Bank failures and the coming Economic collapse

$78,000,000,000 Exits US Banking System in One Week As JPMorgan CEO Issues Alert on Deposit Flight​

US banks are witnessing a big increase in deposit flight from their customers.

According to newly updated stats compiled by the Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) system, $78 billion exited American bank accounts from July 5th through the 12th.

The deposit exodus follows a two-week period of relative stability in the system as big banks invest significant levels of cash to third party intermediaries to bring in new deposits.

Banks are feeling the pressure to compete with higher yielding money market accounts.

And JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon just issued a warning to shareholders on the banking sector’s need to keep up with demands for higher rates and avoid further deposit flight, reports the Wall Street Journal.

“There is very little pricing power in most of our business, and betas are going to go up.”

Autonomous Research analyst Brian Foran says Dimon’s alert represents a “definite curb your enthusiasm moment” for banks after an industry-wide surge in second-quarter profits.

US banks are also bracing for fallout in the commercial real estate sector fueled by the emergence of remote and hybrid work environments.

A recent report from S&P Global Market Intelligence found 576 American banks are overexposed to commercial real estate loans based on regulatory guidelines, which represents an increase of 30% compared to one year ago.
Another interesting take from Martin Armstrong, not sure if his predictions from the ECM pi dates will come true, we will just have to "wait and see" :

"On June 25, 2020, BEFORE the election, we posted that the election would be manipulated and that Trump should have won, but our computer was warning he would probably lose. I warned that historians recorded that the election of 53 BC in Rome was so corrupt that all the bribing got so out of hand that interest rates virtually doubled to pay all the bribes. Given that interest rates before the election of 53 BC had stood at 4% and in post-election years 8%. That corruption undermined the economy, and interest rates rose further during the peak of speculation before the crash stood at 12%. It was a Debt Crisis that forced Julius Caesar to cross the Rubicon in 49 BC – not a thirst for power. The people cheered Caesar, and it was the senators who fled Rome and ran to Asia, for the people would not support them. The negative image of Caesar was fake news spun by Cicero, who was only of the corrupt oligarchs. I wrote for the conclusion of that June 25th, 2020 post:

“So buckle up. The election of 2020 is going to be the most corrupt, manipulated, and outright fraudulent election in American history. There is a lot at stake. This is a major effort by Marxists to take control. The election of 53 BC was the precursor to civil unrest which began just 3.14 years later when Julius Caesar (100-44BC) crossed the Rubicon on January 10-11, 49 BC. Interestingly enough, it will be four years to the peak of this Economic Confidence Model – 2024.”

We will not even make it to the November 2024 elections. This corruption will lead to a turn in the entire world economy post-May 7/8th, 2024. The 2020 election took place on November 3rd, 2020 (2020.841). Our Rubicon may very well be 2023.981 – December 24th. Perhaps this will be our political Christmas gift to the world so they see America as not much different than a banana republic"
I think this is worth the watch. This guys says that an insider emailed him saying that there is only 9 days worth of food left at distribution centers in the US. A few years ago it was 60 days and steady. There are various factors at production facilities - older people who knew how to run and fix equipment, etc retired, part supply issues to keep plants operating, product supply issues, employment issues - that all tie in with each other to cause a draw down in available food basically in storage. He also says this doesn't take into account what is actually harvested and available. Figure that will only compound things. And he doesn't mention the impact of all the fires at facilities and the destruction of them that we have seen and how that adds to things. Looks like something to keep an eye on...

Someone posted a video of his on the forum and I think his content is pretty good. He tries to take view reports on shortages and other stuff to give a person a view that you can't really find in the mainstream or anywhere else.

At any moment/by PTB finger click-Fedreserve’s ‘crazy money printer’ can be stopped, which will result in a domino effect on the whole world.
It is only cash amount-M1.
Imo, could be that they after the reset - would proclaim all the notes obsolete and welcome us in digital money only world🤔

More than 80% of the money denominated in US dollars (printed in US dollars) were issued between 2020 and 2023.
And the pace continues to grow.
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