Beirut Explosion


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My last comments on these videos, it is for American readers, understand that Lebanon is not a country like the others, after the Israeli aggression, before the Muslims and Christians lived in perfect harmony, with each their different religion and they respected each other, for example a Christian did not smoke in front of a Muslim during the month of Ramadan, this model preexists in Syria, the wars which were started in Lebanon created these neighborhoods with each of them militiamen in order to protect themselves , which happened to me to be controlled.


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Speaking of space weather, a fireball was observed on 3 August over Siberia, including my city. On the same day our local transformer exploded and left several settlements (including ours) without electricity for the entire day. Here is video report about the fireball in Russian:

Although it's hardly directly related to the Beirut event, the skies seem to have been busy this week, fwiw.
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I don't think that was a very charitable thing to say, WIN 52. Astrocyte was simply sharing an hypothesis based on some research. There's nothing wrong with that. In fact, it can be quite helpful to gain as much information on a topic as possible when 'conducting an investigation'. I doubt many of us here are experts on the fields involved here, so every bit helps in order to gain a wider perspective on the inherent possibilities and probabilities - that's how we learn, after all.
I agree.
Hindsight is a wonderful thing for learning.

Please accept my apology Astrocyte.

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Auon isn't ruling out "external interference" in the form of a rocket, bomb, or something else.

And Hezbollah denies storing any weapons there. Elijah Magnier thinks that's true, and doesn't think there was a motive to bomb this area specifically:

How is the Lebanese harbour organised? It is controlled by a kind of local mafia composed of high ranking officers, customs directors, administrators and security officials. Each person in charge has been appointed by a political leader offering his men immunity and protection. The harbour produces immense amounts of money and bribes are the daily bread of all those who run this “show”. In the face of such corruption, it is now clear that scientific expertise about what is happening to store AN and the conditions in which 2,750 tons of it are stored counted for little. Actually, many officers in this Port have no competence for the jobs they do and are appointed, as we have seen, by favouritism and through political connections. This is indeed the case for the Director of Customs and the Army intelligence, General S., responsible for harbour movements and contents. So, given all that, when a problem or a disaster occurs, as it did on Tuesday, it will obviously be very difficult to find those really responsible. So how did the conditions for this AN explosion arise?

On the 4th of August, at 15:00 local time, a blacksmith was asked to close the holes in the warehouse to prevent potential smuggling of the content. The blacksmith was not informed about the hazardous content of the warehouse, nor he was told to take the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of metal particles that produce fragments and can trigger a fire. He was working at a distance no more than a few centimetres from the AN bags that were lying on the floor, from which a clear substance was leaking. Once the job was done, between 16:30 and 17:00, smoke was seen coming from the warehouse.

Firemen were called to deal with the potential fire. At 18:08 the first explosion was heard, followed by the second one over a minute later. After the first explosion, a fire ignited inside the warehouse. The fire generated more heat, enough for the entire stock of AN to blow up and create a vacuum (negative pressure). The pressure of the explosion caused the many casualties and devastating destruction in the city.

Who called the blacksmith and allocated the budget for his work? Was he informed of the hazard of welding next to Ammonium Nitrate? Why were the 2,750 tons of AN left for more than six years in non-regulation storage for no justifiable reason whatsoever?

The question has to be asked: “who benefits from the explosion?” The affected area belongs mainly to people who are not generally friendly to Hezbollah. Therefore, it would not have been in Israel’s interest nor in that of the US to bomb and cause so much damage to the properties and businesses of friendly parties. Destroying this part of Beirut in order to impose a “new Middle East” or a “new Lebanon” makes no sense either, because the anti-Hezbollah population is currently weaker than ever and is not in a position to confront Hezbollah. France and the US are in no better position to influence the population.

Speculation about Hezbollah storing weapons at warehouse 12 is ridiculous and unfounded- because the place was under constant surveillance by cameras controlled by the security forces themselves. Hezbollah would certainly not store weapons in an area both unfriendly and not under its own control.

Don't know enough about local Lebanese issues to comment, but I'll just say I don't think this rules out the idea. Even if the above is true, you can't trust crazy to make decisions that seem 'rational' from the outside. (Though as several analysts have pointed out, Israel has been careful not to go too far in their attacks on Hezbollah in Syria, for example, which is why despite tons of attacks on weapons convoys, there have been so few actual casualties among Hezbollah and Iranian troops.)

Added: And here's Thierry Meyssan arguing for a new type of weapon that was previously tested in Syria:

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One thing that looks weird to me is the silos. You'd think they would have been destroyed, or at least leaning over. They are wide, but narrow, and look to be positioned where the blast impacted the wide side of them.

And then, the blast seems to blow upward, as if it was underground, and so - though it was very powerful - its displacement upward, and this kept the silos from being destroyed.

So maybe it was underground? Who knows how the silo complex is built. And it is a port, so it could have sub levels. And fuel tanks are always buried.
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