Available in print: The Cassiopaea Experiment Transcripts

I try to translate this phrase.

To be honest it's not easy to translate Cassiopaea channeling transcripts to Polish because you have to know the context of the question and you have to know a little about ufology, sometimes about world history, and sometimes about USA culture, politics and customs. Even a British person may not know everything about USA. There is also US slang. And to do it, you would have to ask Laura what she mean by that, every time you don't know fully what "this" means. For example, in book Amazing Grace there's a section about Florida and there are words typical to that area, cracker house, lime rock, cottonmouth, bozo, airboat‎, motorcade, honcho and so on. I also think that it would be not big demand for paper book that cost 30 euro, but e-book for 10 euro would be okay. If you wrongly translate one word it may change the whole context.
I am English/British and that is most certainly the case. However, I always enjoy those times as I can google it and learn something new. Learning is fun! ;)
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