion said that some animals were on an 'ascending' (creative) path of evolution and other on the 'descending' (enthropic) path. If I remember correctly, animals on the descending path included pests like mosquitoes, rats or snakes. Animals on the ascending path included mammals like dogs, bears or lions (lions are felines).
Yes, I remember that. Insects, most reptiles, but also birds like crows and ravens (which amazed me) are on the descending branch. And with most mammals moving on the ascending branch, many humans seem to feel just that too. Like an increase in awareness.

Personally, I would not classify any of these beings on the ascending branch (if they actually exist) in the direction of STS / STO. I think that kind of direction can only manifest itself as the learning experience increases in 3D. In any case, it is interesting to note that there are differences between individual pets in terms of the level of awareness. And I've made the experience that this doesn't necessarily have to be linked to intelligence. It can be an indication, but as I said, not a must.

I grew up with dogs and cats but have more experience with cats. We have had two cats with us for many years (one almost 19 years old, the tomcat is 17 years old). The tomcat, his name is Goliath (because he was such a giant when he was born that a caesarean section was necessary), is very special to me. Although he is so old, he is as curious and vital as a teenage tomcat. You can't tell his age in any way. He's constantly babbling in such obscure sounds that you sometimes really think he's trying to speak. I often have the impression that he is really trying hard. After all these years, of course, we know exactly what he wants and can react accordingly to his needs. But then there are always situations in which he does not behave intelligently, rather clumsily, incapable of learning.

Two years ago he began to look thoughtfully out the window. He had chosen a new favorite place. There he sat upright with his paws on the edge of the window and sometimes watched the area for half an hour at a time (nothing ever happens to us, we live in the village). He just stared at nature. Half a year ago he started putting his head in my husband's hands every night. It remains like this for up to 10 minutes. He does not sleep, sits upright and from the outside it looks as if he is meditating. You can find the photos of Goliath in the attachment.


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The Cs even commented on 2D love being equal to need.
Well not quite I think. They said the following about dogs feeling love as need specifically, but maybe I am missing some other session where they said the above about 2D Love being equal to need in general? And yet what they said about whales doesn't seem to indicate the latter:

Session 7 November 1994​

Forum discussion

November 7, 1994
Frank and Laura
Q: (L) Do whales form long-lasting bonds and feel love?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Do dogs feel love?

A: Dogs feel need as love.

Someone shared this video with me today. This cat puts me to shame!


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About cats, I found an interesting part about their nature in Gurdjieff's book: "Beelzebub's Tales to his Grandson" (page 100):
"However, here on Earth men have gone so far as to divide beings belonging to other forms into pure and impure."

"Can you tell me what guided them when they made this division?"
"Tell me for example, is a sheep pure and a lion impure? Are they not both equal before the nature?"

"That too was invented by men .... And why did they invent it, why did they draw this dividing line?
Simply because a sheep is an extremely weak being and a stupid one besides
and you can do with it whatever you want."

"And men call the lion impure simply because they dare not do with it as they please."

"Lions are smarter and, what is even more important, stronger than they are."

"Lions not only do not allow themselves to be destroyed, they do not even let any person come near them."

"If an unwary person were to approach a lion, the lion would give him such a paw on the neck that our brave man would not be long in flying there where 'the people of the islands of Albion' have never yet been."

"Once more I repeat to you: lions are impure simply because men fear them, because they are a hundred times braver and stronger than they are;
and sheep are pure simply because they are much weaker than they are, and moreover, I repeat again, much more stupid."

"Every being occupies among others belonging to other forms, a definite place commensurate with his nature
and with the degree of Reason attained by its ascendants and received in inheritance."

"To see this more clearly, the difference existing between the already definite crystallized presences of the psyche of your dog and of your cat may serve as an example."

"If you pamper the dog and accustom him to do whatever you please, he will become obedient and affectionate, to the extreme of the greatest humility."

"He will follow you everywhere and do all sorts of pirouettes in front of you to please you to the utmost."

"You may be affectionate with him, or you may beat him and hurt him, but he will never rebel, far from it, he will always have
to be submissive and compliant."

"But try to do the same with the cat."
"Do you think it will respond to your insults like the dog, doing the same graces to flatter you? Of course not..."

"Even if the cat is not strong enough to retaliate immediately, it will have to remember your attitude for a long
and at the first opportunity it will find a way to take revenge. revenge."

"It is said, for example, that it has often happened that a cat has bitten a man in the throat during sleep."

"And I have not the slightest doubt that this may be so, since I know what the cat's motives might be."

"No, the cat will have to fend for himself; he knows his own worth and is proud, and all this simply
because he is a cat, and his nature has attained a degree of Reason corresponding to the merits of his ascendants."

"In any case, no being, and no man either, could be irritated by it with a cat."

"Is it his fault that he is a cat and that by reason of the merits of his ancestors his presence corresponds to that degree of 'self-consciousness?"

"Neither is he to be despised for it, nor is he to be beaten; on the contrary, we must give him his due, and a fortiori we who occupy a higher rung in the ladder of the evolution of self-consciousness."

I will tell you in passing, dear child, with regard to the mutual relations of beings, that an ancient and famous prophet of the planet "Desagroanskrad", the great "Arhoonilo", at present the assistant of the main researcher of the whole Universe. of the main investigator of the whole Universe concerning the details of the Objective Morality, expressed:

"If a being is by his Reason superior to you, you should always bow down in his presence, trying to to imitate him in everything; but if, on the other hand, he is inferior, you should be just to him, since you once occupied the same place as he, too.
you too once occupied that same place according to the sacred Measure of the graduation of our CREATOR's Reason and OMG. Reason of our CREATOR and OMNICONSERVATOR."

So then, dear grandson, that this last conversation with that terrestrial friend made such a so strong an impression that in the days that followed he could not stop thinking and thinking about what I had told him. what I had said to him".
One day, I was walking close to home when a warning sign on a neighbor's driveway caught my attention. It read: "Beware of the dog; and if I were you, I'd watch out for the cat. He's half a son of a ..."🤭:-D

Some photos I collected from the internet:


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The following video is not exactly about feline intelligence, but I think it shows pretty well that cats are a product of intelligent design. ;-) It's possible that you know many facts if not most on this list, but it is still pretty fascinating.



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Keit, je connais ce Monsieur qui a des émissions en Français, j'en ai vu et revu beaucoup, il est très performant sur les chats, j'aime quand il se déplace chez les gens et trouve la solution aux problèmes de chats mais en fait ce sont des problèmes des humains qui ne comprennent pas leur chat, la plus part du temps...

Keit, I know this gentleman who has programs in French, I have seen and reviewed many, he is very effective on cats, I like when he goes to people and finds the solution to the problems of cats but in fact they are problems of humans who do not understand their cat, most of the time...
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