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The Force is Strong With This One
JeanSchemit, as I have said many, many times (and I'm sure there are those who can attest to this) I am amazed and proud of the members here who do not have English as their mother language and, yet, do all they can to read and post here. It takes a lot of fortitude to keep doing this, or so I think. So, please, don't feel bad or judged because of you not knowing English. That said, your post was a bit of a puzzle.

There are many here who still can't speak or write in English, but they have found the on-line translators very helpful. Especially deepl as suggested by goyacobol. So you can see, I'll tranlate what I've written in English for you with deepl.

JeanSchemit, comme je l'ai dit de nombreuses fois (et je suis sûr que certains peuvent en témoigner), je suis étonné et fier des membres ici présents qui n'ont pas l'anglais comme langue maternelle et qui, pourtant, font tout ce qu'ils peuvent pour lire et poster ici. Il faut beaucoup de courage pour continuer à faire cela, du moins je le pense. Alors, je vous en prie, ne vous sentez pas mal ou jugé parce que vous ne connaissez pas l'anglais. Cela dit, votre poste était un peu un casse-tête.

Il y en a beaucoup ici qui ne savent toujours pas parler ou écrire en anglais, mais ils ont trouvé les traducteurs en ligne très utiles. Surtout en profondeurDeepL, comme le suggère goyacobol. Afin que vous puissiez comprendreVous voyez donc que je vais traduire ce que j'ai écrit en anglais pour vous avec deepl.

Traduit avec www.DeepL.com/Translator (version gratuite)

Edited: As requested, the translation has been modified.

I will use it now when I'll write here, thank you!

By the way, if you are french and know just a little english, you probably read the books of Laura in french. And the last book published for the transcript in french was for 1996. So the next one, should be for 1997 and only for the first part of the year just like the english version.

Au fait, si vous êtes français et que vous ne connaissez qu'un peu l'anglais, vous avez probablement lu les livres de Laura en français. Et le dernier livre publié pour les transcriptions en français était pour 1996. Le prochain devrait donc être pour 1997 et la première partie de l'année seulement, tout comme la version anglaise.
Yes but if the 1998 is released that's mean the french version will be available soon after, it was just to give me an idea of the time of the release :-D

I'm sorry, too. I missed this post response entirely, so I'll join you in the to-self thumbs down.
It's ok, but in hindsight, I could have done better, especially knowing all the response I got from it now :zzz:

yes @goyacobol deepl is not perfect but very good at maybe 90%. As for myself, I keep trying to use my neurons (and not use deepl for what I write, just use it for translating articles) even if it will give some teeth-grinding for English speakers. Because all in all we're a big family and I'm confident that as like I won't condemn someone who makes mistakes trying to speak french, if it's not his mother language, they won't condemn me.

And thank you all for your patience, by the way!

Well said I think

Thank you all for finding the discrepancies of the translation. I'd like to apologize to JeanSchemit for this. Not a very good way to get someone to try to use an online translator. :rolleyes: And, I hope that she has been able to see from what the others have written, what I was trying to say to her. Instead of me doing the same thing again, maybe one you Frenchies can translate this here so she can read it? I don't want to add another translation error.

Also, and I'm sorry for any inconvenience, if someone could translate the part that was in error to her so that she does understand.

Thank you! but i'm a man, not a woman :-P
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