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bngenoh said:
dougquaid said:
Laura suggested that I post by one topic at a time under this section (Cassiopaean Experiment) and Shijing suggested further that only one topic/section be posted for starters. These are good ideas and since Bluelamp already suggested that the History section would be a good candidate, I will attempt to post that section alone under the Cassiopaean Experiment section. It probably is a good idea to hold off on posting any other section until members had a chance to look at the PDF version anyway.
Do you need help with the history?
As mentioned earlier, session dates would be good and the original block formatting is much easier to read. I was originally thinking Earth History might actually be too broad of a topic but it worked good for me largely because the history was mostly in chronological order, an expanded Cassiopaea Secret History Timeline (it includes the blocks from the Cassiopaea Timeline topic). Someone should certainly work on the dates/blocks whether it be you or dougquaid or someone else. I'll certainly be looking over any changes and could help with reblocking if needed.


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Once "the storm" is over, I think I understand dougquaid efforts as I consider myself a newbie.
When I arrived at this site not long ago (about a year) I was exceded by the immensity of this site, information and complexity. It is not easy to move inside.

There is also another "problem", most topics are full of references to C's material, so in order to be able to participate one must know very well them. For me, a "new"guy in this site, a recompilation like this one can very useful as I might "save" time but it is also dangerous because I do not appreciate the deepness of these material and I may misunderstood it. Which is the balanced choice?

In Spain we say: "No shortcut without extrajob (no hay atajo sin trabajo)".

My two cents for dougquaid and


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mssotelo said:
Which is the balanced choice?

If you are really asking this question, and it is not rhetorical, I'd say reading the Wave series, which can be found here for free.


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Hi Nienna Eluch

Nienna Eluch said:
mssotelo said:
Which is the balanced choice?

If you are really asking this question, and it is not rhetorical, I'd say reading the Wave series, which can be found here for free.

My question is not a rhetorical one. I am looking forward to finding my truth.
I have read these books and I am rereading them again because as time goes by, the way I see my Life changes also.



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:D This was an awesome read, i have read all of the transcripts but there is so much information. Going through this post was very informative. Thank you so much for your hard work putting this together :lol: You Rock!!!


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I am interested to receive a copy....what I should do to receive it?
Great work. Thanks


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I tried to separate the transcripts from the author's
comments and I did not find it easy to vet and verify
what s/he has put together. So, I stopped midway
from creating a reformatted PDF file since I found
cases where the author has embedded comments
within the transcripts. I posted my concerns originally
at: http://cassiopaea.org/forum/index.php/topic,31249.msg416023.html#msg416023


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piliangie said:
welcome piliangie, suggest you don't write capitalized - it comes across as shouting. :)


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Many, many thanks Dougquaid, sharing the fruits of your hard work benefits all, excellent job. I just printed it out like that, fantastic to have reference work like that. Big thank you


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Mr. Premise said:
dougquaid said:
Thanks everyone for the supportive comments. Let me try to clarify some of the questions asked;

Mr Premise - Sorry but I did not reference the dates unless specifically important to the context, as the aim of this compilation was more as a 'study guide' of sorts by the various topics.

I think not including the dates (and even participants) radically lessens its usefulness....

How much trouble would it be to add them in?

Much Kudos for the effort Mr Quaid (and a particularly synchronous posting as I was about to launch into a symbol search :)) however I do agree with Mr Premise regarding the value of identifying 'participants' and to a lesser extent dates.

As an example if we look to the 'C' discussion where Laura and the group 'interact' with 'Julius Caesar'and compare with the earlier assertions regarding 'Jesus'. There is a rather startling disconnect when one considers that the JC myth was based on JC but just not the JC we thought he was!

And as the'C's attributed this 'error' to the presence of 'Frank', in my case that led to a decision to not read any raw transcripts prior to 2000 (when I arbitrarily assumed Laura would have her groove rockin :)).

Anyway that's just my 2 cents and well done again.

Mighty effort.

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